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Carl Dixon

Former Frontman, The Guess Who & Catastrophic Car Accident Survivor

While fronting one of Canada’s most beloved bands, The Guess Who, Carl was involved in a horrific car accident in Australia in April 2008. By all accounts he should not have survived. He now shares his story to audiences around the world inspiring a new way of looking at safety and teamwork.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


START Philosophy
Carl shared his riveting account about his life as a musician who, faced with overcoming catastrophic injuries sustained in an automobile accident, triumphantly returned to music. Carl Dixon’s ‘S.T.A.R.T Philosophy’ begins with living under no illusions. Stop, Think, Accept, Renew and Thank.

The Miracle of Teamwork
Carl Dixon’s journey through the highs and lows of rock music to the brink of death to find the happiest time of his life is an incredible story of determination, friendships and the healing effect of music on the brain and the soul. His presentation through story and song is an inspiring story of willpower proving the journey to the top is never a solo act.

Platform Plus


Carl also offers an interactive presentation format, infused with interstitial musical performances.

  • Carl almost instinctively tailored his message to enhance our key message that zero injuries are achievable. He also showed how a few seconds of not focusing on the right thing can result in a life changing experience. His presentation style is engaging and the emotion of his very personal incident captivated the audience which gave him two standing ovations. If your company needs a powerful message mixed in with world-class music for entertainment, then I believe that Carl Dixon may be your best choice – I highly recommend him.

    - President and CEO, Veridian Corporation
  • Carl is a passionate speaker that inspired and entertained the audience in his presentations. His presentation will capture the audience’s attention from many different perspectives as he talks from the perspective of a professional musician, a person and a patient. I would most definitely recommend him as a speaker for any organization interested in having an excellent presentation that is entertaining and thought provoking.

    - Workplace Health and Safety Consultant
  • I highly recommend Carl Dixon for professional keynote speaking engagements. He goes the extra mile, and is passionate about both his music and his message.

    - President, System Improvements, Inc.
  • He captivated the audience with the story of how his life changed in the blink of an eye, and the road to recovery afterwards. His positive outlook on life is truly inspiring. Both entertaining and engaging, I would highly recommend Carl for keynote speaking engagements. I hope that many others are able to hear his remarkable story.

    - Communications and Events Coordinator, Saskatchewan Safety Council
  • Carl’s compelling and profound story is engaging, enlightening, and moving. He is well-spoken, intelligent and so very enjoyable to listen to. Carl already knows how to connect with an audience, and his professional grace on-stage is obvious. Carl’s story is one that I believe everyone must hear.

    - President, Northern Lights Canada

Summary Profile

In 2008 Carl was granted time off touring in the USA with The Guess Who. Carl visited family staying in Australia. Troubled by personal issues that were unravelling Carl was tired, stressed and running late to meet family. For a brief few minutes while driving on a dark rural road Carl forgot, in Australia they drive on the left. He collided head on at high speed into an oncoming driver who fortunately was in a large 4WD, Carl was in a small rental car. The initial prognosis by hospital emergency teams was bleak: brain damage, complete ­blindness, amputation of an arm and a leg, quadriplegia. Two years after his miracle survival Carl was presented with a paramedics badge by his rescuers. 

In January 2016 Carl made a stunning return as lead singer of The Guess Who, eight years after surviving a traumatic brain injury. Carl’s lessons from a life-on-the-road as iconic Canadian rock star to learning to walk again, re-gaining his feet on the international stage is told with humour and a commanding stage presence. His presentation through story and song is an inspiring story of willpower and determination, proving the journey to the top is never a solo act.