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Carol Off

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Toronto, ON, Canada

Former Host of CBC Radio's As It Happens

As long time host of As It Happens on CBC, as well as being an award-winning documentarian and author, Carol Off has learned about the power of sharing stories to help bring us together in our common humanity and break down differences.  Her goal as a speaker is to show how we can create a deeply humane and compassionate society. 

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Storytelling: Our Common Humanity

Everyone has a tale to tell, and it’s been Carol’s privilege– as a journalist– to bring many people’s stories to large audiences. During her four decades of reporting and interviewing she’s have learned about the immense power of storytelling, and will share this power with her audience.

Carol’s seen that sharing narratives with others helps to break down differences. Stories of joy, of hardship, of achievement, if told well, can make the lives of complete strangers seem so familiar. We start to identify with others –we imagine ourselves in the same situation. And though everyone’s story is unique, the essence of each is part of our common humanity.

As a writer and a broadcaster, Carol’s been the instrument through which people from around the world have told each other what they’ve done or what they’ve gone through. Those stories are tragic, inspiring, cliffhanging, thought-provoking and quite often just downright funny. She loves sharing them with audiences.

Our experiences are universal. Sharing them creates a deeply humane and compassionate society. That’s Carol’s goal. 

Speaker Biography

Carol Off is a multi-award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster.

For almost 16 years, she co-hosted CBC Radio’s flagship current affairs program, As It Happens where she amused and enlightened supper-hour listeners in Canada and much of the United States with her unique style of feisty, witty and compassionate interviews.

Carol has packed 4 careers into one. As a radio journalist in the 1980s she reported on national politics in Quebec and on Parliament Hill. As a correspondent for CBC TV’s The National, she covered events around the world including the breakup of the former Yugoslavia; the war in Afghanistan; the election of Vladimir Putin; war crimes trials in The Hague; and Canadian peacekeeping missions.

Carol has published several best-selling and award-winning books such as The Lion, the Fox and the Eagle: Generals and Justice in Yugoslavia and Rwanda; The Ghosts of Medak Pocket; and her personal story of bringing an Afghan family to Canada – All We Leave Behind: A Reporter’s Journey into the Lives of Others.

She lives and works in Toronto with her husband, author and journalist Linden MacIntyre, and an omniscient cat named Caversham.