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Vancouver, BC, Canada

EQ Expert & Corporate Trainer: Teaching emotional intelligence, leadership, and team building in the workplace

Carolyn Stern is the President and CEO of EI Experience—an executive leadership development and emotional intelligence training firm. Its emotional intelligence courses and modules have been adopted by top universities, and she has trained over 40,000 business leaders across the continent in highly regarded corporations. A certified Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development Expert, corporate trainer, award-winning author, and university professor, Carolyn is on a crusade to ensure emotional intelligence skills are integrated worldwide to reduce stress, anxiety, and insecurity in the modern work environment.

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The Emotionally Strong Leader

It’s time to debunk the myth that sharing our emotions and being honest about how we are feeling is a sign of weakness. It’s time for our corporate world to stop encouraging people to stuff down their feelings while at work. It’s time to make friends with our feelings. Because if we stop being so scared of our emotions and look for the wisdom they provide us, we can change how we connect, communicate, and lead. This keynote will show you how.

Addressing the feelings of others in the workplace can be a terrifying proposition. For many leaders, asking what lies behind the actions and reactions of their people is akin to opening Pandora’s box. They don’t want to find out what’s lurking inside. Many managers do not know how to deal with—and they fear—their employees’ emotions.

Leaders of these organizations have good reason to be scared. After all, few of us know how to handle emotions (let alone how to handle them at work). Many of us have not been taught how to tend to our feelings and those of others. So isn’t it better to sweep all those pesky emotions under the rug and carry on as if they don’t exist? The answer is an unequivocal no!

Instead of spending time and money on dealing with the inappropriate behaviors and disrespectful communications stemming from emotional issues in your workplace, you can get to the heart of those issues and deal with your feelings, and the feelings of your people, head-on.

In this keynote, you will start to learn the emotional skills and mental strategies needed to be stronger and more intelligent than your feelings, and to help others learn to explore their emotions. Emotions should not be feared but celebrated. A wealth of amazing possibilities are available if we learn to harness the superpower of our emotions.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the systemic problems with ignoring emotions in the workplace.
  • Learn why emotions matter and reduce the fear of tending to them at work.
  • Identify the emotional skills and mental strategies to be stronger than your feelings.
  • Gain a deeper awareness of your emotional makeup and how that helps and hurts your leadership effectiveness.


The Gifts of Emotions

Embracing the Gifts of Emotions is vital for today’s workplace. This keynote teaches you to harness emotional intelligence by transforming both positive and negative emotions into tools for growth. Enhance resilience, foster authentic connections, and drive organizational success. Discover how emotional mastery leads to a thriving, dynamic work environment.

In “The Gifts of Emotions” keynote, discover how authentic emotional expression can revolutionize workplace culture.

Most organizations accept emotions like happiness and enthusiasm but frown upon sadness, fear, and frustration. This leads employees to suppress their true feelings, wearing corporate masks that hinder genuine connections and stifle creativity.

This keynote encourages leaders and employees to embrace the full spectrum of emotions, recognizing that both positive and negative feelings provide valuable insights and drive personal and professional growth.

By learning cognitive strategies to observe and regulate emotions, attendees will gain the strength to handle challenges and changes effectively. This keynote is a game-changer, promoting a vibrant work environment where true emotions fuel innovation, resilience, and remarkable results.

This session aims to create a culture where authenticity thrives, connections deepen, and collective success blossoms, unlocking the power of emotional intelligence to lead with authenticity and achieve remarkable results.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the value of both positive and negative emotions in providing insights and driving growth.
  • Learn cognitive strategies to observe, regulate, and manage emotions effectively in the workplace.
  • Create a work environment where authentic emotional expression is encouraged and valued.
  • Develop skills to handle workplace challenges and changes by embracing and understanding emotions.


Emotionally Intelligent Leaders are Teachers

“Emotionally Intelligent Leaders are Teachers” keynote empowers leaders to clarify tasks and foster independent problem-solving. Avoid vague directives and cultivate a culture of growth by coaching and guiding employees through challenges instead of rescuing them. Learn to become an exceptional teacher-leader and drive unprecedented team success.

Revolutionize your leadership approach with the “Emotionally Intelligent Leaders are Teachers” keynote. This compelling presentation reveals how leaders can adopt a teacher’s approach to empower their teams.

Avoid common pitfalls like vague directives and providing immediate solutions, which lead to confusion and a culture of dependence. Instead, learn to clearly define tasks and encourage employees to think critically and solve problems independently.

Experience firsthand how to cultivate a culture of trust and collaboration, where employees feel empowered to take initiative and innovate. Witness the profound impact this kind of leadership has on your organization’s morale, productivity, and overall success.

This keynote will equip you with practical strategies to enhance your leadership effectiveness, foster a culture of growth, and drive your team to unprecedented success. By becoming an exceptional teacher-leader, you will transform your workplace into a thriving, resilient environment where everyone excels. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your full potential as a leader and guide your team to new heights.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to give clear, specific directives to ensure alignment with expectations and reduce confusion.
  • Encourage employees to solve problems on their own by coaching them through challenges rather than providing immediate answers.
  • Develop effective communication skills that promote understanding and cultivate a trusting environment where employees feel supported in their efforts.
  • Create a culture of continuous learning and development by treating struggles as opportunities for growth and empowering employees to trust in their abilities.


Unleash Your Emotional Superpower

In today’s ever-changing landscape, leadership calls for a fresh approach to master the intricacies of a multigenerational, diverse, and virtual workforce. Discover how to unleash the 15 distinct emotional superpowers within yourself, redefining how you lead. Join us to supercharge your leadership skills and confidently navigate the challenges of the modern world.

In today’s rapidly evolving workforce, traditional leadership techniques are no longer sufficient. The “Unlock Your Emotional Superpower” keynote empowers leaders to thrive by harnessing 15 unique emotional superpowers.

These innate abilities, often overlooked, are essential for managing and inspiring a diverse, multigenerational, and digital team. Central to this transformation is Emotional Intelligence (EI), the ultimate leadership superpower. EI enables leaders to connect deeply with their teams, fostering trust, collaboration, and heightened engagement.

The impact of EI extends far beyond improved personal interactions. It’s the driving force behind skyrocketing productivity and heightened employee engagement. As a leader, when you invest in enhancing your Emotional Intelligence, you’re not just investing in your own growth; you’re also investing in the success and well-being of your entire team.

This keynote will provide practical strategies to enhance your EI, redefine your leadership style, and boost productivity. By embracing these emotional superpowers, you’ll navigate modern workplace challenges with confidence and finesse. Join us to unlock your full potential, transform your leadership approach, and lead your team to unprecedented success.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and leverage the 15 emotional superpowers to enhance leadership effectiveness.
  • Develop and apply EI to improve communication, trust, and team dynamics.
  • Adapt leadership strategies to effectively manage a diverse, multigenerational, and virtual team.
  • Implement techniques to increase team productivity and employee satisfaction through enhanced emotional understanding.


Embracing Emotional Resilience

Enhancing Emotional Resilience is essential, especially during difficult times. Learning how to cope with stress, become more emotionally resilient, adapt to rapid changes, and have a more positive outlook on the future are all by-products of enhancing your emotional intelligence. This keynote will show you how.

Leaders are measured by their ability to handle tough situations and recover quickly from misfortunes. Great leaders take a step back from their impulsive, emotional reactions and instead operate from a place of calm understanding. And that’s a skill that was not taught in school but is so desperately needed in the workplace.

Building resilience requires intentional preparation so that you are ready to improvise, think fast on your feet, and be successful. By developing more grit, work becomes more enjoyable, and your teams become more adaptable and emotionally resilient.

In this keynote, you will learn to develop your resilience by fostering a growth mindset and shifting your perspective on stress and challenges. You will learn to notice, articulate, and regulate your emotions to better lead your teams during stressful times and high levels of ambiguity. By investing in and boosting your physical and mental energy, you will achieve optimal performance, highlighting the positive impact emotional well-being has on your organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the triggers impacting your emotional wellbeing and ability to tolerate stress and uncertainty.
  • Discover the steps to help mitigate your negative thought patterns and increase your optimism.
  • Explore tools and habits that support effective stress management techniques.
  • Develop self-care routines and patterns of behaviours to enhance your resiliency and mental toughness.


Audience reviews:

  • Carolyn Stern recently presented the opening keynote at our HR Conference and Expo. Ms. Stern delivered an impactful presentation on Emotionally Strong Leadership. Conference attendees shared positive feedback, referencing her authentic, heartfelt speaking style and ability to weave personal stories into practical lessons. Carolyn's vulnerability in sharing her own emotional intelligence journey left an impact on many. It was clear she created a powerful connection with the audience; her "meet and greet" session after the keynote had attendees lined up to make a personal connection with her. The conceptual topic of emotional intelligence was made accessible and actionable through Carolyn's storytelling and it was a pleasure to have her kick off our annual flagship event for HR professionals. - President & CEO, CPHR BC & Yukon and CPHR Canada
  • She makes it enjoyable, as painful as it can be. She does push you through your comfort zones and she does it in a way that consistently delivers results. She really has the ability to bring the best out of you and challenge you, but to do it in a way that is progressive. - Senior Vice President of Employee Relations, British Columbia Maritime Employers Association
  • She has internalized the constructs and principles of emotional intelligence. She believes it so passionately, for all the right reasons. She brings that in such a compelling way that you can’t fight back, you have to embrace it.
    - Principal, Ignite Management Services Ltd.
  • Carolyn’s ability to recognize both emotional deficiencies and strengths in a group of “know it all” executives, and then to manage, direct and coach us to understand our team’s emotional strengths and to overcome our individual weaknesses is both awesome and unnerving. - Director, Engineering and Projects Neptune Terminals
  • In my 30+ year career, I have never experienced such profound insight into how and why I act and feel the way I do in the workplace. - Director, Operations Johnson Plastics
  • Carolyn motivates and inspires others… She brings her wealth of knowledge, real-life experiences and lessons to teach in a way that is unparalleled to others. - Co-founder & CEO Overstory Media Group
  • Carolyn has made my job easier by giving me a better appreciation of how employees act and behave based upon their emotional tolerances…When I had communicated in the past, I was getting frustrated…Now through my understanding of how they learn, how they listen through their emotional intelligence, it allows me to get through more effectively. So we have the connections we didn’t have before. That saves me time. It saves me effort. It reduces frustration and it allows me to be more productive and efficient in my interactions with staff. - President & CEO at Fraser Surrey Docks LP
  • I would definitely recommend Carolyn to other companies because what we did learn about each other here… [which] made us all closer together… I really do feel like that after we had our sessions and after we started to use the work that we did together with Carolyn, it really made me feel closer to people. That is what is important to me and I think it is important to a lot of the people here. - VP of Foodservice & Hospitality Division, Chewter’s Chocolates
  • I don't think I have the words to even sum up all the emotions I felt during your keynote at the CPHR conference. Thank you Carolyn, for your speech. I was moved to tears. Thank you for affirming the power of emotional leadership and reminding leaders like myself how powerful it is to lean into emotions and that it is OKAY to be self-aware of what we feel and to EMOTE. You really inspired me today and are an example of the leadership I want to lead. I felt validated that despite being "flowery", I will and can always "flourish". I look forward to your book. - Manager, People and Culture, CPHR Canada

Speaker Biography

Carolyn Stern is the President and CEO of EI Experience—an executive leadership development and emotional intelligence training firm.

She is a certified Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development Expert, Certified Speaking Professional®, corporate trainer, award-winning author, and university professor.

Since launching her book, The Emotionally Strong Leader: An Inside-Out Journey to Transformational Leadership, Carolyn has quickly gained acclaim following her appearances on The Social, CTV Your Morning, Daytime Chicago, Global TV, Slice TV, OWN, Lifetime TV, MovieTime, Prime, and Tubi.

Her book was awarded the Axiom Book Award for the Best Business Book in 2023 in the leadership category and the 2022 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award in the career category.

She has also been featured in various media outlets across the globe, including Forbes, Fast Company, The European Business Review, The Globe and Mail, and Inc.com.

Carolynʼs emotional intelligence courses and modules have been adopted by top universities, and she has trained over 40,000 business leaders across the continent in highly regarded corporations.

As a speaker, Carolyn takes time to dig deep, and highly personalizes and customizes her presentations to meet your event’s objectives and unique requirements. She focuses on your attendees’ specific needs and leadership challenges, addressing the real issues they are experiencing in the workplace right now. Together, you will discuss which specific leadership topics to address and messages to impart, developing the perfect balance for your group. Each session can be delivered either virtually or in-person and includes an optional workbook or handout.