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Claudiu Popa


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cybersecurity Strategist & Educator

Claudiu Popa is passionate about cybersecurity. For well over 20 years, he has made digital literacy fun for kids, seniors, employees and c-suite executives. When it comes to information privacy, data security and even cyberfraud, he literally wrote the book on these topics. He brings clear, fresh perspectives and a vast repertoire of anecdotes to every event, creating lasting experiences that leave audiences engaged, informed and entertained. View Claudiu’s Cyber Talks calendar.

Keynote Speeches

Virtual Keynotes & Webinars
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Data Breaches and Threats of Using AI at Work
Should You Trust AI at Work and at Home?
Safe AI in the Workplace: Top 14 Policies for Employees and Businesses to Adopt Today
Impact Clarity: The Information Security & Privacy Landscape

Popa believes that proper corporate governance is entirely dependent on awareness and accountability. Intimately understanding the risks to an organization offers clear visibility months and years in advance by simply analyzing trends in security and privacy. Based on research performed every quarter, Popa elevates the awareness of business leaders and provides a clear outlook into the risks and opportunities faced by individual industries, sectors and enterprises. The “Landscape” is a board-level presentation that can energize an workforce and inform any professional audience.

The "Internet of Things" and You

It’s here, it’s unstoppable and it’s great! 10 scenarios of unauthorized data collection that will surprise you – along with 7 new principles to protect public privacy and human rights.

Cyberfraud Awareness & Tips - Navigating the Digital Landscape with Confidence

An exploration of prevalent cyberfraud trends including the holiday fraud loss numbers and industry stats, practical tips for scam prevention, and empowering audiences to safeguard themselves and their organizations.

A crucial theme focusing on Cyberfraud Awareness & Tips, Claudiu guides audiences on how to bridge the gap between cybersecurity and privacy.

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Workshop | Internet Security for Your Business
This corporate training program is a comprehensive introduction to security threats, best practices for protecting corporate information and the foundation of a proactive security strategy.
Workshop | Information Privacy Awareness for Employees
Canada's focus on the protection of customer information is the key driver for new laws, media coverage, and information security initiatives. This essential course introduces employees at all levels to Canadian privacy legislation, responsibilities for protecting client and employee records, and specific strategies and policies for compliance management.

Audience reviews:

  • Claudiu is very entertaining, and a great presenter. Fabulous person and very interesting individual. - International Association of Privacy Professionals
  • I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation. You are a wonderful and engaging speaker; it was a nice change of pace from some of the other speakers at the conference. It was a pleasure to observe you.

    - Manager, Ministry of Government Services
  • Such an eye opener that I have been recommending it my friends, family, colleagues and more importantly, kids

    - Attendee of Claudiu's interactive workshop on social media safety
  • Very interactive, edifying and sensible for a wide range of age groups

    - Attendee of Claudiu's interactive workshop on social media safety

Speaker Biography

Claudiu knows what it takes to protect data and digital information: he has lectured at major academic institutions, presents lectures on privacy the University of Toronto, created Canada’s first course on fintech cybersecurity. He created Canada’s first methodology for information security assessment in healthcare and has introduced security awareness education to companies of all sizes.

Claudiu is a published author and a frequent guest and technology contributor to national media of all things involving cybersecurity, privacy and online safety. A certified professional across many facets of information technology and data protection, Claudiu Popa is also an academic researcher who speaks authoritatively on diverse topics ranging from social media ethics to immediately applicable advice for preventing catastrophic situations.

Claudiu explains complex topics in concise terms, eliminating technobabble in favour of substance. His timely presentations help to shine a spotlight on today’s most important trends, helping audiences stay ahead of the curve & be prepared for future shifts.

His career has been shaped by a passion for protecting the intangible assets driving the world’s economies. A big-thinker who understands the details of technological innovation, Popa has the unique ability to illustrate, captivate and entertain as he educates his audience about a broad range of fascinating topics. 

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Preview of Claudiu’s upcoming talks in 2024:
AI and Disinformation – A discussion of WEF’s 2024 Global Risks Report and how they impact companies, national security and the geopolitical risk posture as a whole.

Shifting Privacy – The 2024 Updates in Canada’s Privacy Compliance and what it means for the corporate landscape in the coming months.

• March: Fraud Prevention Month (Theme – Cyberfraud awareness & tips)
• April: Disinformation Month (Theme – Understanding misinformation)
• May 4: World Password Day (Theme – Identity protection)
• June: Malware Mitigation Month (Theme – Recent viruses & ransomware)
• July: Breach Prevention Month (Theme – Cybersecurity incident explanation)
• August: AI Cybersafety Month (Theme – Risks & opportunities of AI)
• September: Diversity in Cyber Month (Theme – Inclusion in security and technology)
• September 15-21: Safe Online Learning Week (Theme – Edtech privacy & safe eLearning)
• October: Cybersecurity Awareness Month (Theme – Corporate security best practices)
• October 29: National Internet Day (Theme – Trends & innovations for the year)
• November: Identity Protection Month (Theme – Preventing identity theft & abuse)
• November 10-16: Fraud Awareness Week (Theme – Financial crime awareness)
• November 30: National Computer Security Day (Theme – Personal tips for securing computers)
• December: Holiday Scams & Phishing Month (Theme – Emerging cyber scam trends)