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Claudiu Popa

Security, Technology & Privacy Expert

Claudiu Popa’s mission is to put security and privacy within the reach of every Canadian organization.   He is a technology expert specializing in privacy and information who finds information is not just ubiquitous, but essential, as it drives progress and powers relationships. Trust, identity and value are fundamentally dependent on information to shape global economies and focus global priorities.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Big Data & Privacy
In this highly acclaimed presentation, Popa delivers the future of data management in a way never seen before. Often spoon-fed by private entities and force-fed by political policy, the new data science is burrowing into every facet of our lives, often tangible benefit. Covering such fundamental topics as consent, intent the session entertains while it educates, arriving at some surprising conclusions for the new economy and our place inside it. Frequently fun and always informative, this speech is a fit for any workforce or public audience looking to understand the risks and opportunities of big data.

Impact Clarity: The Information Security & Privacy Landscape
Popa believes that proper corporate governance is entirely dependent on awareness and accountability. Intimately understanding the risks to an organization offers clear visibility months and years in advance by simply analyzing trends in security and privacy. Based on research performed every quarter, Popa elevates the awareness of business leaders and provides a clear outlook into the risks and opportunities faced by individual industries, sectors and enterprises. The “Landscape” is a board-level presentation that can energize an workforce and inform any professional audience.

The “Internet of Things” and You
It’s here, it’s unstoppable and it’s great! 10 scenarios of unauthorized data collection that will surprise you – along with 7 new principles to protect public privacy and human rights.

Platform Plus

Workshop | Internet Security for Your Business
This corporate training program is a comprehensive introduction to security threats, best practices for protecting corporate information and the foundation of a proactive security strategy.
Workshop | Information Privacy Awareness for Employees
Canada's focus on the protection of customer information is the key driver for new laws, media coverage, and information security initiatives. This essential course introduces employees at all levels to Canadian privacy legislation, responsibilities for protecting client and employee records, and specific strategies and policies for compliance management.

  • Claudiu is very entertaining, and a great presenter. Fabulous person and very interesting individual.

    - International Association of Privacy Professionals
  • I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation. You are a wonderful and engaging speaker; it was a nice change of pace from some of the other speakers at the conference. It was a pleasure to observe you.

    - Manager, Ministry of Government Services
  • Such an eye opener that I have been recommending it my friends, family, colleagues and more importantly, kids

    - Attendee of Claudiu's interactive workshop on social media safety
  • Very interactive, edifying and sensible for a wide range of age groups

    - Attendee of Claudiu's interactive workshop on social media safety

Summary Profile

Claudiu Popa has been an entrepreneur from a young age, transforming a passion for technology and information into rich experiences that shaped a fascinating career. As an author, lecturer, consultant and CEO he shares deep insights in a genuinely engaging style. Almost a quarter century later, Popa is widely recognized as one of Canada’s most qualified experts on security and privacy, accredited by the industry’s top certification bodies, actively leading independent research projects, and acting as interim information executive, privacy leader and chief security officer for notable Canadian enterprises. Often described as an information junkie, his career is shaped by a passion for protecting the intangible assets driving the world’s economies. A big thinker who understands the details of technological innovation, Popa has the unique ability to illustrate, captivate and entertain as he educates his audience about a broad range of fascinating topics. A perpetually fascinated father to four young children, he is the first to attest that the powerful life lessons he learns in the family context are directly applicable to a professional context. As such, Popa is a business mentor, university lecturer and the founder of non-profit initiatives that share knowledge and inform diverse audiences about topics that are often deemed difficult to effectively communicate. The results of his effervescent presentation style are reflected by glowing reviews and comments from delighted participants. His deep-rooted conviction that when enabled by technology, information is not just ubiquitous, but essential as it drives global progress, powers relationship clouds and is the very fabric to which all modern innovations are anchored. Notions of trust, identity and value are fundamentally dependent on it to shape our society and culture even as illusory notions of anonymity and unfounded promises of privacy erode the integrity of that fabric. As a trusted risk advisor and board-level consultant, the inherent sensitivity of his work has given him unique visibility into risk, governance, culture, and performance within enterprises, government agencies and diverse social groups.

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