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Daniel Germain

Speaker Exclusive

Quebec, Canada

Social visionary for the well-being of our future

Daniel Germain helps organizations contribute to making a positive impact on the future of our society by investing in tomorrow’s leaders.  His strong will and his personal experience with a difficult childhood inspired his journey to create the Breakfast Club of Canada making a lasting difference in the lives of nearly 2 million young children…and a new world campaign in 2023.

Keynote Speeches

Leadership & Inspiration from the Heart

A social visionary leader with 25 years on the frontlines, Daniel Germain shares lessons learned from his experience founding and leading national award-winning organizations like the Breakfast Clubs.  Daniel believes we all have the responsibility to write our story with a big “H”.  His thirst for justice, combined with a strong will, a difficult childhood and a desire to give back, helped him become the leader he is today.  In addition to founding the Breakfast Clubs, Daniel is now launching a new organization, the Children’s Hour World Campaign in 2023 to make an impact on youth well-being.

ESG Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance - Your Corporation can make an Impact

Daniel believes in the power and responsibility of corporations to assist in key local and global challenges.  He shares his experience with food insecurity especially as it impacts education, opportunity, and climate change. Daniel’s mission is to develop a world-wide movement to end the cycles of poverty and give all children an equal chance for success.  Learn how to make a meaningful difference, and contribute to a better future for all, through your ESG and CSR initiatives.

Audience reviews:

  • "Working for a better world is not easy. When we meet someone working hard to achieve a world with Zero Hunger (SDG 2), it' s a signal that we are on the right path. Daniel Germain is one of those souls that makes the impossible, possible, to support children towards a bright future. Being successful means being kind-hearted and open minded like Daniel. It is no surprise that he will now embark on a truly meaningful and impactful new voice that will undoubtedly become a global movement - Children’s Hour World Campaign. This campaign is key to continue working to achieve our goal – a world with all kids receiving nutritious meals. I wish the best for Daniel Germain and Children’s Hour team to bring to life this inspiring message. Count on our support!”
    - DANIEL BALABAN Director of the Centre of Excellence against Hunger, WFP, United Nations
  • “I have worked closely with Daniel for more than 20 years and have been inspired by his dedication to helping underprivileged children with his organization the Breakfast Club of Canada. His passion and commitment to support the Indigenous communities and children has been remarkable.

    I am excited to join Daniel as a strategic Advisor with his new movement, Children’s Hour World Campaign to spread the word across the Globe and make a difference for one hour, once a year, not only for Indigenous Children, but all children."
    - PHIL FONTAINE, Former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations and Strategic Advisor, Indigenous Peoples North & South America, Children’s Hour World Campaign
  • "He is a visionary and a remarkable pioneer in social entrepreneurship and food security across the country. Today, thousands of children have access to breakfast each day thanks to the path he has created. The Club is now a mature organization and is well positioned to meet the growing needs and help feed even more children across the country.”
    - LOUIS Frenette, Member of Breakfast Club of Canada’s Board of Directors

Speaker Biography

DANIEL GERMAIN is a Canadian philanthropist and true social entrepreneurship visionary

Daniel Germain is a leader in helping underprivileged children recognized by the United Nations and with Canada’s highest honour with the Order of Canada. He is the founder of the Breakfast Club of Canada, a Canadian charity that promotes and assists the establishment and maintenance of school breakfast programs in Canada, to give all students an equal chance for a strong start and success.  It’s about more than the food too; Germain aims to promote and encourage the values of self-esteem, respect for others, integrity, honesty and teamwork through the program.  

In 2023, he expanded his mission – he’s also become founder of the Children’s Hour World Campaign launched in 2023. Children’s Hour is a world-wide movement to address Global Child Poverty, Climate change and food insecurity, the plight of young girls and women, and Indigenous people.  

After growing up in a disadvantaged neighbourhood, he went on humanitarian trips abroad, including a visit to Mexico City where he saw 50,000 young people in dire straits. It opened Daniel’s eyes and created a thirst for justice for children. He returned to Canada with the dream of breaking the circle of poverty.  With the goal of helping children who were deprived of a vital element for their academic and social success – a nutritious breakfast – he founded the Quebec Breakfast Club. 

His Club was recognized by the United Nations as one of the best school meal programs in the world. Pursuing his goals, he then founded Breakfast Clubs of Canada and launched an international co-operation project for young people in Quebec.  He also established the Montreal Millennium Summit, an international forum that puts forward ideas and projects related to the well-being of children in the world. 

As founder of Breakfast Club of Canada, Daniel worked tirelessly to ensure that all children have an equal chance to enjoy a nutritious breakfast every day.

A true social visionary, Daniel has received numerous awards for his body of work, including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Quebec YMCA Peace Medal for his commitment to youth. He is a Member of the Order of Canada and a Knight of the Ordre national du Québec. Daniel currently sits on the Board of Directors for Breakfast Club Canada.