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Darci Lang


Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Focus on the 90% Philosophy & Kind Leadership

If anyone understands that life is what you make it, it’s Darci Lang. She quite literally went out and built the life she wanted. Every aspect of her life today is the complete and utter opposite of what she thought it would be, and the 10% she faced has made her the woman she is today.

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Focus on the 90%

Darci’s 90% Philosophy Series starts here.

Her Focus on the 90% presentation reflects a “my life is my message” approach. It has helped audience members to focus a magnifying glass on the 90% of their life that is positive and empowers them to be and feel their best. Darci will challenge where you focus your magnifying glass when reflecting on; yourself, the people around you and your personal life.

Living the 90%

Living the 90%, a Deeper Dive, is part two of the Focus on the 90% philosophy.

It provides you with the tools and foundation to come back together, refresh the Focus on the 90% message and dig deeper in a “pen to paper” reality check on how you’ve moved your magnifying glass in the key areas of your life. 

Leading the 90%

Lead the 90% will challenge you to pick up your magnifying glass and not only see your life through that 90% lens but lead others through that lens too.

This philosophy will help change your perspective on life and help start to change your brain, to teach it to look for the positive, and setting an example for others. Darci will show how a commitment to kind leadership will not only make a difference in your life, but those you lead. The growth and success of your company will depend on it.

Embrace the 90

Darci’s first women’s book sends a powerful message to women about embracing the past, loving the woman in the mirror, and seeing their life through a 90% lens.

“I wrote this book for women. For Us. I want us to heal.”

Embrace the 90% challenges women to identify their fears, the labels they were given, and their lack of self-love. Through thought-provoking questions triggered by real-life examples, Darci helps women dig deeper and find a healthier way of thinking and living.

Audience reviews:

  • It was evident from the first time our event organizing committee spoke with Darci that her message and her presence would add something special to our meeting... She is sincere, articulate, and uses humour as a velvet glove to drive her powerful message home. We are already looking for reasons to bring Darci back to speak!

    - Director, Corporate Services, AltaGas Utilities Inc.
  • The response to Darci's presentation at our staff meeting was extremely positive and although I am not surprised, I am a bit awestruck by the level of emotion expressed in the event evaluations and the deep value people took away from her message. Without a doubt, Darci is motivational - she is also a no nonsense Reality-Check Task Master!

    - Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
  • Darci Lang's message was warmly accepted and heard by our group. In the days and weeks since then, I notice that people still have their magnifying glass at their desks, and I often hear a reminder to focus on the 90%..........both of these proof that the message was important enough to remember and ‘own', and delivered expertly! I encourage other work groups or really, any group, to take the opportunity to listen and learn from Darci!

    - John Boyle, FCC
  • You were the highlight for me and so many team members and directors. Our team leaders have been passing on so many positive comments from their teams. You are such a kind and caring person that everyone can listen to for hours. Thank you for being the inspiration that so many of us can inspire to be. - Central Alberta Co-op
  • Thank you so much for your heartfelt Keynote presentation at our conference. I think your message came at just the right time for so many in the room. Your message on “Focus on the 90% truly resonated with our chapter leaders and left a lasting impact. Your ability to make us reflect on our interactions and emphasize the positives is invaluable. We ran a feedback survey, and when attendees were asked what segment made the most positive impact on them, several delegates wrote in Darci Lang. Thank you for helping make our conference a success! - Advocis | The Financial Advisors Association of Canada
  • The impact of her presentation was immediate and continues as we have had her back on several occasions to deliver her message. When employees, union and spouses thank you for bringing someone in to deliver a message of positivity, it tells you the effect of her message. - Nutrien
  • Darci was a much anticipated presenter for our sales meeting. She was highly recommended before we engaged her. Not only did her presentation resonate with our team, it has encouraged people to actually build out business and personal plans on how to take her message and make it a part of their every day lives. Not only was she entertaining but her message had great impact on our team. I would highly recommend her. - Empire Life
  • Darci’s message is timeless and one that bears repeating. “Focus on the 90%” is both a gentle friend’s advice, and a leader’s call to action. You will take this discussion back to your dinner table with honesty, laughter and empowerment! - Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Speaker Biography

For over 30 years, Darci has been speaking and sharing her belief that each of us can hold a magnifying glass in front of our lives and choose to either focus it on the 90% we can control, the positive and beneficial, or the 10% we can’t control, those things and people that bother us and drag us down.

Darci wrote her first bestselling book, Focus on the 90%, One Simple Tool to Change the Way You View Your Life. This was the beginning of a life-changing four-book 90% philosophy series that helps you focus, live, lead and embrace your life journey to the fullest. This one simple concept continues to keep her upright and grounded and has proven to be a life-changer, which she has shared with tens of thousands.

As a speaker, Darci’s presentation takes a “my life is my message” approach, pulling experience from early years to owning multiple successful businesses. Darci helps companies and organizations take a direct approach to confronting negative influences and helps them transform cultures and perspective shifts, boosting morale and profitability. Darci’s entertaining and powerful message has won her a spot on the 40 Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Hall of Fame recipient list.

Darci is proud to live in Saskatchewan and loves her quiet suburban life with her husband, Darren, adult children and rescue pets. Between books and engagements, Darci enjoys spending time outdoors, walking and relaxing in her yard. Darci loves hosting dinners and game nights with close friends, keeping up with the latest in interior decorating AND creating a never-ending honey-do list for Darren!

Darci embodies the same philosophies she shares on stage and off, speaks from the heart and has an urgency to help people make a better life for themselves.