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David Granirer

Standing Up for Mental Health

Counselor and standup comic David Granirer has motivated and uplifted thousands with his laughter in the workplace keynotes and workshops.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Stand Up For Mental Health: Creating Recovery – One Laugh At A Time!
In this hilarious presentation award-winning counselor and stand up comic David Granirer who himself suffers from depression looks at how comedy builds confidence and busts the stigma around mental illness. He’ll show you mental health from a totally different perspective while uplifting, inspiring and educating you. David will do comedy about his recovery story and tell you about Stand Up For Mental Health, his award-winning program teaching comedy to people with mental health issues. And through video clips, you’ll get to see his comics creating recovery – one laugh at a time!

I’m OK But YOU Need Professional Help: Using Humor to Beat Stress
In today’s workplace, stress is a major challenge to everyone’s well being. Laughter is the cure, the best medicine, a cod liver oil for the soul. And the wonderful thing is that unlike cod liver oil, a dose of laughter is not only good for you, it also feels good to take! In this presentation you’ll learn fun and easy stress management techniques, how to use to humor to defuse tense situations, positive ways to respond to stressful events, and techniques for making meetings fun and effective.

I’m OK But YOU Need Professional Help: Using Humor to Survive Change
In today’s world, change is the norm. Everyone faces uncertainty and stress. The challenge is how to cope and thrive in this constantly shifting business environment. Humor is the answer, the way to keep your sanity when things around you go off the deep end. In this hilarious and interactive presentation you’ll learn how to use humor to cope with adversity, create a positive, upbeat work environment, and increase productivity and morale.

I’m OK But YOU Need Professional Help: Getting the Laughs You Need!
In today’s work world, you need all the laughs you can get! Come learn practical techniques for using laughter to relieve stress, enhance wellness, cope with change, and create an upbeat, positive approach to life and work. This hilarious and interactive presentation also includes a look at the positive physical and emotional effects of laughter and how having a sense of humor can help make you more resilient and able to overcome life’s challenges.


Governor General | Meritorious Service Medal

National Council for Behavioral Health | Award of Excellence

Depression Bipolar Support Alliance | Life Unlimited Award

Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health | Champion of Mental Health Award

  • We were amazed at how great your Stand Up For Mental Health presentation was. I heard our former Board chair say that this was "the most effective anti-stigma event she's ever seen"!! Lots of kudos! The comics you trained performed wonderfully, and were thrilled with their time on stage. We also had a great turnout, obviously there was a lot of interest in your program.

    - Director, Child, Family, & Prevention Services Alexandria Community Services Board
  • Thanks for an amazing keynote presentation. In 9 years of having our conference you are only the second speaker to get a standing ovation! You were funny, inspiring, and totally relevant to the work we do in behavioural health. The way you use comedy to empower people with mental health issues and to reduce stigma is amazing.

    - Conference Committee Member, Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council
  • Your Stand Up For Mental Health was a huge hit at our conference! The prolonged standing ovation said it all. You were all hilarious, and the fact that you were able to train the comics in only 6-weeks via Skype is amazing. Afterwards people were raving about your show. What a great way to begin our conference on a high while also addressing some serious issues around mental health!

    - Executive Director, Texas Council of Community Centers
  • Your presentation at Alternatives was awesome, as you could tell by the prolonged standing ovation and all the people who lined up to talk to you afterwards. People were really moved and inspired by the work you do, and also had some great laughs. You truly are on the cutting edge of mental health programs for recovery and public education.

    - Executive Director, National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Clearinghouse
  • Your presentation at our AGM was hilarious and inspiring. The work you do teaching stand-up comedy to mental health consumers is remarkable, and hearing about it was a breath of fresh air. Your talk was a perfect mixture of comedy and education. We look forward to working with you again. - Acting Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association Cochrane Timiskaming Branch
  • Our guests really enjoyed the opportunity to laugh at themselves and the work we do and generally have some fun. I know it is tough, serious work at times and your gift of being able to find the humour is very uplifting. We need at times to find the humour, and joy even during the toughest times. Thank you for helping us do just that.

    - The Family Centre
  • David was very nice and accommodating as we were running a bit ahead of schedule and he was ready and willing to start early and end at the same scheduled time, which really helped us and with our timeframe. I can certainly see why David has so many great testimonials and he lives up to all of them.

    - Administrative Assistant, Public Education Benefits Trust
  • It was so great to to see the work you do teaching comedy to people with mental illness. What you do is truly amazing! I would love to bring your program to San Diego. I think it would be a huge benefit for our clients!

    - Community Relations, Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital, San Diego, CA
  • Our people were all raving about how amazing your presentation was. It was the perfect combination of humor and education. What you've been doing with mental health consumers is truly incredible. Your program should be offered everywhere.

    - Oregon Department of Human Services, Addictions and Mental Health Division (AMH)

Summary Profile

What’s so funny about mental health? As far as award-winning counsellor and stand-up comic David Granirer is concerned – everything! David is the founder of Stand Up For Mental Health, a program teaching stand-up comedy to people with mental health issues.

He performs his keynotes for hundreds of organizations internationally, using comedy to bust stigma and help his audiences to see people with mental health conditions from a totally different perspective – strong, courageous, funny, and likable. His audiences leave feeling hopeful, happy, and inspired to begin the conversation with the people in their lives.

He has also motivated and uplifted thousands with his laughter in the workplace keynotes and workshops. Studies show laughter positively affects our mental and physical health. Granirer’s presentations show people how to “lighten up” at work and at home while energizing individuals and enhancing group morale, trust, and support.

Audiences will learn how to bring laughter and playfulness into their lives, reducing stress and tension, increasing productivity, improving health and wellness, and increasing their ability to cope with change. Granirer’s entertaining, interactive presentations are packed with practical information and techniques that can be put to work immediately by individuals and organizations. His playful humour and creative group facilitation style turn any speaking engagement or training session into a fun, inspiring, and applicable experience.