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Doug Keeley

CEO & Chief Storyteller, STORIES RULE!

Doug Keeley, CEO and Chief Storyteller of STORIES RULE!, is one of North America’s leading communicators, a serial entrepreneur, and a self-professed leadership junkie.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Stories Rule!
We are in an era of unprecedented noise. Attention is the new currency and it is getting more and more difficult to get and keep people’s attention. Stories
are the one proven way to connect and have your message stick. We show how to use stories to get and keep people’s attention, make connections,
and build relationships.

Five Level Leadership
Great stories touch us on all five of our levels: Spirit, Imagination, Intellect, Heart and Hands. That is why they move us and why we remember them. We
show leaders how to work and engage others fully to create stronger culture and deliver better performance.

Collaborate to Win
Nothing great was ever done alone. In this presentation we show the power of WE vs ME in action, highlighting incredible teams who have changed the
world and giving insights into how to communicate and cooperate so everyone wins.

Change is a choice
Change may be the only constant in business today, and yet most people fear change and most leaders are not great at communicating change. We show
that change is a choice, and that resistance usually carries a high price. We then show inspiring examples of teams that have taken the leap and won.

Small i Innovation
Many organizations get stuck in the idea that innovation is about big, game -changing ideas. The truth is that most innovation is incremental, the result of
many small ideas and changes. Here we inspire and challenge our audience to change their lens, and give them practical ideas on how to do just that.
Presentation Formats

We intersperse our stories through your conference in short “bytes”, keeping the inspiration going and connecting your speakers. We can also run
interview sessions and panels onstage. We are the thread that ties the conference together.

We can build an unforgettable, highly customized keynote from our stories to inspire your audience and change how they think and act. All of our keynotes
are built to create specific, actionable outcomes.

In addition to hosting or keynoting, we can run a workshop on Storytelling or on specific subjects like Leadership, Collaboration, Change, and Innovation.
Whichever format or combination you choose, all of our presentations are custom made from our library of close to 100 video stories which we narrate
live to create an unforgettable experience.

Platform Plus

As a Host/MC, Doug challenges, teaches, and inspires your audience to do whatever it is you want them to do.

  • Your stories injected energy and creative thinking through the meeting. The way you customized them to the Frito Lay messages for the year really hit home. These stories were truly inspirational to our teams and helped us reinforce our objectives in a unique and powerful way.

    - President, Frito Lay Canada
  • By far one of the most effective, motivational speakers I have ever heard. Retaining information from presentations is always a challenge. Because his presentation was so visual, emotional and energetic, I will retain most of it

    - Janssen Inc.
  • If your organization is ready for inspired leaders - and never before have we needed leaders more - then use The Mark of a Leader. It will help take your corporation from where you are to where you want to be.

    - Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • You hit a huge home run! That was incredible. You could tell how well your General Session presentation was received by the fact that your breakout session afterwards was filled to capacity. I will recommend you to anyone looking for an inspiring and unique presentation for their conference.

    - American Health Information Management Association
  • Doug was great!! We have a lot of Keynote Addresses where presenters say they get camp and the idea of camp, but they really don’t. Doug nailed it!!They loved him, they loved is presentation and they loved the theme behind his presentation, we all have something special to give no matter how big or how small the offering.

    - Executive Director, Ontario Camps Association

Summary Profile

Stories fuel sales, leadership and culture.  If you have one of these issues, you need Doug:

– You’re undergoing massive change and need to align your people.
– Your sales force needs a little help and inspiration.
– You need your people to step up as leaders.
– You want a conference that is built on stories, not just information.
– You want to give your audience new knowledge and skills.

Doug has been helping Fortune 500 clients, government organizations, and startups put the power of stories to work for over 30 years. His
clients include global brands like Accenture, Bayer, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Pepsi, Starbucks and TD Bank, as well as many smaller organizations.
His unique presentation format uses live music, a library of almost 100 video stories which he narrates live, and many audience interactivities.
He creates an amazing experience that is customized for every client.

As Host, Keynote, or Workshop leader, Doug will Challenge and Inspire your audience and Equip them with powerful storytelling tools.
Doug is the author of the bestselling book The Mark of a Leader, appears regularly in media as an expert on Storytelling and Corporate
Culture, and is an inductee in the Meetings & Incentives Hall of Fame.