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Doug Keeley


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Master Storyteller, Serial Entrepreneur and Leadership Expert

Stories are the oldest and stickiest form of human communication. We have been telling verbal and visual stories since we lived in caves. In fact, we process the information around us into stories – it is how we make sense of the world. Yet, sadly, modern businesses are the first human tribes to not use stories as part of their culture. They suffer because of it. Doug Keeley shows audiences how to discover, craft, and share both your personal and company stories to power sales, leadership and culture.

Keynote Speeches

Stories Rule!

Attention is the new currency. Fighting for attention in the midst of unprecedented noise means: Hundreds of billions of tweets, text, emails, and videos every day. It’s hopeless UNLESS you’re using stories. Stories cut through the clutter, change minds, and stick. We help you use corporate storytelling to fuel performance. Simple as that. And it works.


Stories to Fuel: Sales

No more case studies! If your salespeople are still trying to win and keep customers with data, they’re fighting a losing battle. Using connection and success stories is a game-changer in sales.

Stories to Fuel: Leadership

Is anyone listening to you? Do your people know your personal story? Do you think of stories as strategic assets? Tragically, many leaders don’t. We are out to fix that.

Stories to Fuel: Culture

Culture, what’s that? Stories are the glue that binds cultures. Can you tell a story showing one of your company values in action? How about your company origin story? If the answer to either is NO, then you need us.

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Bring in Doug Keeley to host your event, spreading some incredible stories throughout. He can also conduct onstage interviews, host panels, run Q&A, and do interactive sessions. Of course, he also does unforgettable keynotes. Either way, Doug will Inspire your audience and equip them with powerful tools to use every day.

Audience reviews:

  • Your stories injected energy and creative thinking through the meeting. The way you customized them to the Frito Lay messages for the year really hit home. These stories were truly inspirational to our teams and helped us reinforce our objectives in a unique and powerful way.

    - President, Frito Lay Canada
  • By far one of the most effective, motivational speakers I have ever heard. Retaining information from presentations is always a challenge. Because his presentation was so visual, emotional and energetic, I will retain most of it

    - Janssen Inc.
  • If your organization is ready for inspired leaders - and never before have we needed leaders more - then use The Mark of a Leader. It will help take your corporation from where you are to where you want to be.

    - Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • You hit a huge home run! That was incredible. You could tell how well your General Session presentation was received by the fact that your breakout session afterwards was filled to capacity. I will recommend you to anyone looking for an inspiring and unique presentation for their conference.

    - American Health Information Management Association
  • Doug was great!! We have a lot of Keynote Addresses where presenters say they get camp and the idea of camp, but they really don’t. Doug nailed it!!They loved him, they loved is presentation and they loved the theme behind his presentation, we all have something special to give no matter how big or how small the offering.

    - Executive Director, Ontario Camps Association

Speaker Biography

Doug has been a business storyteller since he worked on his first conference at age 16. In his 20s Doug opened what grew into a large global communications agency, working with Fortune 500 companies to help them tell stories and not just dump information on people. His company produced thousands of events and Doug saw PowerPoint take over. He also learned that in a typical audience, different people like different things, so having one guest speaker with one story is very risky. And even great speakers rarely caused any behaviour change. 

In 2004 Doug decided it was time to take on a new challenge: to get business storytelling back into his clients’ cultures and into conferences. Doug helps them make storytelling a strategic tool in their business,

Doug has built a library of almost 100 amazing video stories which he narrates live on stage to create an experience that no other speaker does. These stories are about people, companies and ideas that have changed the world. They blow people’s minds. Doug selects the most appropriate for every audience and ties them tightly to the conference message. 

His clients often bring Doug back many times because he can change the stories to give a new experience, but add value because Doug learns their business and get to know their people.