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Eric Termuende

Future of Work Expert

Eric helps organizations improve workplace culture by boosting employee engagement. His company NoW Innovations creates future-proofing initiatives for businesses looking to become more agile and innovative. Perfect for leaders and HR groups, Eric shows audiences it’s not about millennials, technology and workplace aesthetics— but instead creating a workplace that aligns with employee values. You’ll leave his presentation with the tools to re-humanize your organization, resulting in not only increased performance levels within your team but also more candidates applying to join your team.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


The One-Degree Shift: Setting leaders up to thrive in the future of work through one-degree shifts in perception.
Wherever you look, it is becoming increasingly clear that to succeed in the future of work, we must realize our full potential as a team. In this presentation, Eric Termuende walks attendees through the current and future work environment and shares three one-degree shifts we can make to build better teams, establish deeper trust, and create an environment of belonging.

Key Takeaways:
• How to revolutionize the job description to build a team capable of reaching its full potential.
• What to do to make your team and company stand out from the competition.
• How to proactively build a culture that is right for your people, not for those who shouldn’t be there, and how to tell the difference!

Winning the Talent War – 3 Unorthodox Rules to Elevate Recruiting, Retention, Performance, and Ultimately Organizational Success
Through years of extensive research and practical experience, Eric Termuende has developed a systematic approach to winning the talent war. In this inspiring and actionable keynote, Eric takes the audience on an unforgettable journey and reveals three counterintuitive and extremely powerful steps to boosting performance, beating back competitive threats, and driving long-term shareholder value.

Key Takeaways:
• Increase retention of top performers, while having low-performers self-select out of the organization.
• Techniques to differentiate your story to new candidates and existing team members.
• A radically new framework for recruiting.

The Future of Work: Building a future where teams and organizations not only thrive but enjoy work.
In Eric’s engaging and interactive presentation, he talks about the importance of community and belonging at work and delivers actionable takeaways in the form of small shifts leaders can make to build teams that thrive. The conversation about the future of work is bigger than millennials, generations, technology and workplace aesthetic—it’s about people and creating a future where we enjoy our work as an integral part of our lives.

Key Takeaways:
• How to tell a story that speaks to the right candidates.
• The skills, competencies, and character traits of today’s workforce and how these individuals are shaping the future of work.
• A clear framework for building and nurturing an environment where people thrive, together.

The Cost of Connection
Over 90% of the information on the internet today was put there in the past two years. With 40% of corporate America feeling an unprecedented sense of loneliness, and the average person spending over 3.5 hours on our phones a day, the way we connect is changing. The ‘Honeymoon Phase’ of technology is here, and we’re in the eye of the storm. How do we balance the increasing dependency of technology while still getting the most out of the people and relationships around us on a daily basis? What do we need to do to build a modern team that leverages technology, but still gets to know people for who they are. In this presentation, Eric provides tips and tricks that wow the audience and leaves them with tangible takeaways to live a more connected life.


American Express | Top 100 Emerging Innovators Under 35

University of Calgary | Class Ambassador
Canadian G20 Delegation
BRANDED Magazine | Game Changer

Leaders Hall Ambassador

  • His charismatic energy was electrifying and contagious. He gave us a great insight on where retail is headed and what we need to be successful. The managers’ feedback was exceptionally positive. They were left inspired and enlightened.

    - VP of Retail Operations, INDOCHINO
  • Eric delivered a high energy, engaging and informative keynote that left our people leaders inspired, informed and committed to shifting 1 degree... Eric has a gift for deep listening, challenging the status quo and confidently sharing his stories with humility, humor at a world class standard.

    - Senior Manager of People & Culture, Arc'teryx
  • Eric Termuende is wise beyond his years. The keynote... was warm, informative and inspirational. His insight into how young people can harness their personal relationship management skills to ensure future success, even in this era of pervasive internet and mobile communications technology, is powerful.

    - Vice-President, Development | JA South Alberta
  • I found Eric to be a highly credible, engaging and relevant speaker that connects with all levels of leadership. Eric’s insights are well articulated and provide examples and ideas that are critical to an organization looking to improve engagement and retain the right talent.

    - Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Services, Keyera Corp
  • Eric was absolutely fantastic this morning. He was incredibly well received, so much so that, at least in my 20 or so years attending this conference, I've never seen so many questions asked of a presenter. Thank you so much for your help in setting this all up. Our expectations of an energetic, interesting and engaging keynote speaker were definitely exceeded.

    - Incoming Executive VP and Workshop Chair, Canadian Property Tax Association (National Office)
  • Eric led our attendees through an engaging discussion on Gen Y and their engagement with the workforce. People joined in the discussion with questions and comments, evidence that he reached and motivated them. His fresh perspective challenged our members to be aware of the needs of young talent, and helped them better answer the important question “What do Millennials want?” I endorse Eric as a speaker, and as a thought-leader.

    - Executive Director | Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers
  • Eric had an outstanding knowledge base on his area of expertise. He was insightful, efficient and helpful in the lead up to his seminar. Feedback from his address has been nothing but positive.

    - Event Manager | Western Canada BUILDEX Show, Global Exhibitions, Informa
  • Eric did an excellent job of communicating to our membership where our workforce is headed and what we needed to do to accommodate trends in the workplace. His use of visuals and presentation style made a complex topic manageable for our audience. He is a captivating presenter and prompted a lot of discussion.

    - Director of Communications, Alberta Forest Products Association
  • Eric is a passionate speaker and his messages transcend generations. He connects easily with Millennial and Gen-Y audiences, as well as the other 3 generations in the workplace. He’s funny, professional and on point, either in prepared remarks or in informal discussion.

    - Director of Marketing & Communications, Calgary Chamber
  • What a world it would be if we viewed people as "human beings, not humandoings"! He's spoken at several of our conferences, and has become a favourite among our delegates. Engaging, smart, to the point and very relevant.

    - Senior Conference & Marketing Director, Informa Canada

Summary Profile

Eric Termuende believes that if he can help make people’s lives better at work; he can make people’s lives better outside of it. His presentations go beyond diversity and inclusion to help audiences understand people and patterns in order to optimize the workplace.

On stage, Eric’s engaging presentations bring forward timely data and insight with compelling visuals to motivate audiences towards future success. He is dynamitic, passionate, charismatic informative and very relevant to the current business environment.

Prior to NoW Innovations, Eric co-founded DRYVER Group, a consultancy focused on the attraction and retention of top talent. Here he co-developed a tool that quantifies workplace culture. Eric and his team helped pinpoint strengths and opportunities in an organization to optimize culture, improve attraction, and mitigate poor retention numbers. Believing that collaboration is a key to success, Eric has helped develop a partnership network in Canada to emphasize the importance of teamwork and the delivery of great work.

Eric has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Thrive Global, the Huffington Post and many others prominent media organizations. He has been recognized as one of only ‘100 emerging innovators under 35’ globally by American Express and an active ‘Global Shaper’ with the World Economic Forum.

Eric sat as Community Integration Chair for Global Shapers Calgary, a community that functions under the World Economic Forum. He is a former Canadian G20 YEA Delegate, representing Canada in Sydney in 2014.

Eric has spoken at events ranging from leadership and development to success and happiness, education and innovation, and the future or work and workplace culture. 

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