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Erica Diamond

Certified Life Coach & Entrepreneur

Erica Diamond is the leading Women’s Expert in Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship and Balance. Erica Diamond, Certified Life Coach, is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the Award-Winning Women’s Lifestyle Brand Women On The Fence, Weekly Lifestyle and Parenting Correspondent Global TV, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Author, Spokesperson, Huffington Post Contributor, Mentor, and most recently Founder of the Global Get Off The Fence Movement. With over 20 years sales experience, and 15 years marketing experience, Erica Diamond is a born Entrepreneur and Coach.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


The 10-Steps to Get Off the Fence, Get Unstuck And Thrive
Erica has become THE expert in getting off the fence, strategic decision making, and critical thinking. Erica has given this talk to corporations, business bureaus, exchanges, associations, and networks everywhere. Walk away motivated, empowered, and with the proper strategies and tools to succeed. Erica shares her concrete takeaway tips and secrets to succeeding in your field, in an entertaining and highly effective way.

Erica’s Top 10 Secrets to Success in Life and Business
Erica shares her TOP 10 SECRETS that have made her successful in her career and life. Walk away ready to become successful in your business and thrive in your personal life.

Everything they don’t teach you in business school
Erica shares her stories, her insights, her secrets and strategies for growing a business (online or other)- from tricks to getting media coverage, to secrets to getting financing, to empowering your employees so that they perform, to closing deals with customers, to social media success, to thriving outside your comfort zone. A girl who bombed her GMAT’s, never got into MBA School, and still became a successful entrepreneur a few times over– hear the stories of failure and success. Be inspired, empowered and motivated. This is EVERYTHING you wish you learned at business school.

99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Starting Their Own Business: Women & Entrepreneurship
So you want to take the dive into entrepreneurship? Erica’s book comes to life in this talk on how to avoid startup disasters and pitfalls. This is the talk for any Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange or Conference. This talk is full of unique tips, tricks and techniques on how to create a hugely successful business, and then how to incorporate it into your life.  Find out how to unlock the idea, learn the tricks to getting your business plan approved, learn how to keep employees motivated, your clients loyal, get your sales off the ground quickly, killer marketing tips, manage the emotional side of business, and MORE! Every person… whether you’re working for yourself or someone else, can learn to think like an entrepreneur- learn the tools how to lead from within.

Why it’s Good to Fail
Risk has been stigmatized as a dangerous word, but growth and opportunity don’t come without risk. True visionaries see failure as an opportunity for growth and change. Failure is almost a prerequisite to invention, innovation and success. Hear how Erica turned her own failures TWICE, into money-making opportunities, and changed her life forever. Erica will share what she learned from failure, and how those mistakes led to major breakthroughs, ideas and change.


Canadian Weblog Award Recipient

FORBES Top 100 Websites for Women

  • Erica inspired and encouraged the audience to find and unlock their passion and live with purpose. Knowing how well we get caught up in the selfless cycle of motherhood, career, marriage and life – Erica summarized the importance of not getting lost within that and gave the 100 women attendees, powerful takeaway tips to implement into their lives. Her capacity to hold the audience with a powerful message of self-worth and self-cultivation resonated in a most meaningful way. Erica is an exceptional motivational speaker. Her warmth and genuine drive to help others find their vision is palpable the moment she steps on stage.

    - Events Project Manager, Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation
  • Erica is an excellent speaker who presents herself as sophisticated and polished on stage. She was very pleasant and engaging and connected with our core audience of women. We highly recommend her as inspiring, entertaining and appealing speaker at any event that wants to reach out to women.

    - Marketing Director, The National Women's Show
  • She is a delightful woman with an inspiring story to tell. Her personable approach gave everyone in the audience the ability relate to her, and yet at the same time, still received the powerful and concrete tips and tools to take away and implement into their lives immediately. Erica’s energy, storytelling abilities, and dynamic presence make her not only an outstanding and motivational speaker, but an overall remarkable woman!

    - Women in Leadership Foundation

Summary Profile

Using a small savings from her first job as a Marketing Manager at a large corporation, Erica built her Promotional Products Company, Unique Corporate Gifts from scratch in 1999 at 24 years old. After enjoying seven years of great success with Unique Corporate Gifts, Erica sold it in 2006 to Canada’s Largest Bag Retail Chain to raise her young boys.

Her first business journey awarded her a Young Entrepreneur Award, Top 30 under 30 Entrepreneur Award, Top 40 under 40 Entrepreneur Award nomination, among numerous others, and finally, The Profit Hot 50 Award – One of Canada’s 50 Emerging Growth Companies. She was the only female CEO on this list. Erica was also featured on the cover of the Business section of multiple newspapers, radio, magazines and television. Fast forward to September 2009, the birth of  her second venture, WomenOnTheFence.com® (now syndicated to over 2 million readers a month).

With one son in grade school, and the other son in preschool, Erica started to get the entrepreneurial itch again, thinking “It’s time to create something again, but what will it be?” She knew she was too entrepreneurial to work for anyone. Sitting on the fence with what she wanted to do, she imagined that if she was on the fence – an intelligent mom and savvy business woman – there were probably others who were sitting on the fence too, in many aspects of their lives as well: how to raise their kids, how to keep the passion alive in a marriage, how to manage a career and parenthood, how to know when to quit your job and try something new, how to juggle friendships, how to stay in good health, how to find “me-time,” etc.

Erica envisioned a hub where bright, dynamic, modern, women and moms could be inspired, empowered, educated, entertained and learn something new in their life. She started writing, and it took off immediately.

Using all her coaching and entrepreneurial talent and passion, women everywhere connected with the concept of being “stuck and on the fence,” unsure of where to go. Today, women come from around the world for a daily dose of success advice, hope, inspiration and laughter about all the “on the fence” issues women face today.

If you’re single, married, divorced, a mom, a Mompreneur, a woman, you’ll love the captivating blog posts, articles and interviews written by Erica and her incredible team of Guest Bloggers and Celebrities alike. Ranging from light to thought-provoking, Erica’s goal is to leave you feeling inspired, educated, enlightened and entertained. Erica Diamond was named the Chief Inspiration Officer of Entrepreneur Barbie to inspire entrepreneurship in young girls. Mattel also created Erica Diamond Barbie to her likeness to honor her role as CIO.