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Guy Cabana

Negotiation & Communication Expert

Guy Cabana is an expert international conference speaker and author who communicates his message with enthusiasm and conviction in the fields of negotiations, non-verbal communication and motivation. He has written numerous training courses and articles in major magazines on the process of negotiation and non-verbal communications.

St.Hubert, Quebec, Canada


Effective Negotiation Skills
Negotiation is a comprehensive part of behavioral science. In order to be successful, it relies on the capacity of communication of both parties involved in the negotiation process. It is said that a good negotiator is also an excellent communicator. In reality, we do not get what we deserve but we get what we are able to negotiate. This seminar uses simulation and role playing techniques. Participants will be confronted to real situations requiring negotiations. Lectures and workshops will complement the role playing aspect of the learning experience.

Lifting Mountains: The Art of Doing the Impossible
Participants will be asked to examine their present situation and look for and use the internal power and capacity they have to fulfill their dreams.  They will be called upon to invest themselves in a process of ACTION, and challenge themselves to lift mountains and accomplish what they have believed impossible.  They will be asked to: learn the simple principles and concrete techniques that will guide them on how to act by challenging what they believe to be their raison d’être in this world.

Talking Without Words
Research has shown that words account for only 7% of the communication process; in effect, more than 93% of our messages are transmitted through posture, tonality, intonation and expressions.  This session is interactive, dynamic, hilarious, and informative. It will allow you to recognize your own communicational style and observe and interpret the different gestures of this most authentic language: non-verbal communication. There is frequent interaction with the audience.


Platform Plus

Workshop | Effective Negotiation

Successful negotiation depends on the will of both parties to reach an agreement based on trust, mutual respect and the issues at stake. Learn how to control a situation rather than exercising power to reach permanent and profitable agreements.

Workshop | Non-Verbal Communication

Body language plays a major role in communications. Indeed, 93% of communications are done through body positions and gestures. Whether you sell, negotiate or try to establish better interpersonal relationships, this form of communication indicates the extent of openness of the persons your dealing with

  • You were granted the highest rating for satisfaction amongst our 12 speakers. You received a 4.75 out of a possible 5. Every person came away with a good understanding of their personal behavior and its impact on their listener's. I assure you that your sense of humor gave more than one a good laugh.

    - CISCA International
  • He is an outstanding communicator who gets everyone’s attention and maintains interests throughout his presentation. One negative point about it: it is too short! One would love to, listen to him again and again.

    - Option Retraite Group
  • Effective presentation that has a strong impact on the professional and personal point of view. After the conference, we have heard nothing but compliments on your performance.

    - AQT-V
  • Your presentation to our management team in our computer centre was greatly appreciated. Your dynamic approach and energy changed our employee’s attitude. You captivated the group and maintained their interest. Congratulations. I have never seen that before.

    - Human Resources Director, CIBC

Summary Profile

He has written numerous training courses and articles in major magazines on the process of negotiation and non-verbal communications. Mr. Cabana is the author of the bestselling books: The 10 Secrets of the highly effective negotiator, Beware! Your Gestures Will Betray You as and Lifting Mountains, the Art of Doing the Impossible. Endowed with a remarkable skill to seize his audience and keep their attention to the very last minute, Guy combines his theories with practical, concrete and humorous examples that are engaging and encourage immediate applications. He has become a Master in the art of communication and getting people to take instantaneous action. His presentations enhance the importance of each participants indefinite potential and strengthens their power to reach the impossible. Successful business relationships are becoming the number one challenge in the world today. Each negotiation result is measurable and success is quantifiable. More than ever, today’s business world demands that you master the art of effective negotiations. Guy offers the tools that guarantee you a complete understanding of the negotiation process and its mechanism. He is an expert who will help you build bridges and overcome obstacles standing between dreams and reality. Guy will assist in building bridges that will lead you from your daily challenges to complete success. His mission is to help you build prosperity and long lasting results. Guy is the president of DANEC Consultants Inc. a firm specialized in the development of the human capital. Operating in more than five countries as a keynote speaker and as facilitator and coach to many corporations and Universities, he has completed various courses at Concordia University as well as being a graduate of the Chicago Institute of Advanced Learning in leadership and business.