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Hugues Gibeault

Sales and Business Leader

Hugues Gibeault is the CEO and co-founder of Optimé International. He is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the company. Under his leadership, Optimé has helped clients achieve consistently superior sales performance and business results, along with industry-leading levels of employee engagement.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Share the Lead Do you have the will to lead?  Leading in an environment of continual change requires a broad set of skills that are essential in organizations in the 21st century. This presentation will help create and foster a culture where everyone is considered a leader, everyone believes they can lead and everyone contributes through leadership. Participants will

  • Build critical personal leadership skills
  • Understand and apply leadership techniques, specifically around communication and relationships, in order to help the organization “Win with Customers”
  • Learn, reinforce and apply leadership skills in all facets of life

Developing High Performance Relationships Strong relationships are at the heart of every successful organization. Collaborative, mutually beneficial interactions with internal and external stakeholders are critical for success. This program will enable participants to develop outstanding relationships with customers, colleagues and others to achieve unprecedented, sustained levels of customer loyalty and profitability for your organization. Participants will

  • Learn and apply proven, highly practical techniques to build interpersonal communication skills
  • Develop a new understanding of how to add value to internal and external relationships in your organization
  • Identify and apply exemplary practices and superior experiences in relationship building
  • Learn to understand, respect and appreciate individual diversity

Personal Profit Culture We systematically and vigorously prepare visions, missions, goals and objectives in our professional lives, but rarely, if ever, apply equal rigor to our personal lives.  Sidestepping and discounting personal growth is both the cause for, and result of, a fear of setting and failing to achieve personal targets. This proven interactive presentation will encourage and facilitate the successful development and implementation of a practical action plan for personal growth. Participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of who they are
  • Receive practical ideas for personal growth
  • Develop an action plan for personal success
  • Have fun!

Playing Catch Strong communication skills are a critical and fundamental requirement for working effectively with others, and contributing to success. Learn to develop long term, collaborative relationships with customers and others through improved communication skills. Participants will

  • Learn the difference between Pitching, Catching and how to “Play Catch” for effective results
  • Determine when communication is closing, and how to avoid closing down communication inadvertently
  • Learn to listen more effectively to understand others’ needs and perspective
  • Learn to create and maintain open communications with others

Win with Customers, Clients or Members What kind of company is yours?   “Product Centric”, “Company Centric”, “Competition Centric” or “Customer Centric”?  What answer would your customers, clients or members give?   Most companies fall in the Company and Product Centric category, and very few fall in the Customer Centric category.  Learn how to be one of the few! This presentation will help create a culture, focus, and company mindset that evolves into a Customer Centric organization focused on winning with the consumer. Participants will

  • See their business and company through the eyes of their customers
  • Better understand their customer’s agenda, and they can add value
  • Develop methods and processes to get “the right people” in the company looking at the customer’s agenda
  • Learn best practices of leading organizations who are consistently winning with their customers
  • “Hugues was meticulous in spending time with us to understand our needs and our strategic objectives, and understand the culture and engagement outlook of our audience. He carefully tailored his material to custom-build a session that was exactly right for the mood we wanted, the content we needed, and the audience impact we dreamed of. He had our employees completely engaged from his very first minute on stage and he managed to disarm our skeptics and win over every last person in the room. He was funny, dynamic, and made simple points that will stick. But most importantly, when he walked off stage, our employees were roaring with enthusiasm and ready to take (the year) by the horns. Thank you so much for your recommendation, I couldn't imagine a better fit for our meeting.”

    - Merck Canada
  • "Hugues Gibeault was fabulous. His talk couldn't have come at a better time for me. He reminded me that I am not the only one who experiences fear of the unknown, of my abilities." - CGI Audience Members
  • "[Hugues Gibeault] uncovered many strategic and practical insights that have greatly contributed to a successful performance development program for our managers." - Yellow Pages Group

Summary Profile

Hugues (“Hugh”) Gibeault is the CEO and co-founder of Optimé International.  Under his leadership, Optimé has helped clients achieve consistently superior performance and business results, along with industry-leading levels of employee engagement. A notable highlight has been Optimé’s partnership with a Fortune 100 company division that achieved and has been recognized as the #1 operating unit in the world for the past two consecutive years. Hugues is known for developing strong relationships and working very closely with sales and company leaders. Prior to co-founding Optimé, Hugues also established a proven track record of strong business results as Vice President Sales of a professional sports franchise and with Procter & Gamble’s Health & Beauty Care Products division in Eastern Canada. On a personal note, Hugues currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Paralympic Committee and is responsible for the Marketing and Partner Relations portfolio. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B Comm SPAD) from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.