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Jean-Francois Carrey


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Mount Everest Summiteer and Canada's Foremost Wilderness Guide

Ever since Jean-François Carrey was a young boy he wanted to climb Mount Everest. On May 18th, 2006, not only did he fulfill his dream,  but he also became the youngest Canadian to have climbed to the top of the world.

Keynote Speeches

It's a Big World. Where Do We Go From Here?

Fear is the first emotion felt when faced with change. Adventurers use this fear to persevere and focus on the objective. Carrey shows how we can change fear into energy. Once we have the energy, we need a plan. Guides always have a plan even in the most uncontrollable circumstances. How do we elaborate them and stick to the basic objectives and how we define success in changing environments. Audiences will find enlightening the precise link between Carrey’s stories and their own objectives. Themes such as teamwork, motivation and positive thinking are all subjects of his talks. Carrey analyzes the needs of the audience and adjusts his speeches accordingly, enabling the audience to apply his lessons to their own goals and objectives.

Audience reviews:

  • Having Jean-François Carrey speak at our employee event provided us an exceptional ending to the day. The feedback that we received was overwhelming. Not only were employees inspired by his drive to conquer a goal that seemed out of reach, but his words of encouragement and his motto to take small, gradual bites when trying to achieve a goal, were a great take-away for everyone. His humour, descriptive story telling and passion left everyone feeling energized and ready to tackle new challenges and opportunities. An added bonus was his ability to relate his experience to the workplace.

    - Public Service Labour Relations Board
  • Jean-François was great – very engaging to our audience and gave a fantastic presentation. He was very good to tie his experiences to some if the issues that our organization is facing.
    He stayed afterwards to mingle with delegates and answer questions. I would highly recommend him to any group.

    - CEO, Canadian Deaf Sports Association

Speaker Biography

Ever since Jean-François Carrey was a young boy he wanted to climb Mount Everest. On May 18, 2006, not only did he fulfill his dreams, he also became the youngest Canadian to have climbed to the top of the world. JF’s passion for the Polar Regions, mountains and rivers extends back to his youth when he was a member of Scouts Canada. As a Scout, he developed some of the skills necessary to achieve his dream. These skills proved useful when, at the age of 17, JF was a apprentice guide for a wilderness adventure company, and guided one of Canada’s most extraordinary rivers, the Nahanni in the Northwest Territories.

His job as a guide enabled him to acquire many unique experiences. He led a number of expeditions down the Mountain and Snake river in the Northwest Territories/Yukon, and also journeyed to Ellesmere Island and Baffin Island in Nunavut to trek and sea kayak.

JF guides leaders and youth to think like a adventurer. He inspires people from all over the world to embrace change. He speaks internationally on leadership and unveiling the perspective gained by leading expeditions in these immense and uncontrollable environments.