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Jeff Lozon

Organizational Change Agent

Few Canadians have the career mix of Jeff Lozon. He has helmed large organizations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors – and driven transformations each time. While President and CEO of Revera Inc., Jeff solidified its leadership in seniors care/accommodation. Previously, as CEO of Toronto’s St. Michaels Hospital, Jeff saw it rank among Canada’s top teaching and research hospitals. As Ontario’s Deputy Minister of Health & Long Term Care, he spearheaded a new accord with the health care system. Focusing on leadership and innovation, Jeff has ensured that organizations and their people reach their potential and meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Art and Heart of Leadership
True leadership isn’t about processes, plans and programs – it’s about human experiences. Great leaders inspire. Jeff Lozon learned that through almost three decades heading high-profile organizations in the corporate, government and non-profit worlds. Drawing on that perspective, Jeff will explain why building trust and showing compassion aren’t “soft skills” but get at the core of leadership. How can you create a shared sense of purpose? Foster pride in performance? Nurture relationships to drive people towards a common vision? Finding those answers defines the modern leader.

Riding the Grey Wave: Seniors, Service and Health Care Policy
The age-old approach to old age is broken. Governments, agencies and businesses have relied on the consumer protection model – shield frail seniors for their own good. Today’s dynamics demand a service model. Seniors want choice, in how they spend time and money, where they live, and how they’re cared for. As Canadians live longer, some experts fear a silver tsunami. Instead, suggests health care leader Jeff Lozon, the aging population is an opportunity. Jeff, a former CEO of Canada’s top seniors care and accommodations company, examines how to market to and serve this growing demographic. The goal: create a different aging experience, so living longer also means living better.

Three-Way Mirror: Insights from Inside the Public, Private and Not-for-Profit Worlds
Efforts to advance Canadian society depend on the interplay of these three sectors. What are their respective strengths? What do you need to know about their styles? What are the pillars of success that transcend all areas? How can these distinct entities collaborate to benefit their audiences? Jeff Lozon shares lessons gleaned from leading large organizations in all three sectors – a Toronto hospital, an Ontario Ministry, and a seniors care company. With his firsthand experiences and record of change and growth, Jeff helps people understand how the sectors work best. This invaluable knowledge can support organizations in their journey to become true leaders with national impact.


Order of Canada

Summary Profile

Tackling the challenges that Canada’s institutions face – and seizing exciting opportunities – calls for authentic leadership and innovation. Jeff Lozon has demonstrated both throughout his career, at the helm of large organizations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Few Canadians have that mix. Jeff has delivered results at every stop, whether financial turnarounds, new strategic directions or world-class service. He has done it in some of the most complex and demanding settings. In five years as its President and CEO, Revera Inc. solidified its place as a North American leader in seniors care and accommodation.

Previously, Jeff spent 18 years as CEO of Toronto’s St. Michaels Hospital, leading a team that transformed it into one of Canada’s top teaching and research hospitals. In 1999, Ontario’s Premier recruited Jeff to become the province’s Deputy Minister of Health & Long Term Care. During this one-year secondment, Jeff spearheaded a new accord between the Ministry and the health care system. Among his other executive roles, Jeff led health care organizations in Alberta and Manitoba. Jeff firmly believes that organizations only reach their potential when the people working there can fulfill theirs. He sees the role of leader as inspiring people towards a shared vision.

Outside his professional work, Jeff has lent his expertise to advance several causes – fighting ageism, developing strategies for healthy living for seniors and managing dementia, and spurring health sciences research. Jeff serves on the boards of the CD Howe Institute, Ontario Brain Institute, and Schulich School of Business (Advisory Board, York University). On the national stage, he was the inaugural Chair of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, Vice Chair of Canada Health Infoway, and Co-Chair of the National Task Force on the Future of Academic Health Sciences Centres Canada. Today, Jeff is Chair of Sunrise Senior Living, and serves on the board of Voalte Inc., an emerging leader in health information technology.

He is also a consultant, an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine (Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation), and a sought after speaker for his thought leadership. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from University of Guelph and a Masters in Health Services Administration from University of Alberta.

Jeff also completed the Senior Executive Program at Stanford University’s School of Business. For his sustained contributions to advancing health care, Jeff was recognized with the Order of Canada in 2009.