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Julian Brass

Founder of Notable.ca

Julian is the founder of Notable.ca, the first online publication exclusively created for millennials. Notable began as a true “bootstrapped start-up” but with perseverance, belief, and dedication has grown into one of the most recognized online brands and authorities in the country. Julian is outspoken about inspiring those around him to live a notable life – one full of personal growth, professional development, and unique experiences.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Understanding Millennials
As the millennial generation gains influence and spending power, organizations are trying to understand how to sell, attract, and appeal to them. As the founder of Canada’s largest and most known digital brand for Canadian millennials, Julian is an expert on this elusive and powerful generation. He speaks with passion and insight as he explains to business leaders how they think, what they want, and ultimately what the world looks like to them.

Living a Notable Life
We can all make the most out of every day of our lives if we recognize that anything is possible with hard work, perseverance, and strategy.  Everyone has different talents. Harness yours and stay true to your vision. Brass shares how his strategies of: cutting out all the noise, setting a goal and working backwards, and putting in the effort and making sacrifices helped him to achieve his upside…and you can too while having fun along the way.

The Power of Passion
Julian Brass left a six-figure job in California where he lived 2 blocks from the beach and the Golden Gate bridge to start an online business. He became flat broke, lived in his father’s basement eating canned tuna and Breton crackers as he struggled to make a dollar. It was his passion to manifest an idea that made him stick with it. And now, he’s the successful founder of one of the leading websites for young professionals across Canada. Brass encourages audiences to let their passion break down all barriers, cut through the clutter, create, learn, and be inspired.


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Summary Profile

“Young. Professional. Connected.” is not only Notable’s tagline, but also the pulse that drives its mission of bringing relevant and engaging content to young, driven and trendy professionals. With over 1 million monthly visitors and 150,000 members, today, Notable is viewed as Canada’s expert on all things related to the driven millennial demographic. Julian created The Notable Awards in 2011. The “Notables” are known across Canada as the Golden Globes for Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs. He’s written easy-to-implement motivational blogs known as “#TheUpsideNow”. They are all about how young professionals can make the most out of every day of their life, recognizing that anything is possible with hard work, perseverance and strategy.

Additionally, Julian shares his insights and experience as a motivational speaker to individuals and groups, and he loves all things related to health, fitness, lifestyle, and fashion. Prior to founding Notable, Julian lived in San Francisco, where he joined Silicon Valley start-up Engage.com, a hybrid social networking and online dating website. Julian Brass is a graduate from the University of Guelph’s Bachelor of Commerce program. The concept of living a balanced, notable life is reflected by Brass himself who still operates Notable as the CEO but is also a certified Yoga Instructor.

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