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Manhattan, New York, USA

Data Scientist & Futurist - Author of the AI Dilemma

As an expert at the intersection of technology, business and ethics, Juliette has advised large (and in some cases quite famous) audiences on the questions of how to deal with the accelerating change that is underway due to AI-enabled technological innovation coupled with shifting social dynamics and heightened global competition. 

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The AI Dilemma: 7 Principles for Responsible Technology

AI holds incredible promise to improve virtually every aspect of our lives, but we can’t ignore its risks, mishaps and misuses. Juliette Powell offers seven principles for ensuring that machine learning supports human flourishing. She draws on her research at Columbia University and a wealth of real-world examples.

These four principles relate to AI systems themselves:

  1. Human risk must be rigorously determined and consciously included in any design process.
  2. AI systems must be understandable and transparent to any observer, not just the engineers working on them.
  3. People must be allowed to protect and manage their personal data.
  4.  The biases embedded in AI must be confronted and reduced.

These three principles pertain to the organizations that create AI systems:

  1. There must be procedures in place to hold them accountable for negative consequences.
  2. Organizations need to be loosely structured so that problems in one area can be isolated and resolved before they spread and sabotage the whole system.
  3. There must be psychological safety and creative friction, so that anyone involved in software development can bring problems to light without fear of reprisal.

Powell explores how to implement each principle, citing current best practices, promising new developments, and sobering cautionary tales. Incorporating the perspectives of engineers, businesspeople, government officials, and social activists, she helps us realize the unprecedented benefits and opportunities AI systems can provide.

Trends & Transformations for the Future of Work

As an expert at the intersection of technology, business, and ethics, Juliette Powell has advised large audiences on how to deal with the accelerating change that is underway due to AI-enabled technological innovation, shifting social dynamics, and heightened global competition. 

The move to digital transformation is accelerating for all of us, for some it is happening faster than others. In this presentation, Juliette identifies 3 trends that all businesses must pay attention to as we continue to discover and shape what the future of work will look like post-pandemic.

Whether you’ve already embraced AI tools or you’re wanting to get back to the way things used to be, you need clear ethics, risk management strategies, and flexible business models to adapt to ongoing transformation.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to build a flexible business model for uncertain times.
  • How to establish ethical principles around the use of AI and data.
  • Ways to apply Actionable intelligence.
We the Data - Big Data

With a life’s mission to find meaning in our digital lives, Juliette Powell is the curator of We The Data and acted as field researcher interviewing experts to seed the Vibrant Data Project. Author of 33 Million People In The Room (Financial Times Press) and co-founder of The Gathering Think Tank, Juliette identifies the patterns of successful leaders who bank on data and social technology to win.

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Audience reviews:

  • In today's world full of uncertainty coupled with an accelerating pace of change, the role of A.I. has never been more important – or more fraught. [Juliette's book], The A.I. Dilemma, is an essential playbook for anyone who cares about a future in which A.I. solves more problems than it creates or exacerbates, and keeps humans – and humanity – at the heart of this quest. - Author of Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change
  • Juliette Powell reveals the power of connections, the strategies to gain audience and the best practices to build community in this brisk-paced canter through the new tools and techniques for doing business. Real-world examples make a compelling case for her notion that social capital makes sound business sense and when successfully established can translate into capital in the bank.

    - Deputy Editor, News Interactive, BBC
  • Juliette is a consummate professional; from her ability to quickly customize her presentation to help us return our agenda back to schedule despite other event over-runs, to her willingness to take part in an after-event interview. Her presentation was ranked among the top 5 of our event that included over 28 panels and 100 presenters. Our audience over the 2.5 days included more than 1900 representatives of Industry, Government and Academia.

    - Canadian Digital Media Network

Speaker Biography

Juliette’s expertise comes from her focus on the responsible deployment of AI, ethical data exploration, the impact of Fintech, as well as the search and removal of negative biases. Her combined knowledge from her research at Columbia University and her work with multinational companies like Intel Labs and governmental institutions provide a unique perspective. She is able to identify the patterns and practices of successful business leaders who bank on ethical AI and data to win. 

In 2023, she released her latest book and speaking topic:    The AI dilemma – 7 Principles for Responsible Technology

Her live commentary on Bloomberg, BNN, NBC, CNN, ABC and BBC and powerful presentations at institutions like The Economist, Harvard and MIT emerged from her lifelong interest in community-building combined with a deep knowledge of the people, technologies and business practices at the forefront of connected society. 

Juliette’s consulting services include global strategy and scenarios around AI and data, banking, mobile, retail, and social gaming which are employed by corporate, government and media organizations including Intel Labs, Reuters, the United Nations, Warner Brothers, l’Union des Banques Suisses, the Department of Justice, the Department of Finance, Microsoft, Nokia, Research in Motion, The Red Cross, Cirque du Soleil, IBM, the World Bank Group, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) who have a permanent seat at the UN general assembly. 

In 2011, Juliette began working with the E-G8, an extension of the G8 summit, created to inform G8 leaders on the future of the internet and connected society.

Bilingual, Juliette consults and gives keynotes in both English and French.