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Kelsey Ramsden


London, Ontario, Canada

Future-proofing world-class teams with vision that delivers results

Kelsey Ramsden was named Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur two years running and is recognized globally for building multiple, multimillion-dollar businesses both offline and online.  She has founded and run diverse businesses ranging from construction to psychedelics. Kelsey helps individuals futureproof themselves and their businesses, break the status quo to re-invent for the next level of accomplishment, success. She doesn’t deliver typical speeches but instead has conversations from the stage which provoke the status quo. She is humble and real, evoking laughter and pause alike.  Open to any question thrown at her, Kelsey is certainly not status quo. Your audience can’t help but notice.

Keynote Speeches

Virtual Keynotes & Webinars
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Is This My Life? A Guide to Finding the Answer

It’s the question we often find ourselves asking when we realize, almost by accident, that we’ve veered off our intended path despite our best intentions. And we suddenly wake up one morning feeling lost and adrift, not quite remembering how we got on this quicksand island. In this presentation, Kelsey shares raw wisdom and gritty perspective to help you deal with the truths and turning points that are awaiting you just around the corner.


Never Ready, Set, Go: A Game Plan for Where You Want to Go

You’ve heard it before: Going outside our comfort zone is what cues epic stuff to happen in our lives and careers. But oftentimes, we let the risk of failure outweigh the probability of success, simply because we can’t shake the heavy fears that are piggybacking on our dreams and goals. The reality is: We’re never ready. And while we’re constantly planning, psyching ourselves up and assuming that the worst will happen, someone else is trying—and getting a huge head start on us. Kelsey shares some off-the-cuff candor and unfiltered entrepreneurial experiences to show you how to go from considering all the ‘what-ifs’ to all the ‘how-tos’, so you can create a game plan for where you want to go (and get there in record time).

Back of the Envelope – How to Establish a Sound and Progressive Practice Using Creativity, Risk, and Innovation

Most of what we know for sure can be captured on the back of an envelope. The issue with “back-of-the-envelope” management is that we spend time in comfort, in the things we know, repeating what we know works…until it doesn’t. Kelsey Ramsden was Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur, ranked #1 by Profit and Chatelaine Magazines in 2012 and 2013. She has founded and run businesses as diverse as construction and psychedelics. She’ll walk you through the fundamentals of rethinking, clarifying blind spots, and how you can build a solid strategy for the future by changing what you hold dear on the back of that envelope. Get down ‘n’ dirty with your hold-ups so you can unearth your awesomeness!

Barefoot Boardroom MBA

The Barefoot MBA kicks you out of bed, walks you to the mirror and shows you that life is worth every minute. Kelsey started with gusto, got knocked down, felt supported and was given systems to get back up and in line with her own version of success. Kelsey is a master and commander, artist and mathematician, mover and shaker, giver and moneymaker.  She has developed a process to create the life of your dreams that satisfies your inner gifts, your supporting crew, your loyal customers and your legacy of this life.

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Workshop | Clarity Compass
The Clarity Compass is a full day of training which starts with contemplative and essential pre-work, allowing you to show up laser focused to get deep deliverable rich outcomes from the day. Clarity and Confidence are built and nurtured using a personal compass. Kelsey Ramsden leads the conversation with her always authentic presence and unique blend of caring and candor. She sees every woman’s want to create a full, purposeful life both personally and professionally while aligning with her own unique definition of success. By the end of the day participants will better understand: Internal motivation; How your image represents you; How to show up, make decisions and create the life you want across the board. Audiences receive actionable takeaways to drive outcomes to success.
Workshop | Leadership Beyond the Box - Risk: An Opportunity with A Reputation
What is your attitude to risk? Are you a natural risk taker who gets energized by the danger or will you do anything to avoid risk or try to reduce it as much as possible? Understanding one’s own risk type and that of others significantly helps professionals make better decisions for themselves and understand how others make decisions. It helps with alignment but mostly it helps us make better decisions and attempt things we might not otherwise attempt in our pursuit of success. In this workshop participants will explore their individualized risk type, profile and attitude toward a variety of different types of risk.  They will leave with an understanding that risk is all about knowing where our own blind spots and biases are with respect to risk.

Audience reviews:

  • You exuded confidence, strength, and determination that was easy for our audience to feed off of, making them feel as if they can do anything. You connected with the attendees through your authenticity and genuineness while offering valuable tools to help them move forward both personally and professionally.
    - Events Manager, Inspiring Women
  • From the very first minute we met, she exceeded our expectations, proving to be more than just friendly and energetic; she was simply fascinating. Her thought provoking keynote made the audience engage in critical self reflection in order to improve. She captured the audience.

    - London School of Economics, UK
  • Our audience appreciated Kelsey’s vulnerability in sharing things that other speakers find too candid. They really connected with her and she absolutely exceeded our expectations. We are careful with topic selection to ensure our audience can relate, this event yielded rave reviews.

    - GE Canada
  • Everything you said and your delivery was perfect, we couldn't have asked for more. You were gracious with other panelists, addressed the topic so well and gave examples from your life that were so relevant – and again, honest. You also added humour to tough parts of the discussion. You were truly the perfect speaker – confident yet humble. And also you were able to answer audience questions with valuable insights and perspective.
    - Women’s Executive Network
  • Kelsey was terrific to work with; not only was she the best keynote [the University] has ever seen, she was also humble and easy going… She tailored her speech to fit the audience; the majority of the crowd was students in their 20s, and her speech aligned with this our group perfectly. Kelsey’s talk was both valuable and humorous, and the group appreciated and seriously considered her thoughts.
    - Co-Chair, University of Victoria Leadership Conference
  • The speech had a perfect balance of personal and business stories …The audience also made a point to mention how the evening and speech felt very intimate even though you were teleconferenced in! I personally liked how you incorporated humour into the speech and your thoughts on the old boys club/old girls club.

    - Manager, Northwest Business Centre
  • Kelsey was the most amazing speaker of the weekend, she really captivated the audience and kept her speech informal while delivering a really great message in a way that was relatable to everyone in the room. You couldn't have got a better and more current key note speaker and it was really nice to have all the delegates there to engage with her.

    - Attendee University of Victoria Leadership Conference
  • Kelsey was ready with a perfectly prepared presentation that was used to compliment her natural ability to connect to her audience while talking. She was interactive, always transparent in answering questions, and always motivating and inspiring - Founder, Women Entrepreneurship

Speaker Biography

With over fifteen years founding, scaling, and operating innovative companies across Canada and the Caribbean, Kelsey Ramsden is globally recognized for building multiple multimillion-dollar businesses. She twice earned the honor of being named Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur and serves on the Entrepreneurship Council for the University of Western Ontario. Kelsey is a renowned thought leader and published author and holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. 

She’s founded, scaled and consulted to businesses across diverse industries:
>>heavy civil infrastructure
>>master planned communities
>>psychedelic drug development
>>digital therapeutics
…and every time she has used the same approach and skills: she connects with individuals to build trust, build teams and align them on a vision for the future which involves new solutions executed on today.

Simply put, she is a visionary who inspires with integrity and builds trust, resulting in the formation of world class teams that together, deliver results.

In 2023, she’s now the CEO of Atelier Meats – Atelier is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing quality, cultivated meats. Led by a world-class team, with proprietary patent-pending technology, Atelier’s mission is to produce healthier and environmentally conscious proteins for the world – without harming a single animal in the process.

Accomplishments include founding construction firm Belvedere Place Development and residential project-management company Tallus Ridge Development in British Columbia – breaking barriers in traditionally male dominated fields.

“All my life I was the organizer and hub in the spoke of many circles,” “That’s how my MBA world met my psychedelic world.”

As President and CEO of MINDCURE, Kelsey she banked on a different kind of wealth: mental.  

“There are folks making compounds, folks getting clinical data, folks doing great work in these areas….but I see mental wealth – that’s the investment in ourselves and our body from the neck up – as a market that can be held and served in a revolutionary and integrated way.”

MINDCURE’S mission is to identify and develop products that ease suffering, increase productivity, and enhance mental health. It was born, in part, as a response to the mental health crisis and the need to find effective treatments in areas beyond psychiatry. These include digital therapeutics, neuro-supports, and psychedelics. She put her relationships to use, on both the scientific side and the market side, to raise 38 Million and take MCUR public on the CSE and OTC.  Her team built a first of it’s kind digital therapeutic tool and AI driven music suite to arm psychedelic therapists with best in class protocols and therapeutic data, serving both the practitioner and patient. 

Referring to MINDCURE as the Netflix of Mental Health, Kelsey cites that the company’s digital therapeutics platform iSTRYM has parallel qualities, constantly optimizing and customizing to provide predictive, personalized recommendations.

“Our tech is more deliberate than others’ and at scale, I believe we will have the largest psychedelic repository of human experience data — which means we can shorten the time it takes to heal.”

With a psychedelic Renaissance underway, Kelsey finds herself a pioneer on a frontier (again) – and with the most precious of commodities. “We have one mind,” she said. “It’s our greatest asset.”

She sits on two non-profit boards- both squarely focussed on healing people and the planet.   And as her passion project, she is devoting time to a women in psychedelics documentary project this year.