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Mandy Rennehan

The Blue Collar CEO & Founder of Freshco Inc.

Mandy Rennehan’s called the Blue-Collar CEO™ for her ability to navigate between the white- and blue-collar worlds, using her (respectfully) uncensored style. She helps audiences cut through their fears, ignore their naysayers and unleash their amazing power. Mandy is determined to redefine the term blue collar to help solve the massive global skilled trade shortage. She believes we need to start encouraging youth to consider the trades with the same enthusiasm they are urged to consider white-collar careers.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Life Uncensored
Mandy candidly shares her journey from a small fishing town to becoming one of North America’s most powerful entrepreneurs. Mandy built a multi-million-dollar empire from the ground up by turning her passion into ingenuity and her personal brand into an award-winning business model. Born and raised in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, the daughter of a lobster fisherman, Mandy left home at the age of 18 with an old hockey bag, an audacious dream, and her cheeky smile, and the rest is history. Expect candid anecdotes and practical, straight-forward advice on leadership, authenticity, and harnessing potential.

Redefining the collar, blue™
North America has a massive skilled trade shortage, that affects everyone. We are paying more and waiting longer for services, companies aren’t able to scale, and important infrastructure projects, like roads, transit and hospitals are facing major delays. How did we get here? Perception! Societal ideology has brainwashed people to believe that white-collar careers are better than blue-collar ones, when they should command equal respect because we need both! Our current reality is university graduates who can’t find jobs and well-paying skilled trade jobs sitting empty. This has got to stop. In this candid, and real-life conversation Mandy will provide the steps organizations can take to reverse the skilled trade shortage.

Unleashing Your Bare Potential™
Each individual has their own blueprint which makes them an absolute rarity in the world. Using her own story, Mandy inspires the confidence in people to discover and foster their own blueprints. Through candid, honest, and often funny anecdotes, Mandy encourages people to open themselves up to their innate architecture, create their own path, and creatively harness individual strengths to discover their Bare Potential™. She inspires and helps the audience to discover and unleash their true potential. Mandy empowers audiences to explore what makes them unique and use it to their advantage in life and business.


Women of Influence | Top 25
Atlantic Business | Top 50 CEO's
RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards | Momentum Award

  • Mandy is honest, open and accepting which allows her to connect and engage with audiences of all ages. She inspires people to be themselves and pursue their passions. She is the real deal.

    - Chair, Technology, Trades and Apprenticeships, Conestoga College
  • Wow! I’ve been doing this for 25 years, that was best speech ever, EVER!

    - Diane Francis, Editor-at-Large of the National Post

Summary Profile

Mandy Rennehan left her hometown of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, at 18 with a dirty hockey bag and an audacious dream. By 19, she founded Freshco.ca (not the grocery store!), Canada’s #1, full-service, reconstruction and retail maintenance provider operating across Canada and the eastern United States serving clients like Anthropologie, Apple, Banana Republic, Home Depot, Lululemon, Nike, Restoration Hardware, Sephora, The Gap, Tiffany & Co., plus many more.

Mandy’s Atlantic roots are undeniable. Her contagious honesty and passion is equally matched by her quick wit and East Coast sense of humour. Her tell-it-like-it-is approach and willingness to freely share knowledge and advice with both her team and the biggest players in the industry have been the main reasons behind her success.

Mandy is unlike anyone you have ever heard speak before – an authentic, self-made powerhouse who shatters any and all stereotypes.  Her refreshing, uncensored honesty and infectious wit have captured the hearts and minds of everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs to budding entrepreneurs to today’s aspirant youth.   She challenges people and she changes them – and always leaves them begging for more.