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Nova Browning Rutherford

Wellness Expert & Personal Development Coach

Nova masterfully weaves life lessons she’s gathered from her career in Hollywood to deliver instantly relatable presentations. She helps to spark a renewed sense of confidence and empowerment over one’s own life. Audiences walk away with a fresh appreciation for their past, a bold affirmation of their power to transform their current experience, and effective tools to manifest dreams into future success.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“You teach people how to treat you.” But many young people hesitate to ask for what they want because of a fear rooted in the hypothetical of “what if?”. This silence can lead to breakdowns in relationships, career paths, peer pressure and more all because nothing was said. Nova worked in the hip-hop industry for over a decade, a space where wallflowers get stomped out. Speaking confidently becomes easier once the voice of your ‘inner evil twin’ is identified. Learn how to give a solid first impression with body language, speak mindfully, project authentically and start getting what you want!

Campus Presentations:

Mental Health
Statistics show that 90% of students feel overwhelmed by the pressure of academics, finances, health and relationships. Without proper coping tools, the life of a young person can be sent into a tailspin of depression, anxiety, substance abuse or end in suicide. We start by shifting the focus from ‘what they do’ to ‘why they do it’, encouraging personal accountability. Next, discuss the potential of a health culture on campus, where young people can connect over shared experiences, release shame and isolation, resources. Nova has been that depressed student and candidly shares her process of getting out and going on with life.

Ladies Night on Campus
Ladies Night’s on campus create an opportunity for women to see each other, instead of watch one another. When they realize they are more alike than different, cliques fizzle, comparisons stop, experiences validated and the hugs and tears come organically. By reflecting on lessons learned with vulnerability and humour, audiences connect on topics of Self-Care, Toxic Relationships, Girlfriend Drama and Trauma Survival. Nova speaks with the love and frankness of a big sister, and as a survivor, she creates a space that is safe to reveal and heal.
View more of Nova’s Youth& Campus presentations here.

Canada 150

Canadian Identity Being a woman of colour, with no West Indian, African or African-American heritage in a country where cultural pride means everything can be hard to explain. In this presentation, Nova speaks about her life long struggle with identity and how it brought about a new lens through which she views others: that of commonality. Nova draws parallels between her family history and that of Canada to show how sacrifices made have fortified the common values, qualities and spirit of Canadians. It’s an inspiring message on what it means to be Canadian for those who are first generation and beyond.

Platform Plus

Available as Keynote or Workshop | Workplace Wellness For A Better Bottom Line

Within the workplace, the process of executing towards a goal can feel all-consuming. When burnout sets in and productivity declines, passion is snuffed out by resentment, dread, and stagnation. 6 out of 10 Canadians claim work to be their main source of stress, and that stress quickly seeps into all areas, physically, mentally, emotionally and in time, financially. In this presentation, Nova offers insights on self-care, assertiveness, and work/life balance. Her actionable takeaways will help audiences get more out of their personal and professional relationships, while organizations will learn new ways to encourage wellness at work.


COCA | Best Lecturer Award
Diversity Advancement Network | Black Canadian Role Model Award

  • Mental Health has become a concern on campus due to the enormous stressors students carry; finance, health, relationships, and academics. COCA has invited Nova to showcase at both National and Regional conferences because she shares an impactful message of transforming pain into progress. Nova's lecture and workshops are an important starting point for what could be a life-saving conversation.

    - Director of the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA)
  • Her exciting stories of highs and scary lows in Hollywood, had students glued to their seats! Nova used clear and impactful exercises to involve the audience - staff saw many 'lightbulbs' going off in the crowd! Her's is a message of self-care crucial to the well being of college students at any age.

    - Centennial College Student Association, 2014 COCA Nationals
  • Social media is stripping young people of their empathy. Nova's humour, candour and frank nature instantly create a safe space for students to reflect and share on taboo topics that need addressing. Even faculty had their heads nodding. Nova tackles the pressures students carry like a 'big sister', and the audience leaves feeling heard.

    - UWO, University Students Council, 2013 COCA Region

Summary Profile

On stage Nova shares stories that offer penetrating insights into the human condition. Her presentations are authentic, compassionate, and tell-it-like-it-is, while at the same time offering a touch of humour. Nova is a speaker who shares a dialogue with her audience. Her presentations are often accompanied by longer Q&A’s with audiences put to ease, and eager to engage in a deeper conversation around the topic at hand. Professionally, Nova spent over a decade working behind the scenes in Hollywood in marketing and promotions. Tales of the music business pique the interest of pop culture junkies, while her witty quips, heartfelt anecdotes and candid vulnerability drive every point home. Nova masterfully weaves the life lessons she has gathered from her interactions with celebrities and the downtrodden alike to deliver instantly relatable workshops, motivational talks, and results driven coaching sessions. Participants walk away with a fresh appreciation for their past, bold affirmation of their power to transform their current experience and effective tools to manifest dreams in the future. Nova has presented to audiences such as the United Nations Association, YWCA, NAACP, COCA, Oprah Winfrey Network, University of Toronto, City of Toronto, Toronto District School Board, Dufferin-Peel School Board, Historica Canada and many others.

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