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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Negotiations Expert

J. Paul Nadeau (Paul) is an expert on business negotiations, conflict resolution, mental wellness strategies, personal development and how to beat self-sabotage. A highly decorated and former police detective, hostage negotiator & International Peacekeeper who completed an exemplary 31-year police service career, his life experiences are a blockbuster movie, and he’s sure to entertain and educate your attendees at whatever event he is invited to speak at.

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Paul Nadeau in the media January 1, 2024

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Business and ‘Life’ Negotiations

We all negotiate, every day of their lives, be it in business or in life. Negotiations are simply requests for agreements. Understanding that it is your right to ask for an agreement or a deal is the very first step in reaching those agreements. Reaching that point requires simple steps that must be taken to build a bridge to a ‘yes’. Paul Nadeau will provide you with those steps in a keynote or workshop that takes you and your staff through his 4 simple principles to help you reach your very best outcomes. He uses the PIER Negotiating™, a 4 step, principle-based technique Paul developed over years of negotiating in some of the toughest situations.

Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Agitated Clients

Most people completely avoid conflict or are fearful to approach it, even when it’s unavoidable and begs to be addressed to resolve a disconnection between businesses or individuals. The reason for that avoidance often comes down to how we look at conflict.

As a former hostage negotiator, international peacekeeper (whose life was saved by a terrorist during a deadly conflict) and criminal interrogator, Paul has been personally involved in hundreds of situations involving conflict that drew on his expertise to resolve, often saving lives and building relationships. In part, his approach involves seeing conflict as opportunity. Yes, opportunity. Opportunity to address conflicting points of view respectfully; opportunity to understanding others and opportunity to open the channels of communication, enabling the aggrieved parties to build trust, respect and understanding.

Doing so builds stronger relationship. Let Paul Nadeau teach you proven and easy methods to resolve conflict in a way you may never have imagined possible. Through story-telling and key points, Paul will help you deal with your most difficult clients (or staff) and help you tear down walls and build bridges.

Taking Control of Your Life – Lessons on Personal and Business Motivation

Life and business can be challenging. Many of us sabotage ourselves by what we tell ourselves or by what others have told us. Many of us fear moving forward and living the life we deserve to live because we don’t know how. Before we can achieve most worthwhile things in life, we need to leave our difficult pasts behind, focus on our internal strengths and believe in our strengths. What holds many of us back from feeling capable of doing that is fear. That, or allowing past failures or experiences to dictate our futures – all of which is part of our human condition.

In J. Paul Nadeau’s acclaimed book, “Take Control of Your Life,” which rose to #9 bestseller in Canadian airports in 2021, he draws on his own past and that of many victims of crime who have risen above their fears and adversities to take control of their lives to live the lives they deserve to live. Whether it’s your staff needing to be motivated and energized to reach their full potential since COVID 19 and the uncertainties of this world, or helping students, groups or organizations deal with the challenges of life, Paul Nadeau has a keynote for you.

His book and keynotes on this topic have helped many people from all walks of life: CEO’s in finding renewed energy, employees in re-establishing motivation, individuals suffering from posttraumatic stress, depression and loss of hope, victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence, and more. Paul was the opening speaker at the Canadian Mental Health Associations 2019 National Conference, the largest in Canada, and received a standing ovation for his talk. Let him help your group deal with their challenges.

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Audience reviews:

  • We recently invited Paul to be our Keynote Speaker at our National Sales Meeting in Dallas TX. I wanted to take a unique approach when having negotiation discussions, different from a typical business scenario. Paul’s successful experience in Hostage & Criminal negotiation was easily relatable to everyday business negotiations. Our entire team was incredibly engaged during Paul’s discussion and walked away with several techniques to help them in everyday life both professionally and personally. Paul’s integrity and honestly was evident from the moment he and I met, it is no surprise he has had and continues to have successful careers. We also purchased and distributed Paul’s book “Take Control of Your Life” to our entire team and the feedback has been amazing. I have read it myself and highly recommend it. I would highly recommend Paul to be part of your business training plans in the future. - Senior VP Sales - North America, INX International Ink Co.
  • Paul is an excellent speaker. His content is unique and he was very engaging. He was able to take his years of experience in hostage negotiation and make it relatable to our sales industry. Our audience left with useful techniques to improve customer engagement and negotiate fair business. I would highly recommend Paul. - Director of Marketing, INX International Ink Co.
  • I had the fortune of listening to Paul's keynote speech at two ASCII Success Summits. Paul's riveting life stories were the backdrop for meaningful lessons on how to connect with people. Relationships are the basis of the sales process and Paul taught me the value in being genuine. Listen instead of just waiting for your turn to speak. First seek to understand then be understood. And remember.....just ask! - Co-founder, Fibos & Iceberg

Speaker Biography

As a retired police detective who completed an exemplary 31-year police service career specializing in Hostage and Crisis Negotiation, International Peace Keeping, Counter Terrorism, Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Investigations, Professional Interrogations and Polygraph, Paul knows how to connect and earn the respect and cooperation from his ‘clients,’ and he teaches his proven methods to you in his keynotes and seminars.

An admired and sought-after international keynote speaker, he has received the highest recommendations from the International Peace Keeping Branch, United Nations, and The Office of the Independent Police Review Director, among many others. In 2005, Paul successfully negotiated a suspected terrorist off a 747 in Paris, France, without incident or injury to passengers & crew. He has been a regular consultant for CNN, CBC World News, The National, and many other news media services for his Hostage Negotiations and Terrorists expertise.

He was recently featured in January 2023 as the expert in hostage negotiations in Vanity Fair’s™ True Crime YouTube series, commenting on the portrayal of hostage negotiators in film and television. As Canada’s most highly recognized Hostage Negotiator, gaining much recognition in the US as well, Paul’s daily challenges involved getting suspects to admit to heinous crimes, free hostages and have the hostage takers surrender to the police, as well as negotiate with people in crisis. His approach works, and his keynotes will touch your heart, stimulate your mind and have you applying his winning techniques immediately.

A story teller extraordinaire, Paul’s keynotes resonate with each of his audiences.