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Robert Herjavec


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tech Business Leader, Bestselling Author & Star of ABC's Shark Tank

Robert Herjavec is one of North America’s most recognizable business leaders.  He’s one of the stars on both the award-winning shows Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den, become a bestselling author, and has gained worldwide respect for his cybersecurity company. Born in Eastern Europe, he arrived to North America on a boat with his parents after escaping Communism in the former Yugoslavia. From delivering newspapers and waiting tables, to launching a computer company from his basement, his drive to achieve has led him to the fulfillment of a better life for himself and his family.  

Keynote Speeches

Fast Forward and Focused

Technology is constantly transforming, creating new possibilities and risks in the business world. Dynamic IT entrepreneur will explore evolving technology trends, and the rising cyber security threats we face personally and professionally on a daily basis. He will reveal a few secrets from inside the Shark Tank and inspire anyone willing to keep up in a fast moving world.


The Will to Win

Anyone can succeed, as long as they’re willing to take chances, take control of their future and stay true to their vision. Dynamic IT entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, reveals the secrets and sales tips that took him from waiting tables to growing his nascent technology company into a world-class conglomerate. He shares life principles that are as valuable in the living room as they are in the boardroom.


Cybersecurity: Protecting the Currency of the 21st Century

Cybersecurity attacks are a daunting reality threatening global infrastructures, including power grids, transportation systems and health networks. The fact remains—no organization is immune. In this presentation, Herjavec will outline why cybersecurity must be a heightened responsibility of CEOs and boards. He will urge a proactive approach to staying a step ahead of threats.  

Platform Plus Presentations

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See what happens when the tables turn on entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, Founder and CEO of Herjavec Group, when he finds himself in the hot seat answering questions on business trends, entrepreneurship and revealing a few secrets from inside the Shark Tank.
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Audience reviews:

  • Robert was great....just what I expected. He was really great to work with and very friendly with the media that we had there also.

    - TorontoJobs.ca
  • Extremely motivating speech by Robert Herjavec. Feeling very positive right now. Thanks Robert!

    - Toronto Entrepreneur Conference
  • He was exceptional. His expertise and inspirational story captivated the standing room only audience and he truly made the event a huge success. His highly professional team was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend Robert Herjavec for all of your conference and business needs.

    - City of Ontario, California

Speaker Biography

Robert Herjavec is a globally recognized figure, renowned for his extraordinary expertise as a motivational speaker, business leader, entertainer, and CEO of cybersecurity company Cyderes. Over the past 15 years, Robert has become a household name as one of the Sharks and an executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning hit show, Shark Tank. Additionally, he is a founder and investor on Canada’s Dragons’ Den.

The inspiring narratives in Robert’s books — ‘Driven’, ‘The Will to Win’, and ‘You Don’t Have to Be a Shark: Creating Your Own Success’ — have made their way onto numerous bestsellers’ lists, with two even appearing in the top 10 simultaneously. His practical business advice has reached tens of millions through TV, print, radio, and digital media. Robert’s dynamic presence has lit up stages in front of audiences ranging from 50 to 20,000 people, sharing the spotlight with luminaries like Tony Robbins and Oprah.

Boasting an impressive portfolio in investment, live entertainment, and on-screen executive production, Robert brings an exciting blend of skills to the table. His wealth of experience is not only inspiring but truly transformative.

To Robert, running a business is a lot like one of his greatest passions, racing cars. He believes, “You have to stay laser-focused when driving a car over 200 miles an hour, and the same approach is required when growing a business in today’s world of rapidly changing technology.”