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Ryan Guldemond

Musician & Founding Member of Mother Mother

Ryan Guldemond, a Juno Award-Winning musician, is best known as the frontman of his band Mother Mother for which he writes, sings and plays the guitar. As a creativity speaker Ryan’s natural eloquence and off-beat perspectives are like no other. He believes in the power of potential and encourages audiences to nurture their natural creativity. Ryan offers fascinating insights into the creative process and shares systems to increase the quality of creative output.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Creativity: The Power of Potential
Ryan Guldemond empowers audiences to nurture their creative process and draw inspiration from the world around them as a springboard for creative ideas. In this presentation, he shares insights on his creative process – equal parts artistic ability, hard work and receptivity to new ideas. Ryan walks the audience through his process of constantly capturing seemingly modest pieces of inspiration, curating and refining them to a point where they can be acted upon. Ryan explains the process of tilting your perspective to turn a distraction into inspiration and draws on examples of some legendary artists who have done the same (including Beethoven). Audiences leave the presentation empowered to explore the creative process. This interactive presentation includes live musical elements.

Creativity: It’s a Numbers Game
One of the biggest frustrations faced by creative professionals is having a mental block. Writer’s block is perhaps the most well known, but they can be had by anyone in any industry who is undertaking the process of idea generation. Throughout his songwriting career, Ryan has often experienced the frustration of feeling short of ideas. In this presentation he shows audiences how to implement a system that will build and organize a creative archive. It will help obliterate blocks in idea generation by shifting mindsets to that of perpetual creative scavenging, documentation, and filing. Ryan will help audiences marry right and left brain creative activity to help increase the consistency of seeing an idea through, form the abstract conception to the refined result. No matter what size your organization, this presentation will help your team unlock its creative potential and accelerate innovation. With a more productive flow of ideas, the likelier, and sooner you’ll find your Magnus opus. 

Platform Plus

Creativity Workshop
Ryan walks audiences through how he came to be the creative songwriter that he is today. He takes audiences through his songwriting process, and many of the habits that he has found useful to developing his works. Ryan plays a few personal writing examples off of his phone, ranging from a rough demo that he had written the night before, to fully finished singles. He even brings out his guitar to demonstrate his writing process. He has an inspiring, quirky and organic approach to writing, and you can tell that he is dedicated to doing this. Listening to Mother Mother’s songs, you can feel artistic energy seeping out of every note and lyric. This is an ideal format for smaller teams within an organization looking for an interactive way to improve their structures for generating ideas & boost their creative skills.
Panelist/In Conversation
Ryan is a great option for in conversation programming or as a panelist discussing topics such as creativity, music, mental health, personal development & more.

Summary Profile

Ryan Guldemond founded Vancouver indie pop/rock group Mother Mother in 2005. Helming production and songwriting duties on most of Mother Mother’s releases, in addition to his role as the band’s frontman, Guldemond’s efforts yielded the group ten Top 10 alternative pop singles to date, as well as Guldemond’s first Juno nod as the producer for the group’s fourth LP The Sticks.

Guldemond and Mother Mother’s career has continued to thrive, with their most recent album, No Culture debuting at #1 for alternative, #2 overall, and is nearing 10M streams on Spotify.

Guldemond has further honed his craft on projects by Juno Award-winning artist Hannah Georgas, alt-pop dynamos Little Destroyer, up-and-coming pop songstress FAANGS, as well as with Willa, Rykka, Rococode, and more. Guldemond has also worked in the world of advertising, writing music for national television campaigns for Kraft, Wal-Mart, Sunrype and Wireless Wave. Guldemond continues to come across opportunities to expand his repertoire, perfect his skill set, all while reaching new levels of commercial and creative achievement in the process.