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Sandi Humphrey

Not-for-Profit Governance & Leadership Guru

Sandi has taught thousands of Canada’s not-for-profit staff leaders. As one of the most prolific authors on association governance and leadership, Sandi offers a unique perspective on best practices in the not-for-profit sector – Sandi’s passion is to help every not-for-profit become the best they can be.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Power of Association The associations and not-for-profit organizations that survive long term will: relentlessly focus on the future rather than the past; engage younger generations; truly know what is in the minds of their members and stakeholders; prioritize rather than attempt to do it all; and, ensure their organizational structures do not impede progress toward this end. So much is possible when people come together.  Associations and not-for-profits can do great things, but far too many appear to be tired and apathetic.   Members and stakeholders don’t seem to be engaging.   It’s time to kick them into high gear!  

  • Sandi is passionate about not-for-profit leadership, and the need for associations to “up their game”. Her candid and humorous speaking style will inspire everyone, from new member to Board Chair, and leave each of them wanting to do more to take their organization to the next level.

    - President and CEO, Retail Council of Canada
  • Expert. Insightful. Enlightening. No nonsense. Humorous. These are all the qualities that Sandi Humphrey brings with her when she does what she knows best: educating Boards and staff on governance and leadership that will bring excellence to their organization.

    - Executive Director, Community and Hospital Infection Control Association
  • One of the most enjoyable presentations I have attended. Knowledgeable presenter who lives her presentation - bring her back! Fantastic, interesting presenter! Best session I’ve attended this conference. Great info enthusiastically presented.

    - Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies: International Conference on Child Welfare and Well-Being
  • Sandi was very frank and open gave so much relative information. I could have listened to her all day. She was an effective speaker, entertaining and completely relevant. A great presenter. Enjoyed her very much - very down to earth. One of the best sessions I attended. Amazing speaker: could have been longer.

    - Canadian Real Estate Association Executives Council

Summary Profile

Sandi speaks about something deep down inside that compelled her to pursue success.  She landed in a not-for-profit association in the late 1970s, the Ontario General Contractors Association. She started as the receptionist, and nine years later, after having studied and achieved Certification as an Association Executive, held the position of Assistant Executive Director. With no guarantee of the top job with the contractors, Sandi put out some feelers and very quickly was offered the role of Executive Director of the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards. From the late 1980s through the 1990s, Sandi passionately advocated on behalf of the public interest in policing, and pushed for mandatory education for those who govern police services in Ontario and throughout Canada. Sandi has provided consulting services to the association and not-for-profit community, with a particular emphasis on board governance, association structure, strategy and accountability. She served as instructor, and for a time, as lead instructor in the Canadian Society of Association Executives’ Certified Association Executive (CAE®) program. She instructed well over 1000 association and not-for-profit executives, and consulted with at least the same number of not-for-profit board members. Sandi has authored, co-authored or contributed to a number of books and publications on not-for-profit governance. Sandi is also the author of Life Imitates Compost, a book of humorous short stories on the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Sandi inspires and challenge not-for-profit organization members, volunteers, directors and staff to embrace best practices and be the best they can be.