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Simon Cotter

Award-Winning Corporate Comedian

After achieving success as an executive for a prominent real estate company, ascending the corporate ladder from top sales person to that of a top management person, Simon Cotter set his sights on a new profession: Comedy. Drawing from his business experience Cotter was determined to achieve the same success…making people laugh.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Business of Being Funny
In his hilariously entertaining presentation, Simon B. Cotter demonstrates the many benefits to individuals and organizations of incorporating humour into our work lives. This former real estate executive turned comic shows you how to use humour in the workplace, not just to create a better environment, but also to improve the performance of your organization. Humour is a vital and effective vehicle that opens doors and enhances personal and professional relationships. By adhering to this motto, Cotter exhibits a simple but practical way people can use humour to improve their communication skills in the workplace. He teaches you how to effectively diffuse difficult situations, deal with change, motivate your staff, improve your personal and professional relationships, as well as make memorable and engaging presentations. Simon’s business background ensures you that his presentation will offer you practical tips that you can use right away, not to mention a slew of hilarious observations and anecdotes you will be re-telling over and over again. Never one to make a cheap joke, Cotter’s original material is perfect for a wide variety of audiences making him as popular on the conference circuit as he is on the campus, casino and comedy club circuits. 

Platform Plus

Entertainer | The Comedy of Simon B. Cotter

Very simply put, Simon B. Cotter is hilarious. Audiences worldwide praise his comedic talents and constantly ask, “when can I see him again?” Cleverly crafted and delivered, Cotter’s jokes and stories send listeners into fits of hysteria. Whether you’re a freshman on campus, a professional in the marketplace, or retired and just looking to have a good laugh, Simon B. Cotter is guaranteed to deliver. Hailed as one of the funniest comics on the circuit today, Cotter delights audiences with his razor sharp wit and unique perception of life’s day to day events and many absurdities.

  • Simon was fantastic. He successfully tailored his talk to our group. He obviously had done his homework on our company and therefore his talk did not appear to be simply "off the shelf." A very memorable and funny evening. A bunch of tax accountants is a tough audience but won us over!

    - PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • I have always felt that the airline personnel would be a tough bunch to crack, but Simon just read the audience and knew exactly what to say and do. Everyone found him to be extremely funny, which made our Christmas party a MAJOR SUCCESS!!!

    - CanAir
  • You were definitely the highlight of the training weekend and my colleagues are still talking about the great fun we had! You are to be commended for your ability to make people laugh with such ease, talent and professionalism. It is truly a gift; especially when your audience can laugh at themselves.

    - Royal Bank

Summary Profile

It didn’t take long for Cotter to become one of the most popular and highly requested comics on the college circuit. For four years straight Simon Cotter was entertaining over 50,000 students a year across the country with his unique comedic style. Inevitably, due to his immense popularity within the college market, Simon B. Cotter quickly became a success off-campus as well. Simon then discovered the conference market, or it discovered him.

A surprise hit with every audience, each engagement inspired another. His popularity with corporations and associations is due in part, to his rejection of going for the cheap laugh based on vulgarity, race, or gender. Instead he’s a storyteller delighting audiences with his razor sharp wit and unique perception of life’s day to day events, and many absurdities. Simon writes his own material, choosing from a vast repertoire of original jokes and anecdotes and he always creates a few just for the occasion.

Simon has performed and toured worldwide including: Hong Kong, Germany, China, Sweden, U.K. Holland, Jamaica, Egypt, The United Arab Emirates, South Africa and all over North America. Winner of multiple awards including “Canada’s Comedian of the Year” award, Cotter’s has received rave reviews from everywhere he’s been. Simon’s comedic talents have been featured on The Comedy Network, the BBC, CBC, CTV and he’s performed a number of times on an “Evening at the Improv,” and is a favourite at the world’s largest international comedy festival ” The Just for Laughs Festival” in Montreal.