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Sonya JF Barnett

Sex Educator, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Co-Founder of SlutWalkTO

Sonya JF Barnett, known for being a champion of women’s sexual rights, has worked to create a safe and welcoming community for people to experience the juncture between sex, education, and art. She continues to promote sex positivity and confront stereotypes about sexuality, gender, sexwork and eroticism. A certified sex educator, she feels most at home teaching people of any age about sex beyond simple biology.

Toronto, ON, Canada


Sonya JF Barnett speaks on sex when it mixes with art, parenting, societal outlook. Confronting stereotypes about sexuality, gender, sexwork, eroticism.  


How to talk about sexuality to your 21st-century teen Talking to your teens about their sexual health can be a daunting task. In a time of 24/7 communication and information access, parents & guardians need special guidance skills, especially when it comes to kids’ sexual health. And like it or not, kids are thinking about it. Learn how to talk openly and comfortably with your teen, and give them the tools to aid in healthier decision making. Your Better Sexual Self: Sexual Health Workshops for Women In a time where adult women are over-programmed, stressed, and trying to get to the next age milestone with a semblance of dignity, we could all be doing it with a bit more power and grace. This series of workshops teaches women all they need to know about their sexuality, from basic sex ed & biology, to communication with friends, family, lovers, and doctors, and finally to translating all that knowledge & confidence for everyday life.


Sexiest Short; Feminist Porn Awards
Feminist Porn Award
Dan Savage's HUMP Fest | Audience Award
Feminist Porn Award

  • It’s rare to have a speaker who not only has unique knowledge and experience but also the enthusiasm and conviction necessary to capture an audience. She was engaging and powerful and her speech was definitely one of the best of the term. The arguments she made were so influential that they have often been referenced in subsequent debates. As an institution which for 330 years has strove to nurture argument and ideas, we are indebted to Sonya for her contribution to this tradition.

    - University Philosophical Society, Dublin, Ireland
  • We were extremely glad to feature a winner who has worked so hard on the local level to promote sex-positivity through art and events.

    - Good For Her

Summary Profile

Over the years, Sonya JF Barnett has been championing women’s sexual rights in a variety of ways. In 2009, she founded The Keyhole Sessions under the moniker The Madame as a safe and welcoming community for artists to experience the union between sex and art. In early 2011, she co-founded SlutWalk Toronto as a way to combat victim-blaming and sexual profiling, for which she was named one of UTNE Reader’s Top Visionaries, one of More Magazine’s Top 50 Fiercest Women, a Torontoist.com Toronto Hero, and a Menschie {The Grid}. Sonya has spoken at various organizations and institutions around the world, including TEDxToronto discussing the ramifications of infected language; and at the esteemed Philosophical Society, Trinity College Dublin to debate reclamation of harmful words. There she had the honour of being on the first all-women panel in The Phil’s 330 year history. In Fall of 2014, Sonya completed sex education certification at SFSI in California, continuing on her path to learn as much about sex, health and relationships as one can. Her background also includes being Toronto Standard’s Sex Columnist, discussing all things falling within the juncture of sex, art, parenting and feminism; and she is also a multi-award winning filmmaker. Her projects and conversations continue to promote sexual health and positivity. Ms. Barnett writes, speaks and produces with a clean conscience, but a filthy mind.