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Stephanie Staples


Victoria, BC, Canada

Helping Busy Professionals Revitalize their Work & Life

Are you ‘nice for a living’? If so, this may be the most important speaker you ever hire. A reWired nurse, psychosocial wellness expert, and a serial entrepreneur, Stephanie Staples is a catalyst for positive change and she’ll make sure your group experiences easily-actionable takeaways and a whole lot of engaging fun – even if it’s on a little screen! Her custom tributes, down-to-earth delivery style and actionable strategies are proven to statistically increase feelings of happiness, hopefulness, control, and empowerment.


Keynote Speeches

Virtual Keynotes & Webinars

Virtual speaking, she’s got this!  “Stephanie gifts you with so many practical ideas to bring more peace, joy, and love into your life both at home and work. We loved her fun, interactive and highly engaging program, it was the best time we’ve had on Zoom!” Nursing Coordinator, Island Health Public Health 

Revitalize Your Work & Life

It’s time to breathe new life into yourself and others. It’s time to learn new, effective and easily actionable tips on how to cope in a post COVID world. It’s time for revitalization!

Leading others (and yourself) to become more emotionally resilient, adaptable and have a more positive outlook on the future could pay dividends in your workplace. Stephanie will guide audiences on how to use the N.A.P. strategy for emotional wellness, Kaizen techniques for improved quality of life, and resiliency tools for psychosocial wellness.

Inspired Leadership

Have you been searching for inspiration to lead, but don’t know where to find it? Do you have relationships you would like to improve personally and/or collegially? Would having a more engaged, pro-active and positive culture impact your life?         

You will find answers, insight and inspiration in this keynote that will take your leadership level into a whole different sphere. Make the world a better place, get concrete ideas to grow yourself personally and professionally and learn how to take relationships, personal growth and gratitude to the next level in this is uplifting, fun and game- changing program.  Your heart will be full and your mind will be racing with actionable ideas to implement immediately.

Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work & Life!

If you have ever been tired, overwhelmed, stressed and it’s not even lunch time yet, you will need to hear this presentation. Stephanie has burnt out and bounced back and she knows firsthand that we can only do good if we feel good and we can only feel good if we are willing to look at our lives beyond our work. Journey on this high energy, no holds barred presentation as Stephanie peels the layers back and exposes not only what you need to do to achieve uncommon success in your life and livelihood but how to do it!

 Customized Presentations

Stephanie offers customized presentations for any industry. She has gone on site visits with professionals ranging from the embalmers to land surveyors to prepare herself for the programs she lead.

Plus she has created custom tributes, raps and songs for dozens of groups to help them feel more valued, more appreciated and more acknowledged, they are often quite shocked to find out how much she knows about them!  

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Far more than just introducing the next speaker, as a professional Emcee, Stephanie will set the stage for success from the first promotion of the event until the last person leaves with a smile on their face.

Audience reviews:

  • Stephanie Staples ROCKED the HOUSE! I left feeling energized, motivated, and excited about what I could do to elevate my life both personally and professionally! More importantly, I left with a full set of useful tools to immediately implement the insights of the day. - Controller, Dental Choice
  • Stephanie approached the engagement with enthusiasm, positivity, and creativity. Not fully knowing if the sophisticated technology & business audience would be as responsive to each of the three-day presentations... we were as happy as the audience with Stephanie’s passion on stage each day. An audience of over two hundred people (per session) were clearly captivated, motivated and responsive. So much so that we received numerous requests for recordings, published work, etc. Stephanie puts a lot of heart into her time on stage, challenging both herself and others to grow, think and learn. She practices what she preaches, that is to say, Stephanie brings her A game!
    - Executive Producer, Drury Design
  • Steph provided us with more than we could have hoped... a knowledgable, experienced look into our own personal practices, empathy into what we were going through, practical tips to start the process of healing, and a vision of a greater future... all in 1 hour (after a big lunch). We collectively loved Steph's energy, enthusiasm and message (on a scale of 1 to 5, ever seen a 6?). I would not hesitate to bring her back and will be recommending her to colleagues around my health region. We could all use a little more Stephanie Staples in our practices.
    - Physician QI Champion, Royal Columbian Hospital
  • After Stephanie wowed us with her dynamic program for our leaders I knew we had to have the whole staff hear her. With less than 24 hours notice we got her in front 150 frontline employees who left inspired, uplifted and with tools to implement immediately to improve the quality of their life and work. If you have the chance to experience her programs, just say yes and make it happen. I’m glad I did!

    - CEO, Johnson Medical Centre
  • Stephanie led a dynamic and engaging session for more than 200 beginning teachers. The session was invigorating, useful, exciting and engaging as she shared strategies for Work-Life Balance in the 21st century. She is an outstanding presenter!

    - Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association
  • She was amazing, so relatable. Her variety of training techniques & sharing personal stories made it fun, providing us with a human side perspective.

    - Registered Nurse, SMHC
  • Dynamic, energetic & energy generating! Very thoughtful & interactive. Also, very responsive & sensitive to individuals in audience, an amazing talent & art!

    - McGill Teaching Hospital

Speaker Biography

Stephanie Staples is a master motivator who criss-crossed the country inspiring busy professionals to find more time, energy & motivation to sustainably improve their quality of life. Thanks to COVID, she’s been Zooming around the continent helping to revitalize exasperated professionals!

She is the author of four books and is featured in print globally sharing her unique take on success, and her message that redefines the typical approach to wellness. She is also a ‘Specialized psycho-social employee-wellness & workplace-health services consultant’ for Health Canada and a professional MC (Emcee/Master of Ceremonies)! For over 5 years she hosted/produced momondays Winnipeg (Motivational Mondays), a super-fun and uplifting evening that brought hundreds of people together every month for ideas, insight and inspiration. 

As a Healthcare consultant, she works with everyone from front line staff to physicians to the CEO’s, to help them grow themselves strong and serve their patients and colleagues with excellence. In 2013 she received the Spirit of CAPS Mb. award for demonstrating the spirit of sharing, leading and inspiring others and possessing the qualities of generosity, spirit, professionalism and reflected outstanding credit, respect, honour and admiration in her Chapter & community.

For over 8 years Stephanie has produced and hosted her own weekly broadcast radio show on Corus Entertainment called Your Life, Unlimited where she shares cutting edge success principles, interviews experts and helps her listeners become happier and healthier.

Her present career is influenced by her eclectic background of nursing, fitness, business and communications and her passion for personal growth. She has founded three businesses and was awarded the ‘Contribution to Community’ Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014.

Delivering authenticity, humour and heart, Stephanie will re-inspire, re-engage and refuel people through her high-energy and high impact keynotes.