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Susan Stewart

Author & Comedian Bringing out the Lighter Side of Life

Susan shares the art and practice of seeing the lighter side of life. The art is believing in our ability to overcome adversity and knowing that there is always more than one way to see things. The practice is being deliberate with how we respond to the changes and challenges that come our way.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


You Gotta Laugh: Healing Stress with Humour
Susan delivers a hilarious reminder of the ways life can dare us to complain and how powerful it is to see the humour in our challenges.

You Can’t Be Serious! Why Science Wants us to Lighten Up
Of course, you can be serious, however, you are far more able to fulfill your potential when your body and mind is relaxed. In her signature comedic style, Susan reveals what neuroscience and psychology are proving about the professional benefits of fostering a positive outlook. Your group will discover the connection between our mindset and creativity, experience the influential power of mirror neurons, and learn a simple and effective way to strengthen relationships at work.

Reaching The Laugh Resort: A Comedian’s Journey To Finally Lightening Up (And Taming The Heckler In Her Head)
Susan shares how fear and self-doubt lead her to quit stand-up comedy and how she discovered the healing powers of not taking life (or herself) too seriously. With her signature high energy and wit, Susan reveals how to reclaim that joyful true nature you showed up with at the very beginning of your life.

Your New Lenses Are Ready For Pick Up: Harnessing the Powers Of A Positive Mindset By Seeing The Lighter Side Of Life
Susan shares some ways to see the lighter side of life and the professional advantages of fostering a relaxed, positive mindset.

Platform Plus


Need a funny emcee for your event? Susan has been hosting events for over 15 years and will keep your crowd laughing and make your event memorable.

Entertainer | The Last Laugh Comedy Show

If you’re looking for a comedian to entertain your group, Susan’s hilarious stand-up comedy show, “THE LAST LAUGH”, will send everyone home seeing the lighter side of life!


OPS HR Ontario Awards of Excellence | Excellence in Innovation

  • Susan’s keynote address was outstanding. She kept the room fully engaged and delivered a learning session that was not only insightful but full of fun laughs as well. The feedback received confirmed that participants felt her presentation was of value and would have loved for her to continue to share her stories for the entire day.

    - Ontario Public Service
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Susan’s session – it was energetic, uplifting, and exactly what we needed – I personally got so much of it!

    - Regional Coordinator, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation
  • A first class presenter who made us all laugh our heads off while allowing us to learn how not to take ourselves too seriously. Susan is the perfect package!

    - Leading & Learning Officer Student Success, Ottawa Catholic School Board
  • We got great feedback and Susan’s talk prompted people to open up and share their negative narratives. Even I had a very personal conversation with someone from my office the next day who is struggling with unfinished business. She definitely inspired people and that’s precisely the outcome we’d hoped for.

    - Public Affairs Specialist, Syncrude
  • Susan was fantastic! She had the table next to me in tears. She was charismatic and truly lightened the room. Thank you for suggesting her. She was lovely off the stage as well. Definitely the highlight of my night!

    - Digital & Events Coordinator, The Lung Association

Summary Profile

As stress and negativity prevent us from thriving personally and professionally, Susan offers ways to meet adversity with humour and a positive outlook. Based on what neuroscience and positive psychology studies have proven, Susan also shares the importance of seeing the lighter side of life by revealing the significant connection between our mindset and success.

Professionally speaking, Susan has taken a winding road. After earning a Theatre Arts degree from the University of Waterloo, Susan moved to Toronto and began performing stand-up comedy. Five years into her budding comedy career, fear, self-doubt, and negative self-talk manifested into depression and anxiety which led Susan to quit doing comedy and uncertain if she would be able to perform on stage again.

After leaving stand-up comedy, Susan landed a Human Resources position with the Ontario Government – long story and feel free to laugh. During her career as an Organizational Learning and Development Consultant, Susan was asked to present a comical presentation about wellness at a staff meeting. Susan’s presentation was a smash-hit and since that day she have been using her comedic powers for good, rather than evil. A humourist/inspirational speaker was born.

After Susan returned to the stage, she began a personal journey of healing and improving her mental health by exploring spirituality, mindfulness, yoga, and Buddhism.

After all of Susan’s research, sun salutations, meditating, chanting, praying, and Oprah, she has learned that the reason we humans are so stressed is that we think too much. And by that, she means we believe our negative narratives too much and allow them to tip us into that downward spiral.

Let’s see what happens when your group doesn’t take life too seriously and more importantly, their thoughts about life too seriously.