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Tony Cohen

Boutique Luxury Hotelier

A businessman and entrepreneur, Tony Cohen is President & CEO of Global Edge Investments (GEI), a hospitality and lifestyle based investment company he founded in 1998. GEI’s investments and managed portfolio range from restaurants, online hospitality companies and renowned hotels such as Toronto’s Thompson Hotel and the Hotel Le Germain.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Corporate Culture
Without a clearly defined corporate culture, building a brand and a product that your team believes in becomes an exercise in futility. It causes your business to be negatively impacted. In this presentation Tony discusses the importance of creating an environment where the staff feel their contributions matter and they can help to create better more one of a kind experiences. He’ll show you how happy staff lead to happy culture which leads to more profit.

Service:  A Practical Approach to Business
Virtually every business out there is a service business and yet few truly embrace it. As a business expert who has opened 50 restaurants, implemented training programs and developed five hotels from the ground up, Tony knows all to well the importance of  great service. A business may not be able to teach its staff personality, but the technical skills can be taught and should not be overlooked. In this presentation, Tony will show you the importance of service and how it’s a thousand little things that add to an experience. He argues that without service and a practical understanding of your customer, your businesses will fail.

In this presentation, Tony discusses the value of making a positive impact socially, culturally and environmentally. Millenials are full-heartedly embracing social impact. We must realize they represent not only the workforce but the customers of the future.  it’s no longer just about money. A positive environmental and cultural impact tell a story. That story usually leads to doing good and making money while doing so.

The Tony Cohen Story
Tony shares insight into his business and life experiences as a Luxury Hotelier. From the lessons he’s lessons learned, to his core beliefs in hard work and looking at things a different way, Tony’s message is all about seizing the opportunity.


Ontario Hostelry Institute Gold Award, Hotelier of the Year

Summary Profile

Tony Cohen saw an opportunity to bring a new lifestyle brand to Canada and took the bold steps to build a luxury hotel in Toronto during the recession.  Tony’s Thompson hotel became the first international destination for the famed NY hotel brand.  He is also an original co-owner of Le Germain in Toronto, one of the first European-style boutique hotels to hit Canada’s most populous city. His hotels are a preferred destination for change makers and celebrities.

Prior to founding GEI, Tony was an employee and minority shareholder in Canada’s largest casual dining restaurant company, Prime Restaurants. He honed his skills by opening over 45 restaurants and implementing management and training programs. His continued success in the hospitality business stems from a long-held passion for customer satisfaction and drive to provide the best service.

Tony created GEI to invest, manage and create memorable service experiences. GEI’s Canadian businesses have over 1,200 Associates and oversee in excess of $150M in Annual Revenue in Canada alone. Le Germain was the first boutique hotel of its kind in Toronto and GEI recently divested its interest and achieved a 14 year 16% internal rate of return on the investment.

GEI is also a partner in Crescent Hotels & Resorts, a top 10 North American independent hotel management company operating over 78 hotels across the continent. It has has also taken an active role in the launch of Wahanda.com, a Spa & Wellness resource guide, booking engine, and online community. Currently, Wahanda is the most comprehensive Spa & Wellness site in Europe. GEI has also recently invested in GuestDriven (and Tony has taken a role on the board of Directors) an online portal that enables hotels to communicate with their guests before, during and after their stay. In just over three years, GuestDriven has signed contracts with over 500 hotels.

Tony currently serves on the Foundation Board of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto and was formerly on the board of trustees for the Ontario Science Centre and he is the past Chair of the board of Kolel: the Adult Centre for Jewish Learning. In 1998, in partnership with his wife, they created the Tora Foundation whose focus is strengthening Jewish identity, Canadian based initiatives, values and education Tony attended the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. He lives in Toronto with his wife Moira.