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Lauren Friese

Expert on the Future Workplace & Founder of TalentEgg.ca

Lauren Friese is the founder of TalentEgg.ca, a website used by 4 million students and recent graduates every year to find jobs and navigate the tough transition from university to working life. She is an expert on the millennial generation and the future of work. Lauren understands and embodies entrepreneurial drive; from her own post-university experience, she recognized a gap in the market for online career resources, and forged ahead to build a business that is a definitive leader in its category.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Millennial Workplace
Millennials are currently making career decisions in large numbers. By 2020 they will represent almost half our workforce; yet, this generation is perceived as fragmented, disloyal, and untrusting. Many see this generation as hard to reach. This presentation tackles the difficult task of understanding millennials – how they think and act, what they look for in employers, how to motivate on the job, and more. Lauren shares lessons and strategies in recruiting, managing and retaining millennials. She shows how authenticity, accessibility, relatability and trust can be leveraged to make successful connections. You’ll leave better equipped to break through the stereotypes surrounding millennials, and obtain tangible ideas for tapping the potential of this generation. Be Exceptional Behind every success story is a series of challenges that someone has overcome using creativity, leveraging resources, and – simply put – a lot of hard work. In a presentation targeted specifically at students and new graduates, Lauren shares how approaching your career and your life with a dedication to being exceptional builds a unique “umbrella” that will protect you from any storm. She uses real-life “being exceptional” stories and case studies to inspire audience members and give them the tools to recognize opportunities for self-reflection, innovation and creative problem solving.

Hustle: What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur
In this presentation, Lauren shares the story behind TalentEgg, and the two secret ingredients that fuel her success – hustle and tenacity. In starting TalentEgg at the age of 24, and quickly growing the business to become the definitive leader in campus recruitment, Lauren employed hustle in everything she did. She hustled to ensure TalentEgg was first to market, she hustled to surround herself with talented people and get the best employers on board, and she hustled to ensure students and recent graduates had access to the career resources they needed. She also employed tenacity, approaching entrepreneurism as a marathon rather than a sprint, thereby shaping her idea into a viable, long-term business. And her hard work paid off – TalentEgg was acquired in July 2015 by Charity Village. This presentation outlines Lauren’s personal journey as an entrepreneur, starting with the idea that hatched TalentEgg, and the challenges she faced and overcame as the company grew. Audience members will leave with a solid understanding of the hard work and passion that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and inspired to kick start their own entrepreneurial dreams.

Passion vs. Practicality: How to Engage and Inspire Students
Today’s students are unique: Born with unlimited access to technology and information, and permission from their families and society to “follow their passion”. In the past, it was difficult to reach students because there weren’t enough ways to get their attention. Today, there are too many. But this information overload also provides an opportunity – a chance to fill the void left by modern methods of communication and truly engage and inspire millennial students to listen, participate, and lead. As the founder of TalentEgg.ca, Lauren has had a front row seat as millennials have entered, experienced and graduated from university and college. She has helped hundreds of businesses and schools engage, recruit and motivate students and recent graduates. In this presentation, Lauren will bust millennial myths, expose the real motivations behind how today’s students think, act and engage, and share practical lessons that can be applied on your campus.


Platform Plus

Workshop or Keynote | Millennials & The 'Follow Your Passion' Paradox

Millennials grew up being told to "follow your passion", and believed that it was possible. But they are arriving in the workplace and finding it nothing like they had imagined. They are the largest generation globally since the Baby Boomers, fuelled by technology, and they are poised to seismically change the nature and meaning of work. Is your organization ready? In this presentation, Lauren shares strategies for creating a future-ready workplace that empowers all generations to perform at their best.


CACEE | Student Innovation Award

CACEE | Outstanding Achievement Award

CACEE| Innovation Award
CYBF| Best Expanding Business and Best Business
WXN | Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100

FuEL Awards| Top 20 Under 30

  • Thank you so much for sharing your stories about creativity, perseverance, hustle and self-reflection this morning! Your natural humour and humble way of presenting your amazing success was perfectly on point and I know will resonate with our students long after this conference over.

    - University of Toronto Scarborough Career Centre
  • You were a huge hit, the feedback/survey reflected the positive impact you had on the athletes.

    - Canadian Olympic Committee
  • I can't express how fantastic the feedback was on your workshop. So many students have told me what a fantastic speaker you are and how inspired they felt after attending.

    - Manager, Student Relations and Development | Faculty of Communication and Design | Ryerson University
  • You were a hit! The team really valued how you framed millennials and the conversation continued for the rest of the session. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to join us and for the time you spent with Athina and I leading up to today.

    - SVP Human Resources P&CB and RBC Recruitment | RBC

Summary Profile

Lauren was 24 and had recently completed her Masters at the London School of Economics when she decided to leave her job as a consultant to launch TalentEgg, an online platform connecting students and recent graduates with employers across Canada. Over the following eight years, she grew TalentEgg to become Canada’s most popular website for students and recent graduates, and worked closely with hundreds of top employers in industries such as Financial Services, Banking, Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Technology, and many others, helping them reach and recruit millennials. Through these experiences at the intersection of youth and employers, Lauren has developed a deep understanding of millennials and what it takes to engage them. In 2015, she struck a deal to sell TalentEgg to CharityVillage.

Lauren now consults various organizations on issues and topics related to millennials and the workplace. Lauren believes that the very nature of work is changing. While millennials will play a central role in bringing about these changes, the new world of work will affect and benefit everyone. She is an advocate for “recruiting outside the lines” – a strategy that empowers employers to see beyond specific experience, degree and pedigree to hire and retain top talent. Lauren believes that a failure to properly integrate new generations into the workplace represents not only a waste of economic value for society, but also a missed opportunity for organizations. She is passionate about sharing ideas and strategies for preventing that outcome.

Lauren’s presentations leave audiences with one big idea and the tools to effectively implement that idea. She offers up practical takeaways backed by case studies drawn from her decade of experience in the field. Lauren has been named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women by the Women’s Executive Network, and was one of Profit Magazine’s Top 20 Under 30. She has written extensively for The Globe And Mail, Canadian HR Reporter, The Huffington Post and other publications on topics related to millennials, the future of work, and youth employment. Lauren has been featured on CBC’s The National, Canada AM, Breakfast Television.

Lauren was one of two young entrepreneurs asked to join the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, an organization of chief executive officers of roughly 150 major Canadian corporations, and has been invited to speak and present to Olympians, members of parliament, and to advise on youth employment policy for governments at all levels