2017 NSBest Speaker Profile | Adam Kreek

Our annual Engage Speaker Talks (NSBest) is right around the corner. Once again, we’re hosting events at three locations across Canada: Calgary (Sept. 8), Vancouver (Sept. 13), and Toronto (Oct. 4).

Today, our featured speaker is Management Consultant, Entrepreneur & Executive Coach Adam Kreek. He teaches strategies and skills of leadership, high performance and perseverance to corporate and government teams and associations.

At NSBest 2017, Adam will be speaking on change management & personal stress management.  Here’s our NSBest profile featuring a sneak peak at the insights he will bring to his talk:


Highlights from Adam at NSBest Vancouver 2015:

We asked Adam: 

What are you like on-stage during your presentations?

I bring an infectious energy, authenticity and breadth of life experience which allows me to connect effectively with audiences across a wide range of sectors.

What is your Personal Stress Management Strategy?

When mismanaged, stress wreaks havoc on the mind and body. Poorly managed stress is the cause of 60% of all human illnesses, and 3/4 of all visits to the doctor, according to the American Institute of Stress. Fortunately, the reverse is also true. When properly managed, stress holds many benefits.

The magic in life is learning how much stress you can handle, and effective strategies to help you recover fully from your stress.  When I was an Olympic athlete, the game was to achieve maximum stress load and balance that with the most efficient recovery.  By alternating dynamically between these two states, my teammates and I were able to maximize our performance. Now, in business and personal life my outputs are different, but my philosophy remains the same: I aim to maximize production and maximize recovery.

How do I do this? I love the metaphor of muscle building because I am a recovering benchpress addict. Muscles only grow after they are stressed. Delayed-onset muscle soreness after exercise is a signal that your body is adapting. You are getting stronger. We stress our mind and spirit the same way and experience growth. Growth is stressful. Change is uncomfortable. Have you ever noticed that the most peaceful people you meet have often endured the most stressful tragedies?

Sometimes it’s nice to have a manager’s prodding, a coach’s deviled gaze or competitive energy from colleagues. Other times, external stressors become too much. They have a negative impact on our performance.

What’s key is identifying the level of stress in which you thrive and hovering there. Repeat. Expand or retract as needed.


What Audiences Are Saying:

“The feedback we’ve received about your contribution to the event has been exceptional. The way you were able to weave other speaker comments into your presentation, complete with photos and quotes, really brought the audience along on the journey, and provided a great reinforcement of the theme and reason for taking the time to be in the room. I’ve never had another speaker do this so well–you blew me away with that!”
-Event Project Manager, Incite Marketing

Platform Plus: Presentations Beyond the Keynote

Adam is one of our most requested speakers outside of traditional keynote presentations. In addition to his workshops on Performance & Team Building, Adam offers up two unique initiatives:

Rowing Machine Competition

Wonder how you stack up against an Olympic Gold Medal Rower?

Earlier this year, Adam delivered a keynote as part of a corporate golf activity. Two rowing machines were brought to add variety to the competition. Teams can either go head-to-head or have a chance to row against Adam…if they felt they had what it takes.

Conference Fitness Program

This is a free optional offering when you book Adam for a keynote or workshop. Adam will be offering NSBest Calgary attendees the chance to experience this first hand. Find out more here.

Join Adam for a fun and invigorating early morning fitness session at your next conference. All abilities welcome and encouraged to attend! 

This option is guaranteed to refresh, energize and kick off the conference day for all. Most importantly, this session is all inclusive: all ages, all body shapes, all fitness levels are welcome.  He looks forward to meeting those already keen on daily exercise, as well as the mother of four who hasn’t put on her running shoes in three years, and the manager who knows his beer gut needs to shrink.

Get out of bed and get moving: 6:29 am, rain or shine. Adam will provide participants with fun, motivation and exercise that will renew energy, increase confidence and be the best start to your conference day.



Adam’s Recent News & Media:

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