2017 NSBest Speaker Profile | David Frum

Our annual Engage Speaker Talks (NSBest) events are here! We kicked things off in Calgary (Sept. 8), and next up is Toronto (Oct. 4).

Today, our featured speaker is Social & Political Commentator David Frum. As Senior Editor at The Atlantic, his commentary on social and political issues generates thought-provoking discussions throughout America and around the world.

At NSBest 2017, will be speaking on The Trump Effect. This presentation answers the question of what does the presidency of Donald Trump mean for Canadian business? David will provide insider views on what happened within the Republican Party during the Trump ascendancy, and he’ll offer his thoughts on what the Trump reign means for the world — and for Canada.

Here’s our NSBest profile featuring a sneak peek at the insights David will bring to his Engage talk:


David Frum on the Trump presidency and what it means for Canada:


On Canadian companies doing business with our neighbours to the south

“I think one of the things that Canadians have to take seriously is doing business in the Trump-led United States is going to be less like doing business in the United States in the past, and more like doing business in South America or Eastern Europe.”

On managing the NAFTA issue

“There are things in NAFTA that need to be brought up to date. It was written before the internet as people will often point out, but it has to be worked on in good faith. There are a lot of people who will work with Canada on that. Donald Trump won’t. The task of Canadian political leadership is to build networks of friendship within the United States. That means often a very soft line. I know it’s often unsatisfying for Canadians who would like to see their country’s leader speak out in the way say the German chancellor or the leader of the German opposition party has done, but it’s not an option for Canada.”

On the potential impact on Canada with a DACA immigration change

“There’s going to be thousands of people coming into Canada. Canada needs a much clearer message to the world that Canadian laws will be enforced, because it leads to crisis…Enforce your borders. You are not doing anybody any favours. You are inviting the type of extremism we have seen in Europe and has touched the United States. Canada takes more immigrants relative to its population than the United States does, but because it has always been an orderly process from many different places, Canadians have been very accepting of it. This is a tremendous success. It didn’t just happen by accident. Success is always worked for. Immigration is a stress on any society. It has the potential to yield magnificent results if managed well, but if you lose control of it, it can ignite populous results & populous movements that threaten the stability of your whole democracy.”


What Audiences Are Saying About David:

“We would have to empty to thesaurus to describe the positive outcomes of our experience with David Frum. Center of the bulls-eye, an out of the park grand slam speaker who we will certainly welcome to our annual partner conference podium again in the future. If you have a business audience and you have not had David Frum, you’re missing it.
– Collins Barrow


David’s Recent Articles in The Atlantic

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