2017 NSBest Speaker Profile | Dr. Brynn Winegard

Our annual Engage Speaker Talks (NSBest) events are here! We kicked things off in Calgary (Sept. 8), and next up is Toronto (Oct. 4).

Today, our featured speaker is Business Brain Expert Dr. Brynn Winegard. She specializes in explaining everyday work and life phenomena using the secrets of brain science, all with aim of making her audiences happier, healthier, wealthier, and more successful. 

At NSBest 2017, Dr. Winegard will be speaking on Success in Sales: Brain Secrets for Persuading and Influencing People.  This presentation will leave audiences newly informed, inspired, ready to tackle their greatest sales challenges. After all, we are all looking for some version of compliance from just about everyone we meet all day long.

Here’s our NSBest profile featuring a sneak peek at the insights Dr. Winegard will bring to her talk:


Dr. Winegard’s NSBest Toronto Teaser:

We asked Dr. Winegard: 

What are you like on stage during your presentations?

I’m fairly energetic. I move around quite a bit. One of the things I love about being as speaker is the performative aspects which really keep us on our toes. It’s really fun to have a live audience. What I’m producing is real-time. I’m taking from the audience: their energy, attention, attitude, their feeling and putting in all back into the talk. So it’s a co-created product that people watch when I am on stage.

What makes you unique?

My uniqueness is in bringing two streams of research together: Business and Brain Science. I find new insights, tricks, tips and ways of understanding so that when people are listening or engaging with my content, they are able to understand how to do their job better, produce better, engage, persuade & lead people with better efficaciousness.


What Audiences Are Saying:

“Brynn kept our diverse crowd spellbound with her scientific explanation of brain functioning, coupled with practical approaches for optimizing productivity.  The topic was relevant to the entire company, and her lively, entertaining style kept everyone involved and attentive, even at the end of a long day of meetings.”
-VP-HR, High Growth Silicon Valley Startup


Dr. Winegard’s Recent News & Media:

  NSB-Divider You can catch Dr. Winegard at NSBest Toronto on October 4th:

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