Bill Walton – ESPN’s Luckiest Guy in the World

The headline in the Chicago Sun-Times reads: BILL WALTON DOC BURSTS WITH JOY AND COLOR.”

The documentary referred to is ESPN’s 30-30 series about BILL WALTON which starts in 2023. “The Luckiest Guy in the World,” is a four-part series that unpacks Walton’s incredible career and life as an athlete, broadcaster, speaker, activist, and humanitarian.
The title comes from Walton himself who, when asked how he’s doing, will almost always say, “I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” And he means it!

From euphoric highs to horrific lows, including 39 orthopedic surgeries, Bill’s optimism never wavers. Bill has lived that way his whole life!

As a celebrity sports speaker, Bill Walton provides some of the best value there is. Best of all, Bill always gives more than event planners ever expect – he will stay ‘til the last person gets an autograph, selfie, fist bump, or whatever.

Walton rises to the challenge – “Those not willing to risk going too far will never know how far they can go.” Those words from one of the Greatest NBA Players of all Time – Bill Walton sum up his philosophy of life.

At 6’ 11” in his Grateful Dead tie-dyed t-shirt, Bill Walton is one of the most recognizable and colorful sports legends ever. He also has one of the greatest can-do attitudes you’ll ever encounter. It’s a mindset he’s cultivated and he gives it credit for helping him adapt.

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