Decoding Digital: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

By now, you have heard about the blockchain & cryptocurrency revolution. Bitcoin, wearable tech, AI, Virtual Assistants, Augmented Reality – what do all these emerging technologies have to do with your organization? Do you need to implement any of these? Is it too late already? 


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While there is no one size fits all answer to these questions, we know one thing for sure – you need to be paying attention.

Big name companies like Expedia, Microsoft, Overstock and many more have started officially accepting bitcoin as a method of payment. Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming part of the mainstream conversation with recorded benefits in productivity, revenue generation, resource management on the books across a huge range of sectors from healthcare to energy and everything in between.

Are you evaluating the place cryptocurrency or other future-tech has within your organization?

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Speakers

Amongst our Blockchain & Cryptocurrency speakers, we’re highlighting two experts who break down these technologies into easily digestible bytes (pun intended) and customize talks to show how organizations can take advantage this change now.

Blockchain Speaker Jesse Hirsh

In his ‘Future of Money‘ presentation, futurist & digital strategist Jesse Hirsh explores the impending “internet of currencies” and how organizations can take set themselves up for success. He helps audiences overcome the often daunting barriers around comprehending the intricacies of blockchain technology. This highly customized talk will explore the opportunities around data collection, security, ‘ambient commerce’ and analytics related to an audiences industry or sector. 

Jesse believes real transformation is on the immediate horizon thanks in part to the rapid expansion of our daily technology use. How buyers purchase and consume goods and services is drastically changing from the days of toil and subsistence to one where technology is allowing us to have our cake and eat it too. Our world is going digital and cryptocurrencies, AI and other technologies are supporting this shift at a lightning fast speed. According to Jesse, you need to embrace this impending future frontier, where intelligent assistants and algorithms engage the marketplace at the speed of the web, empowering consumers to be smart, fast, and secure.

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Blockchain Speaker Ramona Pringle

In her ‘Beyond Bitcoin‘ presentation, CBC Technology expert Ramona Pringle dives into the world of blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency. She educates organizations on the impacts decentralized technologies can, and are already having on the digital business landscape. While the world is focused in on bitcoin & cryptocurrency the true lasting impact may be found in the technology behind it: blockchain. In this customized talk, Ramona will discuss how the technology could simplify many processes within your industry and more importantly, your organization.

As a go-to expert on technology, digital culture, and creative innovation, Ramona breaks down complex technical concepts into easily digestible, actionable insights for her audience. She ensures those in attendance gain the understanding necessary to set their organization up for digital success.

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