5 Ways to Improve Your Event Engagement with Digital Marketing Speaker Dani Gagnon

Marketing Speaker Dani Gagnon

Event professionals know the importance of using cutting-edge marketing initiatives for their event. In our hyperconnected world, the battle for attention is key. High-levels of audience engagement throughout (before, during & after) the event is the new gold standard when it comes to impact.

What can you do to set the stage for a highly-engaged audience at your event? We asked digital marketing expert Dani Gagnon to share some event-planning tips on how to not only foster more – but derive greater value from – interactions with your audience:

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Nothing is worse than running an event, or a Facebook live stream, or live tweeting with the event’s official hashtag – and having no successful engagement with anything. It can be insanely frustrating using social media to promote registration or encourage engagement during the event itself only to be met with digital silence. Most of the efforts event staff are making aren’t getting results because they’re dated and/or boring.

Many of the solutions to getting more engagement at events have to do with being a little creative and not relying on what traditionally succeeded a year or two ago on social media. The digital landscape has changed, and with it all the platforms too. In order to ensure your efforts aren’t wasted, you need to evolve and change your strategies as well.

Need to think outside-the-box for your event social strategy? Hear Dani’s top-5 tips for improving your event engagement:



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