Dr. Brynn Winegard “Work Wonders: Maximizing Motivation, Productivity, & Balance As You WFH” | NSB Engage Virtual Webinar

We’ve all adopted new ways of working during the pandemic. With massive change happening across many industries, we’ve had to reset expectations around productivity and balance while working from home. Everyone is doing their best, but we could certainly benefit from some brain boosting tips and insight.

Dr. Brynn Winegard is an award-winning professor and expert in business brain science. She specializes in explaining everyday work and life phenomena using the secrets of brain science, all with aim of making her audiences happier, healthier, wealthier, and more successful.

In this presentation, Dr. Brynn highlights some common work-related brain myths, misconceptions, faulty beliefs and provides frontier tips, tricks, & techniques for increasing your motivation, balance, and productivity at work, and in all you do.

Key highlights from this presentation include:

  • Understand common work-related brain myths that might be holding you or your employees from optimum performance.
  • Gain a better understanding of frontier brain insights for improving motivation & productivity.
  • Learn tips & tricks the pros use to sustain output & strike work-life while working from home.

In May 2020, Brynn shared more of her brain-based tips. You can watch that video here:

Dr. Brynn is not your conventional neuroscience speaker. Whether keynoting or delivering a workshop, she engages her audiences on why we do what we do and the important role our brain plays in literally every aspect of our day.

Dr. Brynn combines real-world experience with cutting-edge research to deliver a customized program that will please your audiences and elevate their outcomes at work and personally.  She completed her formal education in Neuroscience and Psychology but was practically raised in corporate Canada: before her 20th birthday she started her first full-time decade-long career in corporate marketing working for such companies as Pfizer, Nestle, Bank of Montreal, ScotiaBank, CIBC and Johnson & Johnson. She currently teaches the next generation of business leaders at Ryerson University, and Guelph University. 

She is a regular on media outlets informing business phenomena using insights from social and brain sciences. Dr. Winegard can be seen on CTV, BNN, CBC, CTV, CBC, CityTV, Global, The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s and PROFIT Magazine, among more than 40 others.

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