Education Speakers | Embracing Innovation in the Classroom

Today’s educators are faced with preparing their students for an unclear future. With technology powering more aspects of our lives, from devices that can translate languages in real time to organs being 3D printed using cellular matter, the current skills held in the highest regard will simply not hold the same weight in tomorrow’s workforce. So how do we pivot education to set students up for success with transferrable skills to compete in a globalized job market?

Fostering Innovative Mindsets In The Classroom

Even though a staggering majority of teachers say they are willing to use even more edtech in the classroom than they already do, it can be daunting to decide which educational technologies will provide your students with the necessary skills they will need in the future.  How do you provide unique and meaningful learning experiences for diverse students to develop innovative mindsets, adaptive problem-solving frameworks and global literacy?

Dr. Julielynn Wong  | Digital Health Pioneer & STEM Educator

Dr. Julielynn Wong, MD FACPM is a trailblazing STEM educator and space physician who has taught thousands of students (from grade school to postgraduate) to embrace exponential technologies, design thinking, and innovation. In 2016, she founded Medical Makers, a program to inspire, educate, and empower a global community of innovators, patients, and healthcare providers to make sustainable solutions to save lives, time, and money. Julielynn shares the lessons she amassed as her time being a medical doctor, analog astronaut, social entrepreneur, and internationally recognized 3D printing innovator in keynotes, workshops and really cool, tech-powered, interactive learning experiences for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Bringing Innovation into Education

Julielynn’s work is centered around her mission to use technology to benefit as many people as possible. Through her research and initiatives, she is teaching students how to access and interact with new technologies to do the same. Whether as an instructor in a classroom or as a facilitator at one of her Make-a-thons Julielynn creates environments that encourage exploration, experimentation, rapid prototyping and crowdsourcing to design solutions to solve medical problems faced by people all over the world. At the root of all this activity is the belief in innovation and difference-making – two principles you will find in her education keynote below.

The Keynote for Educators – Fostering Future-Thinking Skill Development

“Get your ideas out of your head and into the world” – Dr. Julielynn Wong

These are some of the insights Julielynn explores in her keynote ‘Fostering Future-Thinking Skill Development’.  Using real-life case studies to illustrate how educators can inspire learners to develop cutting-edge future thinking skills, she shows audiences:

• A framework for developing innovative mindsets and design thinking skills in students 
• How to create and facilitate hands-on, future thinking projects to expand your students’ realm of possibility
• How to empower students to think big and take risks to catalyze impactful solutions

You’ll be empowered to provide meaningful and unique learning experiences for students of all ages and backgrounds.