How To Build A Consent Culture In The Workplace

Organizations are looking for guidance on how they can foster more open & inclusive workplaces, especially in light of the worldwide #metoo movement calling for companies to be more accountable for abuses of power, and changes to the Occupational Health & Safety Act.  Modern work environments require new structures & strategies for reducing and dealing with incidents of harassment in the workplace. Consent culture speaker Farrah Khan shows audiences how they can update their daily practices to better promote employee health and safety in and around the workplace. 

Farrah Khan

Farrah Khan’s experience as a nationally recognized gender justice advocate informs all of her work. As a consent culture educator and activist, Co-Chair of the 2018 G20 Gender-Equity Committee and the Sexual Violence Support and Education Coordinator at Ryerson University, Farrah helps organizations address and foster awareness with regards to gender equality, consent culture and harassment. 

Cultivating Consent Culture

Farrah on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

‘…only 20 per cent of women think “people in power” would take action if they witnessed and reported sexual harassment.’ Let’s change this.
-Farrah Khan


With her compassionate and accessible speaking style, Farrah offers two unique presentation formats to help organizations plan a better way forward.

Consent Keynote

This keynote is an opportunity to learn how the changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act impact employees. Drawing from two decades of experience as an educator, counsellor and policy advisor, Farrah provides an overview of the current challenges facing workplaces today followed by an overview of the practical ways leadership and H.R. can update their internal strategies to meet the needs of a modern workforce.

Farrah makes this content accessible by using real-life scenarios and pop culture references (animal memes, gifs & more).

[Video] What Does Support In The Workplace Look Like? Farrah answers this & more in her 2018 Engage keynote. Watch a highlight clip here.

Consent Workshop

To get a more hands-on approach for leadership & Human Resources teams, Farrah leads groups of all sizes through an engaging workshop. This is a great add-on option to be used as a follow-up to her keynote. Perfect for those involved in the strategy development & policy formation within an organization, Farrah will help participants develop skills needed to recognize & respond effectively to disclosures around workplace violence & harassment.


  1. How to be an effective ally to prevent and address harm.
  2. Effective language for addressing the continuum of gender-based violence and consent.
  3. Practical ways to connect with peers and support survivors.
  4. Sourcing & structuring effective resources to help.


Sexual Harassment Resources

What are the most common concerns organizations have around consent?

Farrah is frequently asked:

• What does sexual harassment look like?

• What do I do if someone tells me they’ve been sexually harassed?

• How do I practice consent?

In collaboration with Farrah, we’ve created an easy-to-understand guide as a starting point to answer these questions and help you create a community of care within your organization. It’s free to download below.



Free Download

An introduction to sexual harassment in the workplace and what you can do to prevent and address this kind of harm.

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“As long as girls and women fear for their safety, they cannot realize their full potential.”

Women Deliver has authored an infographic that captures the problem of gender-based violence and answers with real solutions. We suggest reading, sharing and getting involved – you can find the infographic here

The Women Deliver 2019 Conference is taking place June 3-6, 2019 and will draw together over 6,000 changemakers for gender equality, health, rights, and the wellbeing of girls and women today. Are you attending #WD2019? Let us know!



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