Exciting New Speakers

National Speakers Bureau is proud to announce exciting new speakers recently added to the roster. Six prominent leaders and engaging experts within a range of sought after topic areas are now available for your next meeting or conference. These diverse new speakers allow us to bring exciting new perspective to some of the most in-demand presentation topics:


Kevin Dineen Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Coach

Kevin Dineen is an Olympic gold medal hockey coach who was recently named head coach of Canada’s national men’s under-18 team. He received accolades for his remarkable work taking the reigns and turning around the Canadian National Women’s Hockey team mere months before the Sochi Winter Olympics. Kevin is a speaker with an empowering message, perfect for audiences looking to improve team performance or seizing opportunities in business and in life. Kevin speaks on Leadership and Team Dynamics, his Olympic Experience, and  Empowerment After Disappointment.     IMG_7982-1100x400

Casie Stewart Social Media Queen, Lifestyle Blogger, Social Innovator

An award-winning Canadian Lifestyle blogger and expert in social and digital media, Casie Stewart inspires audiences to seek out new ways of connecting with their target market. Blogging since before it was the ‘in thing’ to do, Casie has crafted a highly respected and authentic online voice alongside her personal brand. She is perfect for organizations seeking out success in the social space, optimize a brand voice, or to help identify, build and foster relationships with key influencers in their business space. Casie speaks on Social Media, The Psychology of Narcissism, The Social Web  and Influencers.     Tony-Cohen-HiRes2-1100x400

Tony Cohen Boutique Luxury Hotelier

A young, successful businessman and entrepreneur, Tony Cohen is President & CEO of Global Edge Investments (GEI), an organization whose investments include Toronto’s acclaimed Thompson Hotel and the Hotel Le Germain. A tactful business mind, Tony created GEI to invest, manage and create memorable service experiences. One of the core values behind his success is the idea that it’s not about doing one thing right, but about 1,000 little things that make up a great experience. Tony is an ideal speaker for groups and organizations looking to improve customer service, take bold steps to seize a business opportunity or who want to foster an environment where staff feel their contributions matter. Tony’s speaks on Corporate Culture, Service and Community/Citizenship.    


Jennifer Jones Olympic Gold Medal Curling Skip

One of the world’s most decorated female curlers, Jennifer Jones became the first female skip to go to the Olympic Games undefeated en route to a gold medal at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. When not at the rink, Jennifer works as a corporate lawyer. Her legal background includes private practice, in-house legal counsel for an independent wealth management company and senior legal advisor for a Canadian Bank. Jennifer is the leadership speaker for groups and organizations looking for a new perspective on successful leadership. Jennifer speaks on her Olympic ExperienceTeam Leadership and Performance Under Pressure.     David-McLean-HiRes3-1100x400

David McLean Leadership Expert, Chairman of the Board at CN Railway

A voice of experience, David McLean has been the driving force behind a number of highly successful businesses –in aviation, film, real estate development and communication. Soon to step down as the Chair of one of Canada’s largest national companies; CN Rail, David will be available for a limited number of speaking engagements. A well respected, meticulous voice of boardroom strategy, David is the speaker of choice for those looking to effectively nurture their talents to stand out and realize their ambitions and potential. David speaks on The Building Blocks of Success  and Learning to be a Leader.     Alan-Whiteside-HiRes1-1100x400

Dr. Alan Whiteside AIDS Researcher and Global Health Expert

Dr. Alan Whiteside is the current CIGI Chair in Global Health at the Balsillie School of International Affairs. He has worked tirelessly around the globe to further understanding of the human and economic dimensions of HIV/AIDS to the African continent. He received much praise for founding the Health Economics and HIV/AIDS Research Division (HEARD) at the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. He is a speaker who challenges his audience to make a difference. Dr. Whiteside is the ideal speaker for health organizations trying to understand and prevent the global spread of infectious diseases. Dr. Whiteside speaks on Preventable Diseases and Proactive Approaches to Health Care, HIV/AIDS and Where We Are Going, and Global Health Challenges.   For further information on these six speakers, contact National Speakers Bureau here . Be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest on our new speakers through our blog and twitter feed.