Shift Your Focus from Profits to People | Customer Experience Speaker Michel Falcon

Michel Falcon, an entrepreneur who uses customer experience, employee engagement, and company culture strategies to build success, has translated his proven processes into a new book. His businesses earn over $15 million per year in sales, with a team of 150 employees in the ultra-competitive hospitality industry. Michel’s restaurant ventures are well known in Toronto. They include Baro Food + Drink and Petty Cash.

His new book and workshop, ‘People First Culture‘, explores Michel’s proven method for creating a profitable, admired, and enduring brand. His strategies will help your organization grow in name and revenue by providing you with the tools to improve your focus on employees & customers.

People Over Profit


In his new book People First Culture, Michel outlines his ‘Three-P Process’ to help you build a culture of high-level employee engagement and customer experience. The goal is simple: build a company that is set up for long-term success by becoming an organization that employees and customers admire.

• Purpose // How to define success for yourself, your employees, and your customers.
• Process // How to build out a customized system that serves your purpose.
• Profit // How you can profit from word-of-mouth driven by People First Culture and how this culture can create high employee retention. 


Michel focuses on relationships and how you can prioritize connection by putting others first.  People First Culture is a behind-the-scenes look into how Michel and others like him, build great companies.  You’ll explore questions such as, what company do you want to be? And what legacy do you want to leave?

Our team with Michel celebrating the book launch in Fall 2018.

What is a simple first step an organization can take to make a positive impact? Here’s what Michel says:

Most organizations have values within their company. But having the values is one step. Creating alignment behind the values is the next step.

Go into your business and ask three people at random from three different departments, “What are the values in our company?” If they are able to recite them in unison, fantastic. If they’re not, then you have an opportunity to create more alignment.

That is where I always suggest companies start. It’s a light little exercise that you can do that is a barometer of the alignment within the organization.”



The New People First Culture Workshop

For a more focused and customized approach to help your organization build out a People First Culture, Michel’s also developed a brand new customized workshop. Watch the video clip below for highlights and clients testimonials from the workshop:

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Keynote Launch

Michel was the featured keynote speaker at Society for Incentive Travel Excellence’s (SITE) Education Day where he delivered his new presentation based on the principles noted above, The Power of Human Connections. Here are some snapshots from the event:


In the Media

Hear Michel’s interview describing the new book on The Author Hour podcast