Iliana Oris Valiente on the Human Side of Innovation & Tech Trends | NSB Engage Virtual Webinar

Exploring the intersection of innovation, technology, and human values, Iliana Oris Valiente inspires groups on how to create a future that aligns with what we as humans truly value.

Iliana joined our NSB Engage webinar series in Spring 2024 and the video and takeaways are below. She was also interviewed by the Globe and Mail about her experience with AI and training her Digital Twin to help her be more productive with meaningful work. 

Here’s a link to the Globe and Mail article: How one Canadian executive is training her ‘digital twin’ to reduce monotony, increase output


We were thrilled to have both Iliana and her digital twin Laila, join the session! Our audience is one of the first to experience seeing a digital twin in action as we introduced Laila, who helps Iliana focus on her highest and best work, while leaving more time to nurture her personal connections and her own creativity.


Sample takeaways and leadership considerations:

  • We can be architects of the future world we want to live in, harnessing the opportunities provided by technological change. Leaders can inspire and empower your teams to envision and actively shape a positive future. How can your team foster an environment that encourages self-reflection and personal growth?

  • The future of work continues to include hybrid or remote work, with the rise of digital nomads and global citizens. How prepared is your organization to adapt to this shift, and what challenges or opportunities do you foresee in terms of talent acquisition, retention, and workplace culture?

  • Be intentional about using AI and technology to improve work-life balance and employee engagement rather than simply driving productivity. How can you, as a leader, strike the right balance between leveraging technology for efficiency WHILE ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of your team?


With her strengths in organizational and leadership transformation, Iliana can help future proof your organization, addressing these and other strategic considerations.

Resources From The Webinar

The Potted Plant Quiz — Discover your Personality Archetype

Iliana’s Newsletter: Translations — Weekly articles, updates, and insights directly from Iliana.

Find the complete list of tools & resources here.


About Iliana Oris Valiente

Iliana Oris Valiente, CPA, CA, is an accomplished corporate executive, innovation and emerging tech pioneer, startup investor, respected board member, published author, and sought-after global public speaker.

Currently the Managing Director and Head of Innovation & ESG at Accenture Canada, Iliana works with senior executives and boards to support their strategic transformation journeys. She leads multi-disciplinary teams across design, data, and technology, focusing on emergent areas such as GenAI, metaverse, sustainability, and cross-industry initiatives. She is also a board member at Sunnybrook Hospital, CPA Ontario, and DIACC and is active in the VC investment community.

A CBP (Certified Bitcoin Professional), Iliana is widely recognized for her trailblazing contributions to the blockchain industry, advising corporations, government leaders, regulators, and startups as a translator between the web2 and web3 worlds.

Her expertise and perspective have expanded, now encompassing overall technology and societal trends, particularly emphasizing the future of work, life, and human-centred approaches. Through Iliana’s unique life experiences and contributions, she has developed an ability to see the bigger picture and drive toward meaningful outcomes.



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