Insight from PCMA’s Canadian Innovation Conference

Once again, NSB was a proud sponsor of the PCMA Canadian Innovation Conference (CIC). We were thrilled to feature some of our top talent for plenary keynotes as well as meet with so many of our valued clients. 

We featured Futurist & Digital Strategist Jesse Hirsh and had Diversity Employment Advocate Sean Wiltshire deliver insightful presentations. Here are some of their key takeaways:



Jesse Hirsh | Futurist & Digital Strategist delivered a ‘mind-blowing’ talk:

  • Technology is making certain jobs and roles obsolete, yet it is also creating new markets and new opportunities.
    • As individuals, we can learn and adapt, evolving as professionals within our industries alongside changing technology.
    • As companies we can innovate, we can embrace this change and ensure we benefit from the changes rather than face disruption and displacement.
  • The keys to success within this marketplace are learning and literacy.
  • Data is at the forefront
    • It begins with the collection of data, analysis, and sharing the insights derived from that data
    • Our relationship with data has to be inclusive, with as many people as possible participating and contributing.





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Sean Wiltshire | Diversity Employment Advocate

Sean delivered a presentation on work-life balance. The PCMA audience learned strategies to help manage expectations, goals and how small changes over time can over to a better understanding of how to get a work-life balance that works for you. He encouraged the audience to celebrate themselves and find a renewed passion for whatever it is they do!

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