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Sean Wiltshire

Diversity Employment Advocate

An award-winning diversity expert, Sean Wiltshire has been working with businesses, crown corporations, governments, and communities to help them diversify their workforce and be more innovative. From St. John’s to Bombay, from Vancouver to Kathmandu Sean helps audiences see diversity as part of a business solution.

Toronto, ON, Canada


Diversity & The Bottom Line
Diversify or die… sounds serious and it is. As a country Canada is committed to a more diverse workplace, reflective of the communities that we actually live in. How is your company or organization responding? Bringing new ideas to any company is always a goal; Sean will show audiences how diversity builds innovation, and how that innovation leads to increased profitability and productivity. Using real-world examples and compelling, humorous stories Sean is able to break down complex and often misunderstood issues into easily digestible, actionable takeaways. Sean has been working with companies in Canada and several countries in South East Asia to build a valuable diverse workforce. In this presentation, audiences will learn how companies and organizations are meeting and exceeding their diversity goals by building a better understanding of what diversity really is.

I Can do It All, I’m a Professional
Join Sean on a journey for a better work-life balance. He has been working around the world helping people understand how a more balanced approach to life can offer up some surprising results at work and home. Learn about strategies that help you manage your expectations and goals and learn how small changes can over time lead to a better understanding of how to get a work-life balance that works for you. Celebrate yourselves and find a renewed passion for you!  

Platform Plus

Workshop | Diversity, Innovation and the Bottom Line of Business
Have you made enough money today? Want to increase your bottom line? Join Sean for an engaging and entertaining session on how diversity can build your bottom line. We all want to be more innovative, diversity can help with that. Learn how the changing demographics of Canada are changing the face of the Canadian workplace. Are you ready for Change? Sean uses real life examples from his career to demonstrate how you can build and create innovative processes that lead you to be a better decision maker for your business. It makes Good Business ¢ents!

  • Sean's powerful keynote presentation challenges listeners to examine barriers and inspires them to act for positive change. The tools he offers are useful and practical, and helps motivate people to do things a little differently. His messages are well suited to all audiences, whether they are well-seasoned or new to the issues he discusses.

    - Executive Director, British Columbia Association for Community Living
  • Sean's ability to offer real insight into changing demographics is second to none! If you are looking to motivate your employees, or conference participants, look no further than Sean Wiltshire

    - President, The Bristol Group of Companies

Summary Profile

Sean is the Chief Executive Officer of Avalon Employment Inc (AEI) an employment agency for individuals with disabilities. He has also built a large social enterprise that does over $5 Million Dollars a year in payroll for other not-for-profits and local businesses.

Sean is a past President of the Provincial Regional Economic Development Association and was a member of the Ministerial Committee on Regional Renewal for the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Sean has also been a member of two Federal Ministerial Advisory Committees; is an Alumnus of The Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference (2000), and currently is a member of the National Executive Board.

In 2017 Sean was at the United Nations in Vienna; Austria to accept the “Zero Project Award” as part of the team From York University working on employment and diversity issues in South East Asia.

Sean’s commitment and vision has been celebrated with numerous awards and accolades, including being named one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEO’s by Atlantic Business Magazine, and nominated for the Top 40 Under 40 in Canada. He’s also the inaugural recipient of the Canadian Association of Supported Employment’s “Wiltshire Award of Excellence in Supported Employment”; an award named in his honour.