Jon Montgomery and Amazing Race Canada Season 2

CEO Theresa Beenken takes a look at speaker Jon MontgomeryTheresa

On Canadian pride and gold medal success with Olympian and host of the Amazing Race, Jon Montgomery.

  We recently met with gold medal Olympian and host of the Amazing Race Canada (ARC), Jon Montgomery, in advance of the airing of this next season of Amazing Race. He’s such a vibrant personality who was willing to share his lessons learned along the way to both his Olympic accomplishments and his new role as host of one of Canada’s favourite shows. Jon has a unique perspective as a proud Canadian who has represented our country on the world stage and now brings the beauty of our country along with the power of teamwork into our living rooms each week. He continually finds new ways to challenge himself to try new experiences.

Living life outside your comfort zone allows you to find something you’ll love

-Jon Montgomery
We asked Jon for his insights into success and how you can achieve it every day: 1. Believe in yourself. It helps you realize your dreams. And ask yourself Why Not Me? Somebody has to win today, why not me? 2. Celebrate Small Victories. This adds new confidence and shows progress along the way. 3. Observe Others. It helps you be better prepared by being aware of your surroundings and picking up on clues. 4. Support others around you. A collaborative approach leads to a greater degree of success. 5. Control your attitude. Choose your response to situations. There will be challenges along the way and it’s up to you how you respond towards your goals. 6. Find passion in what you’re doing: Hear Jon talk about this trait in our exclusive ‘NSB In Conversation With’ series video here:

If you don’t love what you’re doing, you’re never going to be able to overcome the challenges involved with achieving success. You need to seek things out that scare you, which will educate you on new possibilities within life.

-Jon Montgomery
Get inspired with a preview for Season 2 of The Amazing Race Canada here, airing Tuesday nights on CTV, starting July 8th, 2014 Here’s what Jon had to say about the competition this year: Jon-Montgomery-with-TB“I’ve seen people having to be their best when it mattered the most,” Montgomery said, “training eight, 10, 12 years for something that may last just 18 seconds. It doesn’t get much more concentrated than that.” “To see these racers, though, being put in pressure situations, being put through the wringer, is different because they’re not trained to deal with these types of situations. It’s interesting to see how they cope, how they either pull together as a team or fall apart. When the chips are down and the pressure’s on, people don’t have an opportunity to think about how they’re being perceived by people watching at home. People’s real personalities come out.”   P.S.- Little known fact about Jon:  He’s an experienced auctioneer who’d be happy as part of his speaking presentation to auction off an item at your next event to help you raise funds for your charitable organization!