Lauren Friese & Jennifer Moss on The Future Workplace

We kicked off the month of May by hosting our first 2016 Breakfast Series event on The Future Workplace. This invite-only event, exclusive to our GTA clients focused on the area of HR & Workplace Culture. We featured two of our top speakers on the topic: Lauren Friese and Jennifer Moss. Want to know more about this event? We’ve compiled some highlights from the morning for you: NSB-Divider

Lauren-Friese-HiRes-talentegg05Lauren Friese | Expert on the Future Workplace & Founder of

At our Future Workplace breakfast event, Lauren delivered her new presentation: Millennials & The ‘Follow Your Passion’ Paradox. She shared some strategies for creating a future-ready workplace that empowers all generations to perform at their best. Lauren’s goal was to show that the millennial generation entering the workforce should be looked as an opportunity rather than a threat. She shared five characteristics for the follow-your-passion workplace:
  1. Autonomy: Control is more important than stability.
  2. Achievement: Millennials are the gamification generation. They respond really well to constantly knowing where they stand and when they’ll be rewarded.
  3. Innovation: We’ll see a shift from giant workforces to a hub-and-spoke model where the hub is strategy and the spokes are workers who come in and do specific jobs for specific periods of time.
  4. Authenticity: The motto of the modern workplace is ‘be real at the expense of being perfect.’
  5. Meaning: Make people feel important, help them understand how their work is important.
Lauren Friese is the founder of, a website used by 4 million students and recent graduates every year to find jobs and navigate the tough transition from university to working life. She understands and embodies entrepreneurial drive; from her own post-university experience, she recognized a gap in the market for online career resources and forged ahead to build a business that is a definitive leader in its category. Here are some highlights from Lauren’s presentation:


Jen Moss-HiRes-FINALS-4a

Jennifer Moss | Expert on Workplace Happiness & Canadian Business ‘Innovator of the Year’ 2016

Jennifer’s presentation focused on psychological fitness, the science behind happiness that drives higher productivity, results and engagement at work, and how organizations can help their teams change how they feel about work, for the better. Here’s the six key points:

  • We have a negativity bias from an early state of human evolution and the need to be fearful of our surroundings. In the modern world, this creates stresses in various aspects of our lives.
  • If people are engaged, they tend to love what they do. This changes the way that you feel while at work.
  • Well-being at work reflects the PERMA model:  Positive emotion, Engagement, Positive relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment.
  • Happiness is contagious. People go out of their way to work more closely with people who are positive and engaging.
  • We want to increase the happiness of our employees as a whole, both inside and out of the workplace.
  • If we build up employees’ psychological fitness, they go home happier and come into their workplace happier and as a result, do better work.
Jennifer is the Co-founder and Chief Communications Officer of Plasticity Labs, a research and technology company that is on a mission to give 1 billion people the tools to live a happier, higher-performing life. She co-founded the business alongside her husband Jim. The inspiration for their business came after Jim suffered with and eventually overcame Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves. Seeing the benefits of having a positive mindset throughout his treatment set Jennifer and Jim on a path to success with Plasticity Labs. Here are some highlights from Jennifer’s presentation:



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