Trending Speakers for 2020 & Beyond

A new year means new opportunities to make your upcoming events even more memorable. In your role, you’re often tasked with thinking strategically, in a way that incorporates all things ‘new’. From new keynote speakers to new event technologies and new programming techniques, the considerations are vast when thinking about how to deliver unique event experiences. Throughout it all, one thing remains constant: bringing people together.

Skift’s recent report on 10 Event Trends for 2020, noted:

“2020 will mark the beginning of a new event industry. An industry defined by identity, where event professionals realize the impact they have in changing peoples’ lives. Where events are not seen as a waste of resources but as an integral part of preserving human interaction as we know it in an incredibly tech-dominated world.”

A great event has an impact far beyond the closing remarks. At National Speakers Bureau, we realize the important role a speaker plays in impacting the lives of your audience. Whether the goal is sharing information, inspiring or engaging your audience, the best keynote speakers can help guide your audience towards a collective goal. 

As Canada’s original speakers bureau, we have nearly 50 years of experience in connecting clients with the best possible speakers for your events. We’ve pretty much seen it all, and as a result, know which speakers can deliver the best possible impact. Our speakers are continually finding new ways to connect with audiences and we’re here to help you put together event and speaker programming that reflects this.

Featured Keynote Speakers for 2020 & Beyond

Your time is valuable. Having to search for – and find more information on – the thought-leaders best suited to your organization’s strategic goals can be all-consuming. We’ve made it easier for you by curating a list of names that are set to make an impact on audiences far beyond 2020. These speakers are a mix of new and exciting names in the circuit along with trusted thought-leaders on the trending topics for 2020. 

The Digital Economy Keynote Speaker

2020 keynote speaker Alex BenayAs the recent Chief Information Officer for the Government of Canada and now Partner of KPMG’s Digital and Government solutions, Alex Benay is uniquely positioned to offer technological guidance for organizations across sectors. A snapshot of the audiences and themes that can benefit from Alex’s presentations include:

Digital Economy | Spot the gaps & turn them into opportunities
Change Management | Shift to better digital business models, policies & laws
Artificial Intelligence | Ethical AI & how to prepare for the rise of algorithms

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The Change Management Keynote Speaker

2020 Keynote Speaker Anna Maria TremontiWith a career spent at the forefront of Canadian and world events, Anna Maria Tremonti sees the patterns in how our world is evolving. She anticipates what will make an impact, resonate most with humanity, and the resulting chain reactions. A snapshot of the audiences and themes that can benefit from Anna Maria’s presentations include:

Change Management | Building resilience through the human element of change
Current Events | Identify the chain reactions that will shape our future
Technology | Exposing the truth & gaining knowledge in the information age

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The Business Keynote Speaker

2020 Keynote Speaker Michel FalconAcross all industries, the thing we share in common is that we must deliver an amazing customer and employee experience to be competitive. Michel Falcon is living this mindset and shows audiences how they can do the same. He’s helped his companies make $10 million in the first year and hire over 100 employees from day one. A snapshot of the audiences and themes that can benefit from Michel’s presentations include:

Business | Grow revenue, profitability & admiration for your brand by building lasting relationships with your employees & customers
HR | Create an employee experience program to grow the best team possible
Customer Experience | Design interactions customers will remember

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The Innovation Keynote Speaker

Chitra Anand is at the forefront of an important new movement in the workplace: Intrapreneurship. Intrapreneurs are the people within your organization who possess an entrepreneurial spirit — driving innovation, creative thinking, and new ideas. A snapshot of the audiences and themes that can benefit from Chitra’s presentations include:

Innovation | Maintain your relevance in the modern marketplace
Leadership | Mobilize your internal change agents to act
Women in Technology| Collectively improve participation at key stages of their careers

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The Storytelling Keynote Speaker

2020 Keynote Speaker Sarain FoxStorytelling is the golden thread that weaves through all of Sarain Fox’s work as a TV host, dancer, brand ambassador, and activist. Businesses and organizations around the world can learn to use this approach to create an authentic, emotional connection with their audience. A snapshot of the audiences and themes that can benefit from Sarain’s presentations include:

Leadership | Weave a thread towards a common goal with understanding & action
Community Engagement | Inspire others to live authentically & create communities that are uplifting & supportive
Innovation | Move ideas forward by using storytelling to reduce internal friction by framing ideas in a compelling way

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The Inclusion Keynote Speaker

2020 Keynote Speaker Kim KatrinAs an equity advocate, Kim Katrin inspires audiences to take action on issues of diversity and inclusion. By focusing on small meaningful actions and choices, she makes large scale change accessible to all. A snapshot of the audiences and themes that can benefit from Kim’s presentations include:

Business | Cultivate a diverse & inclusive workplace
Leadership| Redefine what makes a leader
Campus | Prioritize student safety & wellness

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The Inspirational Keynote Speaker

2020 Keynote Speaker Spencer West

Spencer West isn’t your typical inspirational speaker. Yes, he lost both legs at the age of five. Yes, he’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro using his hands and wheelchair. But the real secret to Spencer’s success as a speaker is his ability to make each audience member feel important and empowered to become leaders for world change. A snapshot of the audiences and themes that can benefit from Spencer’s presentations include:

Business | Identify & push past your own roadblocks on the path to success
Motivation | Become a force for positive change in the world
Host/Emcee | Find inspiration & discover ways to apply it to your life

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