Your roadmap for resilience & success with Lital Marom

In futurist & digital visionary Lital Marom‘s recent insights, she shares that the future and resilience belongs to those who invest in themselves over and over again. That can come in the form of lifelong learning, focusing on the best version of you, and putting new knowledge into action. Rather than be paralyzed with fear or indecision, the best step you can take is that next step forward.

Your roadmap for resilience & success

1st – Categorize your life into three areas: yourself, your work and your family
They all feed into each other to create the best version of YOU.

2nd – Continue being curious and willing to learn.

Define a Primary Goal

You want to define a primary goal in each category to work towards in the next three to five months.

a)Self Growth for You:
Define and set a goal to achieve. Something related to self-growth. Finding digital classes online you’ve been curious about? Sign up! Feed your soul so you can take care of everything else next.

b) The Future of your Work:
What can you do to secure the future of your work? Think of your customers and consider; what are they really trying to accomplish when they purchase from you? What are you helping them to get done. Focus your business planning and outreach around that. And, as you focus on your work, continue to learn.

Lital she shares how to reimagine the future of work by cultivating exponential learning: Learning is the foundation for our new economy — learning to be creative and innovative, learning to reimagine work and learning to create new value. We need to shift our view of work from producing faster and more cheaply to learning faster and more deeply.

1. Focus on the process, not the end goal.
2. Apply your learning in the workplace, not just the workshop.
3. Embrace failure as part of the learning process.
4. Make space to reflect.

c) Values and Your Family:
You may be now living closely with your household, or feeling isolated from your family, and experiencing a mix of feelings about that.

The only thing that is certain is the support of those who are around in your life. Your family, your partner and your close community of friends.

Define your goal here by gathering with the people who are close to you to share your personal values and discussing how you can best live by them. By sharing your values with one another you will break barriers together and cultivate a deep layer of empathy and appreciation.

Lital recommends keeping a journal of these three key areas and your progress.  We’ve attached a copy for you here.  


Want to learn more with Lital?  We can connect you  – Visit Lital’s speaking profile page for more information about her live and virtual presentations or Contact us below.   

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