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Cheryl Pounder

Gold medallist and sports broadcaster

It’s always about the journey. That’s the message women’s hockey champion Cheryl Pounder seeks to instill in every audience she speaks to.  Change is inevitable. We must learn to embrace change and get outside our comfort zone on the path to excellence. Each day provides a unique challenge and opportunity to grow. Are we willing to learn from both our failures and successes? Pounder shows audiences that true achievement is found in the ‘details’ on the way to winning gold.  It is the commitment, vision, leadership, teamwork and dedication that we must exhibit every day.  We must ‘Grow for Gold’!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Pursuit of Excellence “Growing for Gold” First, we must have a vision/goal/dream. Focus, determination, respect and perseverance are integral in believing and achieving. The importance for both the individual and team to challenge each other from within. During the process or ‘journey’ we have the ability to learn about ourselves (if we pay attention). We must grow throughout the journey, we must learn from our failures and successes if we want to reach our vision/dream. It’s always about the journey. Mental Health Cheryl shares her journey as a female athlete in a male dominated sport. She breaks down the barriers within her own environment and reflects on the impact others’ have had on her career. She addresses the power of positivity, inclusivity and the strength of the human spirit. Are you a bystander? We must have the courage to stand up and face the ‘elephant in the room’. We must join the conversation and start talking about our own personal secrets. SUPPORT—-everyone has SOMEONE. We must respect individual differences and not forget to ‘take care of ourselves and take care of each other’. Courage to overcome adversity Adversity builds character and teaches us about ourselves and our co-workers/teammates.  Change is inevitable.  We must be willing to embrace change, and get outside our ‘comfort zone’.  Have you given yourself the best opportunity to be successful?  It’s always about the journey. Leadership & Teamwork Who shows up every day ready to compete, even when it isn’t easy? Can we work together?  Do we respect and have the ability to help one another? This is where we learn about ourselves. We must make a conscious choice to ‘share information’, pay attention to details and help one another.  Are you prepared?  It’s always about the journey. Emcee Cheryl is available to host your next event.  Cheryl is a passionate personality with an ability to connect with her audience.

  • I have had the privilege of seeing Cheryl present to different audiences, from young kids to accomplished professionals, and her level of inspiration and audience engagement is that special touch that is otherwise a missing ingredient for so many... Each presentation has ended in a standing ovation with tears throughout. Cheryl’s message, and perhaps even more so, she individually, will inspire your heart and your own visions.

    - Past Chairman of AIA (Automotive Association of Canada) and General Manager, Grote Industries Canada
  • As Master of Ceremonies, Cheryl was the heart and soul of the Awards Gala for the Canadian women’s Hockey league. She has an amazing talent that allowed her to capture both the dramatic and comedic aspects of the awards night. However, what really impressed me about Cheryl, was how deeply she immersed herself in the professionalism of knowing the audience in the complex world of Hockey.

    - Commissioner of CWHL
  • She was sincere, passionate, motivating, inspirational, wonderful, funny and a very genuine person… Not only do [her team strategies] enhance our work environment but also very helpful in everyday life.

    - Scotia iTRADE

Summary Profile

Cheryl played on six of Canada’s World Championship Hockey teams where she was named an All-Star Defenseman in 2005.  Cheryl was also voted the top defenseman at the 2002, 2004, 2005 (MVP) and 2007 Canadian Women’s Hockey National Championships.  Her greatest career accomplishments are her two Olympic gold medals from the Salt Lake City and Torino Olympic Games. Currently, Cheryl is working for TSN as a colour commentary analyst. Her most recent work includes the Canada vs. USA pre-Olympic Series, the 2013 Women’s World Hockey Championships and Esso Cup.  She is a current board member of the Ladies’ First Hockey Foundation and an ambassador for the Pan Am ‘Make it Happen’ program.  As a mother of two-young daughter’s Cheryl has recognized the importance of engaging youth.  She is working with Fitspirit, a non-profit organization that encourages young females to ‘get active’ and make healthy lifestyle choices.