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Hon. John Manley

President & CEO, Canadian Council of Chief Executives & Deputy Prime Minister 2002-03

John Manley made a lasting impression on Canadians in our country’s most powerful cabinet position as Finance Minister, and as Foreign Affairs Minister, working closely with US officials to ease strained relationships between the two nations.  He launched the Smart Borders program, and for his role as Chair of the Committee on Public Policy and Anti-Terrorism in the wake of 9/11, he was named TIME Canada Magazine’s Newsmaker of the Year in 2001.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


The Future of Canada
Manley shares why we need to value the opportunity to create world-class cities here in Canada. The prosperity of the country will ultimately depend on successful municipalities and aligning specific municipal needs to the fulfillment of  national objectives.

Canada-US Relations: Strengthening the Ties
This is Manley’s story of working closely and cooperating with the power brokers in the US government. Hear why and how Canada should be building a stronger relationship across the border, even at a time when public sentiment seems to support more distance.

A New Deal for Canada: Collaboration in Government
In this presentation, Manley aligns specific municipal needs to the fulfillment of national objectives, and lays out a strategy for collaboration and cooperation between these two levels of government. It is a call to action as well as a framework for ensuring municipalities across the country are able to meet the needs of their residents and be a genuine partner in Canada’s economic prosperity.

Demographics: The Challenge for Public Policy
Will policy designed to improve productivity and economic growth still resonate with a population that is increasingly out of touch with the workplace? Can policy makers construct a vision that encourage and inspires our people, and is worthy of their effort, commitment and sacrifice? Hear Manley’s vision for Canada as ti faces this unprecedented challenge.


Order of Canada
Carleton University | A.D. Dunton Alumni Award of Distinction
TIME Magazine's "Canadian Newsmaker of the Year

  • Mr. Manley was outstanding and I would urge anyone to book him. Not only is he inspiring, he is very knowledgeable about technology and information management. Smart, provocative, charming, classy & down-to-earth... the whole package.

    - IT World

Summary Profile

Since leaving public office, John Manley has remained one of the most respected thought-leaders in Canada. In 2007 Prime Minister Stephen Harper tasked him to lead an independent non-partisan panel reviewing Canada’s role in Afghanistan. The hard-hitting ‘Manley Report’ delivered a frank yet sophisticated assessment of the war, and its recommendations were accepted by both the Liberal and Conservative parties.

In 2009 John Manley was Appointed President and CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization composed of the CEOs of Canada’s leading enterprises.

In 2014, CIBC voted him to become its new chairman.

Manley’s diverse background and his experience in government make him an ideal speaker on issues of trade, finance and security as well as working with government in Canada and abroad. In his 15 years in Parliament, John Manley held a variety of cabinet positions, including the most prestigious posts as Deputy Prime Minister, and as Minister of Finance, of Foreign Affairs and of Industry.

He advocates for developing a “knowledge economy” that will attract and retain the best and brightest minds around the world. He has openly expressed his interest in returning to politics in the future, with his eyes on the Prime Minister’s Office.

Few speakers can rival Manley’s knowledge and expertise. Audiences will walk away with new information backed by the first-hand experience from one of Canada’s most productive and important political figures.