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Jean François Ménard


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Mental Performance Coach

Jean Francois Menard is a highly sought-after expert in mental performance coaching. He attracts peoples’ attention with his captivating passion, creative methods and noticeable authenticity. Menard’s ultimate professional purpose is to help people achieve their dreams. He coaches elite performers such as Olympic champions, pro athletes, Cirque Du Soleil artists, business leaders and multiple professionals who deal with high-pressure jobs.

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The Corporate Olympian

Olympic athletes need to deal with multiple distractions, manage their stress level and have robust self-confidence to deliver podium performances. Today’s corporate leaders need to do the same! Thriving at work and in life doesn’t need to happen by accident, there are teachable skills that can help you reach your potential. Let’s face it, being consistently great is easier said than done. The pressure to be on the mark is constantly present. Mental toughness is no longer simply an asset to perform at your best. It’s an absolute necessity. Find out what it takes to become a high performer at work and in life.

Key Takeaways
• How to build an Olympic-inspired internal drive.
• Performance techniques for high-pressure situations.
• Mindsets for self-improvement.

The Power of Positive Psychology

Living in a busy world leads to an internal monologue that never stops. Some thoughts will be positive and constructive, while others will be more negative and destructive. What types of thoughts prevail in your mind? Are you able to control them? The greatest minds know that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. Learn practical skills to enhance constructive perspectives, build a solution-based mindset and discover the power of enjoying what you do.

Key Takeaways:
• How to establish an agile mindset within a busy workplace.
• Strategies for bouncing back efficiently from setbacks.
• The top ways to develop a robust self-confidence.

The Greatest Leaders Do Things DIFFERENTLY

The best leaders are lifelong learners. They embrace challenges and sharpen their skills purposefully. Over time, they find ways to evolve from being ordinary leaders to extraordinary leaders. We all know the best leaders are not born this way – they are made! These individuals are constantly followed by others and for good reason. They care about others, generate enthusiasm and support those who need it. The best leaders are masters of doing the small things right. Learn why great leaders act outside-the-box, have impact on others and find solutions in problematic situations.

Key Takeaways:
• Strategies for dealing with energy vampires in your environment.
• How to challenge the status quo and step out of the box.
• Techniques to make your message stick.

Customized Presentations

Jean Francois also offers customized presentations on change management, optimizing energy levels, along with workshops on mental toughness, stress management and more. View a full list of his presentations here.

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Workshop | Train Your Brain
Where once these skills were reserved for Olympic and professional athletes, increasingly, workplace professionals who want to reach their own podium are enhancing these skills. Let’s face it, workplace environments have changed dramatically in recent years – higher demands and heavier workloads. Mental toughness is no longer simply an asset to perform at your best, it’s an absolute necessity. This experiential speech teaches the right mental skills to leave you energized, thinking clearly and making the right decisions – key components for getting a competitive advantage and ensuring team success!

Key Takeaways:

- Tools for building a robust self-belief. - How to bounce back positively from setbacks. - Calming strategies to use in the presence of pressure, stress and fear.

Speaker Biography

Jean François Ménard is widely recognized for his contributions to the field of performance psychology. While doing his PhD in Sports Psychology at the University of Ottawa, M. Ménard decided to run away with the circus, joining the world-famous entertainment company Cirque Du Soleil. In collaboration with a highly specialized multidisciplinary team, his mission was to coach circus artists the mental skills required to deal with pressure and perform at their best consistently, on demand, up to 450 times a year.

Five years later, he founded Kambio Performance, a company specialized in mental training and leadership coaching. He has since become one of the most sought-after mental performance specialists in the country, working with Canada’s top Olympians Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, Mikael Kingsbury, Damian Warner, Maxence Parrot and Derek Drouin. During the 2016 and 2018 Olympic Games, his clients stepped on the podium six times: four golds, one silver and one bronze.

His clients are proven winners: Olympic gold medalists, Cirque du Soleil artists, Super Bowl and X Games champions, NHL players, surgeons, popstars, and corporate leaders. He is a bestselling author, a radio personality, and an accomplished speaker who travels the globe to share his knowledge with top-performing organisations like NASA, Redbull, Western Union, FBI, Cisco, Conference Board of Canada, PepsiCo, SunLife Financial, Toronto BlueJays and Novartis.

M. Ménard keynote speeches are custom built according to your needs. He never gives the same speech twice! His speeches educate, inspire and entertain small and large audiences of all disciplines on various topics related to performance psychology and leadership skills. The keynote speeches typically include innovative content, charismatic story-telling, thought-provoking video clips, and applied exercises. The ultimate goal is to offer in-depth educational experiences that is both experiential and interactive, where participants get to train practical and powerful skills that can be transferred easily in the workplace.